I need my dick fix

Hottest phone sex






I have an addiction to cock and I can’t stop. Literally I’m obsessed with how many dicks I can get in one day. So far I’m up to getting off 23 guys in one day. Not to bad for a small town skank slut like me! I have all kinds of ways of getting my dick fix too. Sometimes I go to bars and dress like a slutty whore and any guy that approaches I take him  into abathroom stall get on my knees giving him head til he spatters my face with his spunk. I’ll get a couple guys that way, then I might just “walk” home aka let any dude with a car pick me up and i’ll blow him as he gives me a ride home to get a tummy full of sweet tasting swimmers. Then I might make a couple booty calls and get some dudes over a for a late night gang bang so I’m sure to get all my fuck slots filled with the frothy cum that I crave. There’s an unlimited amount of ways for me to get my dick fix.

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