Little Brother Enema Surprise

Enema phone sex


I make my brother eat my pussy every day. He gets the privilege of seeing this pussy up close so he never complains. Last night, I caught him jerking off to step mommy porn. I wasn’t going to let my step mother put him in her pussy grip, so I knew I needed to punish him to keep him in line. I ordered my brother to come in and eat my pussy before but he didn’t know that I took an enema an hour prior and my asshole is ready to burst. As he is licking my pussy, I squirt all my shit out of my ass. Drops of watery shit splatter on his face. I make him lick my shitty asshole and lick up everything that I shitted out. I make him my permanent toilet boy, so he has to be there each time I take a shit and catch it in his mouth. He won’t have time to jerk off to anyone but me now that he has to wait for me to shower him in shit. 



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