Daddy takes my Virginity

daddy phone sex

Daddy phone sex is the fucking best…”.I want you to take my virginity daddy,” I said After , I was a full-blown cock sucking whore. Anal soon became a favorite as well. My daddy taught me everything one step at a time using his monster size cock to penetrate all my holes. Just talking about this gets my cunt so sopping wet! First daddy taught me to be a good girl and get on my knees in order for him to dip his erection deep down my throat. I gagged a lot at first spitting and drooling but my sweet daddy loved it and he told me so. Even as my chin was soaked slick with my spit he just drove his cock deeper inside my mouth.

He loves my hot wet sloppy mouth. After that daddy would lay me on my back and spread my legs wide open so he could see my hot box and he would take his erection in his hand, and he warned me “baby the first time its gong to hurt your little pussy hole and it will rip and bleed but that’s what big girls do and you want daddy to be happy don’t you?” I just nodded my submissive head in agreement and held my breath as he shoved his dick deep inside my walls, his thrusting was aggressive and hard he grunted and hummed at he fucked the shit out my freshly penetrated cunt

. My tits bounced everywhere as he hammered my slit over and over .Soon I felt my body begin to hmmm and my crotch was aching and buzzing and I knew something good was going to happen, I let out a scream and really fucking loud too and my legs shivered and shook and daddy said that’s my girl let it out….and I came so hard on top of daddy’s dick I creamed all over his mushroom tip and for  long ass time too!  Daddy’s body was tense and taut, and I was so fucking horny watching him fuck me so hard. When his sperm released deep inside my belly, I felt it pulse thru his dick and fill my pussy hole up. Hot jizz leaked down my taint and into my ass crack and made the bed wet and cold underneath my back but I didn’t care. Afterwards daddy needed a break, but it wasn’t long until he was stroking his junk to a full erection again.

Next lesson he said I’m taking your virgin asshole baby and it’s going to bleed and hurt but I’ll stretch out your sphincter really good and make sure there’s lots of lube for the fucking…..stay tuned for part 2



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    You love to be a naughty little hole for daddy’s pleasure.

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