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I Love Fucking My Pussy

mutual masturbation

We talk about all sorts of filth all the while we share in the mutual masturbation as these topics really arouse me as well. I love that hot kinky little girl fantasy of yours and am sure to enjoy the call as much as you. I had one caller the other day that me so damned clit frigging hot that I really did get my fingers coated in my juices and sucked them clean. Sometimes it gets too much and I try terribly not to get my keyboards soiled with my cunt juices but when a kinky hot pmilf like myself gets aroused there is no turning back until I fucking cum. Often the calls are over and I have to pull up a nice hot young teen girl and milf porn to finish up with.

Big Tits and Asses Rock The Cock

Big tits and asses

  I love a good filthy orgy of big tits and asses, don’t you? This party I attended in college was such a fucking riot when things went crazy and the clothes came off the beer funnels found new use as cum funnels. We ended up taking cum enemas and with all the drinking were spewing hot ass juices all over those cocks that were taking turns in our asses between the loads of cum collected and the cocks stirring the shit all around it got nasty. The tits and asses were covered and slippery with brown and cum wetness and was such a nasty kinky time. I recall I had taking a few loads down my throat even and spit them into a gaping ass of another girls and felt my ass get felched even at one point. We really got crazy in college.

Itty Bitty Fuck Bang

phone perverts paradise

My submissive P-mommy life is really a phone perverts paradise. Think about it a big titted submissive subby mommy. One that lets you have an itty bitty fuck bang. My life is a feast for that meat between your legs. I know your swelling up now thinking of just how little my youngest brats are. Well, let me clear it up for you. My tranny son is a smooth hairless ladyboy. With a pink-tipped penny that is growing every day. My youngest daughter is a lollipop sucking pigtailed brat. My eldest is still fucking her high school teachers. Wink Wink. Why would you ever pass up a cock that will pass you! I mean we are blonde bimbos every one of us so we do what we have to do. I really don’t care what you do to my beautiful doll-like offspring as long as my coke is readily available and you put me in bondage so I can at least pretend to have no say in what you do to my brats. So let me take care of that swollen member the best way a P-mommy knows how too!

Stuff My Fuck Holes

Anal Phone Sex

I cannot even get off without having both fuck holes savagely stuffed with juicy black cocks! I thought I hit the jackpot when I got new neighbors across the street! A yummy dark chocolate daddy and his hot light skin friend. I just couldn’t help myself, I needed those thick cocks inside of me immediately! I invited them over for some cake and soon enough, they had me completely naked and sliding up and down on their thick fucking cocks. My holes needed a good stretching. These big black horn dogs had my little body thrown about, they made me their personal fuck doll. They used my throat to force their juicy anaconda cocks down until I gagged and slobbered all over their cocks and balls. After all, sluts like me love hardcore double penetration! Nothing is better than getting spit roasted by a couple of hot negroes on a friday night! Not even my husband gets my pussy gushing this much!

They want to see my butterfly

little girl phone sex

My dad’s friends are all perverts like him. They enjoy little girl phone sex and playing with young bald cunts. I have no issue being a show and tell slut. My little pussy is insanely addicting. I can spread it for you and show it to you if you like. How did I get so comfortable being such a show off with my private parts? Daddy and his friends of course! They wanted my young little lips more than anything and begged for me to spread my butterfly for them. I giggled and smiled. I bust it wide and made them admire all of me. They wanted a piece of me. Daddy said no! My cunny belongs to him only. They can all look, but they can’t touch.

You Filthy Fucking Pervert!

Oh! Look who’s reading this! You knew I was beckoning you to be a pervert and share that kinky fetish phone sex desire of yours. I personally love foot fetishes as it is I am addicted to running my feet all over cocks. The feel of a hard cock between the arches of my sweaty stinky feet it amazing. I love to suck that cock after my foot sweat is all over it and I will give a sloppy fucking blow job and you can cum in my mouth, face, tits, or on my sweaty stinky feet. In fact I find it very kinky to have you spurting your pervert juice all over my feet… another possibility the sweet young daughter of mine… well maybe mommy’s feet will be on that bald pussy and you can cum on both my feet and her sweet pink pussy. Mommy loves to have her young men pump the arches of her feet too *wink*

Fetish Phone Sex

Get ready for anal

Hottest phone sex

A horny dad hired me to train his daughter to be a little anal sex slut for him. He had heard about my special sort of babysitting services from my other clients and couldn’t wait to have his daughter turned into a whore. She was a cute shy little blonde with a little perky ass that was just begging to have a cock shoved into it. After her mommy and daddy left, she was all alone with me and my bag full of strap-on cocks and toys. I bent her over  the couch and pulled her panties down and spread her ass cheeks so I could get a good look at her little pink rosebud. It made my pussy fucking wet and I couldn’t help but stick my tongue into her ass and tongue fuck her tight little hole. I popped a finger into her asshole and pumped it in and out while she moaned and her pussy started to drip. She would be a perfect little anal sex whore. Once I got her asshole nice and loosened up with my tongue and fingers, I slid the tip of my strap-on into her asshole and started to fuck her. I made her beg me for my cock and promise me that she would be a good little butt slut for me from now on. She was too turned on to say no and promised she would do anything if I just kept fucking her ass and made her cum. I had her where I wanted now. I told her she was mine now, my little anal sex whore and that she would fuck anyone I told her too, even her own daddy. She hesitated for a second, but she was too close to cumming and finally agreed to fuck anyone, even her own dad. I made her cum and now she was totally under my thumb. I saw her dad a week later and he was a very happy customer!

I love having phone sex with my brother

Phone sexI really do enjoy having phone sex with my naughty brother. He came into my room last night to talk to me and ended up having a sleepover in my bed with me, hehe. When he began to tell me the story about how I had come home drunk the other night, I started laughing because it was so funny. He checked on me after I passed out and he noticed that all I had on were some slutty panties. He claims that this has never happened before but I beg to differ. He slipped right up behind me and and pulled my panties to the side as he licked my asshole. His tongue shoved so deep up inside of me, I squirmed in my drunken slumber. He beat off his horny dick and spread my legs open wide as he layed me on my back like a fuckin slut. Now, my naughty brother has unstoppable urges and can’t get my skanky cunt off of his mind. He always thinks that getting dirty with me on the phone is gonna make his crazy fetishes go away when in reality he only becomes more addicted!

Truth or dare

blonde phone sexI like playing truth or dare because I am a girl that doesn’t want to pussy out. I mean I love to have my pussy out, but I won’t quit A dare. Call it cockiness I always come thru and end up with a win when I play truth or dare things to get naughty. I have always been one to do it with my cousins and sisters. This time I wanted to have it in school. I knew some of the girls would chicken out and not do the things I would tell them to do. The main thing I wanted was to suck off our physical ed instructor. I needed a partner in crime. I got lucky my friend Lara was okay with it. We both went after school and had Mr. Calloway where we wanted. Mr. C was weak for us. It was written all on his face. Both of us didn’t leave until the dare was complete. We ended it with cum shot faces.

Cock Hungry Twins

Little girl phone sex

My uncle is a pretty kinky guy and he loves it when his little niece finds teen cuties for him to fuck. When I was called to babysit these sexy blonde teen sisters, the second I saw them I knew my Uncle would just love them. They were perfect little virgins, had never even seen a man’s penis or kissed a boy. Their conservative parents tried to keep them shielded away from anything sexual, but that just had the opposite effect on them. Instead of being afraid of sex, they were super curious. They couldn’t wait to get their eager young hands on my uncle’s big cock after I invited him over. I taught them how to suck a cock by demonstrating on him while they watched, then they each took turns sucking his cock and balls like they were made of candy. They both had their cherries popped that night and tasted their first pussy too, each other! After a few hours with me, I had turned them into cock hungry incest whores. They milked as much yummy cum from Uncle’s cock as they could. They wanted to experience taking a dick in each of their tight little holes and wore him out in the process. When he was too tired to keep fucking them, they fucked each other while we watched. They locked in a 69 position and munched each other’s sweet young pussies while my uncle and I both watched. Watching the two sisters lick each other’s slits made me so hot, I spread my legs and beckoned them over to me and got them each to take turns licking and sucking my clit and fingering my pussy. They had never seen a girl squirt before either, but I squirted hard on both their little faces and promised to show them how to do it to each other.

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