College Girl Kidnapped and Fantasy Raped

Bald shaved pussy


You saw me, completely carefree, walking to my car on the campus parking lot. It was late at night and I had just come back from a night class. This was the perfect opportunity for you to take me by surprise, cover my mouth and throw me in your car. Now, you have an angry, crying college teen in your car. How can you be with her where she cannot be discovered? You know a place in the woods where you can park your car and have your way with me.

The second you park, you pounce on me in the back and start ripping off my clothes. I’m begging for you to stop but you ignore my pleas. You rip off my tip to reveal my beautiful bouncing tits and lift up my skirt to see I’m not wearing any panties. I’ve been a dirty girl and dirty girls deserve to be punished. You fantasy rape my pussy hard, shoving your cock inside me until you completely destroy my pussy. I don’t think I can even get pregnant anymore from how deep and hard you shoved your cock in me. By the time you turn me over to destroy my ass, I can no longer fight you. You can do what you want with me. Maybe you can even keep me as a pet. 

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