I don’t want to alarm anyone but a bombshell just walked in, and it was me! If you’re looking for Big tits and asses you’ve come to the right place, it doesn’t stop when I’m around and it couldn’t even if I wanted it to, which I don’t. I’m thick and I know it, proud of it too. I’m excited to watch a man’s eyes widen when my ass jiggles or my tits slap together hard enough to pop his ears. You don’t come to me for a mellow night by the beach with some skinny bitch, you come to me so you can hear a clap that echoes while you’re pounding my ass and your balls are making waves. You think you’re clever with your cutely stammering around just how big my booty is but the truth is I don’t just know how big I am, I own it, I use it to make the Hottest phone sex you’ve ever heard and you’ll be coming back without restraint after you’ve experienced it the first time. You want to spank a woman, you should come to someone like me. If all that’s left of a good smack on the ass is a red mark after a couple seconds you’ve wasted your time, energy, and your hand hurts. Why not spend your efforts on someone who can appreciate them, an experienced whore with a wet pussy, a grand pair of tits – about twenty pounds apiece easily – and a lack of inhibitions. I like to drink a little so I’m off balance and easy to fuck. I like to ride but most men find it’s a lot easier to pin me down and get bucking into my sopping cunt, and I’m okay with that too. If you want No limits phone sex, why not give a gal a call who can make sitting on you into an incident.

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