I like to wear diapers

diaper phone sex

Some of my favorite calls are for diaper phone sex. There is something so satisfying to hear the crinkle of a cue diaper, be able to mess yourself whenever you need to, have a Mommy or Daddy to take care of you. Daddy likes to pull me onto his lap and start playing with my kitty through my diaper until it starts sliding around with my cunt juices. He will then reach up and squeeze my tight nipples as he lays me down on the floor. He will then remove my diaper and onesie as he shoves his hard cock into my mouth for a bit. He loves to grab my hair and fuck my mouth and throat until he feels that he may come too soon. He will then stick that hard and dripping fuck stick into my tight twat and fuck me so hard that it leaves some bruises. He only fucks my snatch for a short time before he takes it out and shoves it into my ass. He likes to spill his baby batter all over in my colon or on my back. He will then lay down next to me exhausted and I will get a warm washcloth to clean up any messes that were made. The only thing is that my Daddy is away a lot and I get horny, does anyone want to cum take care of me?

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