Little Girl Pimped Out By Daddy

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Let me tell you a story about how I was younger and my Daddy had a big surprise for me. 

When my Daddy picked me up from school, he asked me to suck his cock in the car. He told me that I was either going to suck his cock or leave him with such bad blue balls that he would have to fuck me for a week straight before he would be satisfied again. I decided that I didn’t want my Daddy in that much pain so I sucked his cock, finally able to put the whole thing in my mouth. He came in my throat and told me that, since I was so good with him, I should be able to suck the cocks of other men. I was a hesitant little girl and wasn’t sure about sucking other men’s cocks. He told me that it’s all the same and that part of being his good little whore is sucking off any man he asked. 

I agreed, and he drove me around to various men’s residences to show off my blowjob skills. Some of them wanted me to rub the head of their cocks on my tiny tits. Others just wanted to see how much of their cock I could take in my mouth, pushing me down so they can feel the back of my throat. This was only the beginning of my Daddy pimping me out and I loved every second of being used by these men. 

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