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The only thing that turns me on more than a man with a big fat thick cock, is a man who knows how to get nasty and aggressive with that big thick cock of his. If you had me alone in a room for a whole 24 hours. What would you really do to me? No limits and anything goes!!! I would love for you to show me your nasty side, baby the nastier you get the more you will make me and my naughty pussy want you. When you’re deep inside my naughty dripping pussy I want you to growl at me and tell me how good this pussy feels on your hard thick dick. Once my pussy juices are dripping down your hard throbbing shaft down to those cum filled balls, grab me by my hair and make me lick all of my juices up. Then give me some of your good warm lemonade, let it shoot deep inside my throat, forcing my juices down with it. I want my throat to be clean and ready for that big load you have coming my way. I’m ready when you are baby!

Make Me Beg You Daddy

Daddy, I see you standing there all sexy. Your big fat dick is hanging out of your pants. Even on soft, your sexy man cock is fat and thick just the way I like it. Your staring at me, I know what you want from me but I am waiting for you to give me your orders. Do not ask me, Daddy, tell me. Tell me to get on my fucking knees and crawl over to Daddies dick. I want to taste daddies fat dick so bad. I need you to make me work for it daddy. Make me show you how bad I want to taste the tip of your fat daddy dick head. When you finally let me get a lick daddy, show me who runs shit. The more you push your fat dick into my mouth, letting your fat daddy fill up my throat, the more this anxious wet pussy will get. Dominate me with your daddy dick. The more I submit to you daddy the harder your fat dick will get. I want to feel your fat daddy worm growing deep in the back of my throat.

Double Dip My Holes

Kinky Phone Sex

find me a man who knows how to double dip my ass and pussy hole the right way. I want you to work your cock like a grown man is already supposed to know how to work it. See it is not always the size that matters. Do you know how to dip down and dig deep into my pussy? Hitting my g spot making me squirt all over your rock hard cock. I want to squirt so hard on your cock that it drips down to your balls. I want to feel those sticky wet balls slapping on my clit while you are pounding me fast and hard in my everlasting gobstopper of a pussy. I will be begging you not to stop. I can’t help it. When I find a man who knows how to hit that right spot to make me into the nasty little fucking cum slut freak that I am. I will moan to you, begging you daddy, please don’t stop, begging and begging you not to cum, not yet! I want you to save all of that cum, let it build up inside of those man balls because I have somewhere that load needs to go. Now, pull out and whip that dick into this tight asshole that has been so patiently waiting for your arrival. I hope you know how to park in this sexy tight asshole of mine. Let me feel the tip of your dick spread my sweet asshole open. Oh, yeah baby that’s it, now keep inching your way inside. Feel how tight I am? My sweet asshole is hugging onto your hard cock so tight, it feels like it will never let you go. Work your way past all of my assholes tight hugs. You are going to be going balls deep inside of me baby. I want you to start hitting that ass faster, make me the little fucking cum slut I want to be for you! You feel it, don’t you? Your balls tightening up. This is the moment we have been waiting for daddy. Get ready to thrust one good and hard time. Here it comes! Oh yes!!! Get it all out in this cum sluts tasty asshole baby. That is the shit I love.

Mixed Juice Fun

Kinky Phone Sex

He was recording me while I was shaking my ass and moving my hand down to my wet fat pussy. Just knowing he was getting rock hard watching me pleasure myself made my sweet pussy run like a river. He sets the camera down on the dresser and walks over to the bed. He is standing right in front of me, gripping his rock hard dick. Without him saying a word I reach for his mouth-watering cock. I open my mouth wide, moving my head down until his throbbing dick is balls deep down my wet throat. I can already feel his pre-cum sliding down the back of my throat, giving me exactly what I have been waiting for. My mouth must have felt to wet and warm for him to stay in any longer, he quickly took his cock out of my mouth, told me to sit back and open my legs revealing my pussy lips smothered in my wetness. He slapped his cock on top of my wet juicy lips, lathering his cock with my juices, hearing his cock slap against my wet kitty made me only dish out more of my juicy goodness to his glazed cock. Without notice he thrust his cock deep inside of my pussy, filling up every inch of my insides. I knew he was about to blow a nice big load. As soon as he came deep inside of me. I got up and sat right on his face. My wet pussy lips resting on his lips. Letting him smell the sweet smells coming from my hot wet naked pussy hole. Our mixed juices coming right out of my warm pussy running right onto his lips seeping inside of his mouth. He opened wide, suction cupping his lips onto my pussy with a firm grip. Before we were done he made sure to lick up every wet drop of our mixed juices.

Outdoor Fun With The Cum Slut Queen

Kinky Phone Sex

A true Cum Slut doesn’t care where she is getting her fresh nut. Indoors, outdoors, in the public or in the privacy of a home I will make sure I get my warm fresh cum. I love being out in the open though, there is nothing like being naked outdoors, feeling the wind blow through the crease of my pussy lips. I always make sure a throbbing cock will stay nice and warm in one of my Cum begging holes. I want to taste your slightly salty, slimy cream rising right from your dick hole. I will take my hands and find those big man balls that are holding my precious cream. Your balls are so tight, I know any minute you are about to give me exactly what I have been waiting for. I slow down just a little, I know if you cum to fast I won’t get the full blast of your cock. I want to play a little longer. Making you reach what you think is your big moment of explosion, then discreetly bringing you back down. I know how to build up my mans cream. A CSQ (Cum Slut Queen) like myself knows exactly how to get the most out of our fun sessions. At the end of every single session, I will have you stick your tired cock back into my mouth. I will lick the outside of your balls and cock clean. I also have to make sure I suck the tip of that sexy dick head. I need to make sure I get all of your man milk out before you leave. If we are real freaky together, I will have you turn around and spread your ass cheeks wide open.  I want to make sure there is nothing hiding right between those ass cheeks. If you are lucky you will feel my tongue driving right up to that tight asshole. Some men really know how to bring the freak out of this cum slut queen. When I find those men, it feels like I have just found a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

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