I Love Older Women

2 Girl Phone Sex2 girl phone sex can be so much hotter than just a lonely single cunt. I love older women more so than the younger stupid ones. I love a good pussy with miles on it like your old bike locked up in the shed that needs a good dusty and then a good ride. I get so wet when my friends mom comes over, no one knows that we fuck and she is so good at eating my teen pussy. She devours it and gives me a better wave ride than any guy. I wish she fucked harder with her fingers like a man can power fuck. I don’t give her any pleasure she only pleasures me and loves when I wear my pigtails so she can grab them while tongue fucking my dirty pink asshole. I love kissing her when she just got me to cum all over that warm tongue of hers. Something about our tongues massaging together and a thin white sticky substance covering them. She is so good with my nipples and making me cum from just sucking them and sometimes she will rub my clitty. I can’t wait for the next time she comes over for more of this tight bald pussy.

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