Mistress Everly Will Do What Your Wife Doesn’t


Mistress Phone Sex

I love being a professional mistress and having mistress phone sex. All the gentlemen I am involved with have wives and girlfriends that won’t feed into their deepest, darkest fantasies…but I will! I have no taboos, meaning I will do and talk about anything and everything! I’m as professional nymphomanic, a bonafide whore, and there is no fetish that turns me off. I love the feeling of a hard cock stretching my tight asshole open and digging inside me with that large round mushroom tip. I love how sore my throat gets right after I deep throat a big hard dick and gag all over it. I enjoy being tied up, choked, gangbanged and taking loads of cum to my face. I love golden showers, being spit on, spanked, humiliated and called all sorts of vile names. One of my biggest fetishes is raceplay; and I just love having my coon pussy fucked and impregnated with half-breed offspring. You can fuck my feet, tits and any of my dirty fuckholes and I’ll love every second of it. Do you want your own personal whore to do anything and everything you’ve ever desired? Do you want your own personal sex slave? Then I’m the girl for you!

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