Daddy Fucks Daughter’s Stripper Look-a-Like

Phone sex gamesI’m in the strip club shaking my ass for tips when you beg to go into the VIP room with me. After a few minutes of grinding on your cock, you tell me that I look exactly like your daughter except with much bigger tits. I tell you that you should save your money to give her a boob job, but you don’t want to wait. You’d rather have a piece of her now and you’re willing to pay extra to do so. I’m not one to turn down money, so I do a little strip tease, shaking my pussy in your face. You lick my cunt up and down, making me so wet. I turn around and deepthroat your cock, getting it wet with my tongue. You beg for me to ride you, so I slide my pussy down on your cock and bounce my ass. When you cum inside me, you thank me for a wonderful time and tip me extra. I’ll never tell you that you just fucked your real stripper daughter, and that I refused to reveal myself because I’ve always wanted to know how your cock would feel like inside of me.

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