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I know the whole neighborhood gets off on watching me sunbathe naked in my backyard. The truth is, I get off knowing every boy, man and even woman sneak a peek at my hot, tan naked body. The best part of knowing that I am being watched by multiple people is that I can give them a show whenever I feel like it. And today, I was feeling extremely show boaty! As soon as I sauntered into my backyard in nothing but a tight summer dress I felt eyes on me! I slipped that dress off nice and slow and made sure to bend over exposing my holes. I took it up a notch laying in my lounge chair pinching my nipples and rubbing my wet used cunt. I love getting on my knees on the lounge chair so that my holes are nice and visible for everyone to see. My fingers plunging away at my wet cunt and stroking my throbbing pussy. My fingers were so drenched with my pussy juices that they easily slipped into my asshole. Fucking my ass and pussy with both hands made me squirt all over the chair.

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