Fuckalicious Fuck fest

phone sex Last night was so wild! Me and a couple of my girlfriends decided to go clubbing. We all wore the sluttiest outfits we could find then purposely went looking for men to seduce. And, man did we score!
I got two super-hot, freaking enormously cocked punk guys. I was in bliss, one was in my soft, succulent ass while the other pounded away at my tight little cunt. I was drooling, it felt so amazing!
Then one of Dani’s guys came over and stuck his huge black cock in my mouth. He fucked my throat so hard its raw. I can’t even speak! That’s how deep he fucked my throat.
Then two more guys came out of nowhere and stuck their cocks in each of my hands. I swear, I was a fucking machine, literally.
One by one, each of them came either in me and filled me up, or on me and made me all sticky. It was delicious! My cum mixed with theirs so I didn’t know who’s cum was whose.
After the orgy ended, my girls and I went home dripping cum. We were all happily satisfied…for the moment.

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