Exposing Diaper Lover to My Friends

Diaper phone sex

Come to Mommy and let me deal with your stinky diaper. Wow! You really have filled your little diaper up, haven’t you? I can’t believe that you’ve made such a big stinking mess in your diapers. I should tell my friends just how much you wet yourself and pooped yourself. They can point and laugh at how much of a big diaper loser you are. Every time they come around they’ll bring wipes and a fresh pair of diapers because they know just how much you soil them. I would need a whole gallon of baby powder delivered to me per week to deal with you. I am texting my friends right now and they are laughing so much at how much you wet yourself. You need to stay with Mommy, honey. You can’t go off and be embarrassed. Every one of my friends now knows about you. What should they name you? What sick nickname should they give a naughty little diaper soiler like yourself?

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