Come Here Daddy!!

Daddy Phone Sex

I crawled into bed with my daddy. I snuggled up next to him and noticed his morning wood sticking straight out. Being the naughty girl I am, I touch it. It was big, thick and hard it is. I slowly slid my hands inside his boxers for a better feel. My touch doesn’t wake him but again I am being very gentle. I begin stroking him softly and letting him slide between my fingers. As he lay there sleeping his cock is inside my warm wet mouth. My hand continues stroking you up and down as I suck your big cock. You move a little, but you don’t wake up. I hear a little moan or groan come out of you. But yet your eyes stay closed, and you are still sleeping. Your cock throbs between your naughty daughters’ lips. I pull you out of my mouth and crawl up your body. I rub your cock against my pussy. Slowly I pushed the head of your cock inside me. Just the tip feels so good. Then I push a little bit more of you inside me. Half way you in, you wake up. That’s it! Your naughty daughter playing with your dick was no dream. My sweet little smile is just enough to send you over the edge. You grab my ass and gently push your inside. Don’t be scared. Go on and fuck me daddy. This is our little secret, I promise.

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