I Will Be Your Submissive Young Mistress

Mistress phone sex


I have never been a Mistress for a married man before. Sure, I’ve fooled around with other women’s boyfriends, but never been with an older guy who was in a true commitment. I wanted to take your lead on this so that your wife will never know what we did. I remember one time we were fucking in your cabin in the woods. We were so sure that your wife was never going to show up there. While you were fucking my tight ass hole from the back you hear a knock at the door. It is your wife and she has brought her book club to spend some time at the cabin. You had to hide your raging boner as you had to explain yourself and get out of her way. You were so smart and it was so sexy to see you hard for me still. You can make me do whatever you want. I will fuck how you want and go where you want. I love being led by a smarter, older man. 



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