I’m so anal

anal sex

I have become an anal sex whore! There is nothing like the feeling of you lubing up my asshole and then pushing a finger inside. You start a fucking motion and soon are working another one in. You hear me moaning and quickly add a third. By now my hole is loose and ready and so you pull your fingers out and replace them with your cock head. You put it onto the pucker and slowly start pushing. You tell me to breathe and to push out, while I did that you pushed the head in. You then stopped for a moment to let  me get used to the feeling and when you thought that I was ok you slowly pushed the rest of your cock in. You then began sawing in and out slowly and then began to pick up the speed. I was grunting and slamming back onto you while you reached over and started mauling my tits. I could feel your balls slapping against my clit each time that you were fully in. I could feel your cock growing in my shit chute and knew that you were going to blow any minute. I started tightening my hole and milked your fuck stick with it until you ground in one last time and released your load into my bowels. I felt you pull out and soon felt cum running down the back of my legs. I had a lot of fun and know that I will be doing this again- wanna play next time?


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