Hormone shots for my youngsters

Big tits and assesMy youngsters have been begging me to have big tits and asses just like Mommy. They’re still so young and their days of developing and maturing physically are still a long ways away. I have a friend who is a dirty doctor and I know that he would be more than willing to give us a helping hand so I gave him a call and scheduled an appointment for us to go into his office and have him see what he can do with my eager young ones. We decided to inject them with hormone shots which is medically very unethical but so sexually gratifying at the same time in so many ways! It seemed like almost instantly their breasts began to bulge out and their hips started to spread. It was such a beautiful sight to see! They are very intense features that really looked amazing on their tiny barely legal bodies. I brought them back to the dirty doctor a month later so that he could inspect their progress and we decided to up their hormone levels and injected them with an even higher dose than the first time! It’s incredible to see their curves come forth so fucking rapidly and intensely! Although they are still bald & hairless all over, their large titties and bubble butts sure do make them seem older than they really are! It’s quite the physical contrast to say the least! Soon they will be ovulating just like Mommy and I will be able to breed them so that they can start popping out little ones of their own too!

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