I’m a bit too tired to go to my classes most days, because I spent my whole night having Hot Phonesex with guys twice my age and twice as hot as the boys around me. I have a thing for older guys, a real wet pussy that twitches at the sight of a manly jaw or a little grizzle on a graying beard. I think it’s because the inner girl inside me recognizes they’d make a great father figure – for me, not the kids they’re gonna put inside me, I have issues and instead of dealing with them I’ve kind of decided to have fun with them instead. Therapy is optional when you’ve got sex to turn to, and honestly the unresolved sexual tension between daddy and me makes thanksgiving kind of hot. I turn around and use that energy for Cheap Phone Sex, I love giving guys a great time for a cheap price about as much as I love giving those same guys a bouncy ride and enjoying their fun stick in my dripping cunt. I don’t hold back, never have, not even sure how to do anything but fuck and play to my hearts content. I’m an energetic girl and I’m full of lust that bubbles to the surface at the slightest dirty talk. I was raised to have a dirty mouth and it comes out the moment there’s a dick in my face, throbbing to attention and streaming a little prickle of precum for me to taste test. Every night with me is an adventure and even I’m not sure what you’re gonna get. What I do know, is that your time spent with me is going to be enjoying Kinky Phone Sex, and I think that’s all that really matters with a girl with a body like mine.

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