Daddy wants to put a baby in me


Daddy phone sex





Daddy wants to put a baby in my tummy so bad.

Every night when Daddy climbs into my bed with me he tells me how badly he wants to put a baby in my tummy with his seed. He always tells me if i”m a good girl and I open my legs wide for him he can get his big daddy cock deep inside my bald little cunnie and put his sperm way inside me so we can make a baby.

So I always do just what Daddy tells me to do, I want Daddy to be happy.

He usually groans when he’s on top of me kind of loud so I have to remind him to shh be quiet cuz mommy is in the other room and we don’t want to wake her up. So he starts pumping his dick into my pussy harder and faster til I feel him stretch out my walls and his jiz start to leak out the sides of my tight slit. Every night he whispers Hopefully tonight is the night Daddy put a baby in your tummy.

I shake my head and pull my panties up and go back to sleep.

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