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My Brother’s Keeper

Fantasy phone sex


My step brother was sitting on the bed. I was kneeled in front of him and sucking his fat white cock. Living in the same house with him has been torture for me. I am sure he felt the same. His mom and my mom just got married. We are suppose to be brother and sister now. My young hormones were raging and so was his. So i decided to give him a blowjob. I wanted to taste his cum in my mouth like the dirty little slut I am. This had my brown juicy pussy leaking its honey all down my leg. I kept sucking harder and sloppier. All of a sudden the bedroom door flew open and I did not stop. There stood my mom! I did not stop because I wanted her to see how much of a slut her little girl really is. To my surprise she just stood there and watched. Almost as if she was enjoying it. I saw her grab her breast and fondle them. This must have excited my brother because he instantly exploded in my mouth. Cum dripped down my cheeks. This Fantasy Phone Sex is what I have been wanting ever since my mom moved him and his dad in. Now I get to be my brother’s keeper and fuck and suck his long white cock everyday. My mom does not seem to mind. That is even better. Maybe I can get my step-dad in on the fun.

Fetish or Bust

fetish phone sex

Did you know that there is way more to sex than just plain old fucking and sucking? Oh yes, there are so many fun fetishes that we can get into. If you’re new to fetish play and have only ever had plain old vanilla phone sex, then I think it’s time for you to take a walk on the wild side with me and let me show you all the ways you can find pleasure.

Do you have a fetish that you’ve been thinking about but have been too scared to tell someone about it? Oh, don’t you dare worry about telling me. I will help you work through your fantasies and figure out exactly what turns you on. Once you give in to what you desire, you will be so much happier. Not to mention the fact that you’re going to have orgasms that are going to be so much better than they were before. When you free your mind up to fetish phone sex, you’re opening yourself up to the kind of pleasure you have never known before.

Maybe you’re new to the world of fetishes and you’d like to hear about a few of my favorites. I would be more than happy to tell you and maybe we can find something that you’d love to explore. I know that sometimes you guys just need a little bit of a push to get out of your comfort zone. And luckily for you, I am just the kind of woman who is good at getting guys to do that. Are you ready to admit that you need something new to get your motor running? Well then you need to just pick up the phone and call me and let me show you everything you have been missing.


P-mommy loves Little girl phone sex

Little girl phone sex

Little girl phone sex always gets my pussy juices flowing. I love to talk about fucking my little princess. I have one caller who loves to hear me play with my vibrating dildo while I tease my pussy. We talk for hours and hours about fucking my little mini me. I have three little Diva’s but there is one that I love the most. She gets my pussy so wet. She is just the perfect age for mommy to groom. Although she is still learning she is at the right age to fully understand what it truly means to please mommy’s pussy. Hell, she pleases a dick like no other! I even think she is better than me. I have to give it to her. She is definitely what you would call a natural in the game.I love to share my sex stories about my little Diva in the making.

Orgy Fantasies Phone Sex

Orgy Fantasies Orgy fantasies are always the best! They are even better when they are actually in real life. I attend an orgy party just about every weekend.There is this club where you walk into and it is completely dark. There is a touch of lighting to light up the whole room. It gives off the aura that everyone is glowing. You pick a corner of the room or just walk up to any group you desire. Of course I am completely naked once I walk into the room. People are fucking left and right.I just walk up to any dick and starting sucking. I spread my legs as any woman or man comes and start licking this chocolate pussy like an ice cream cone.I loved to be fucked and gangbanged. I always come out of there with a sore pussy and cu dripping down my legs. I have so many stories about my orgy parties. Do you want to hear a few? Or would you like to come to with me to an orgy party?

Group Sex in a Swinger’s Club

group sexI love group sex. When my husband was younger, we were swingers. I’m not old enough to have been a swinger in its heyday but swinging never really went away. It just went underground and became less discussed in social circles. I don’t know why people are ashamed to admit they enjoy sex. I am proud to tell people I am a kinky woman. I enjoy getting fucked. I love being kinky. My husband can’t get hard like he once could, but he will go with me to swingers’ clubs and parties. He likes to watch. We went upstate this weekend to check out a new swingers’ club. It was full of men with very few women. Normally, it is either an equal mix or more women. I had never seen it like this before. My husband told me that I could be the star of the club. He was right. I gathered up the few girls in the place and told them we were going to just have one big orgy with the men in the club. Do you have orgy fantasies? We were going to fuck every guy in the place. There were like 20 guys to each girl. So, us four girls each had about 80 men because every guy wanted to fuck each of us. I was the oldest and the only one with a hairy pussy. Two women were in their thirties and married to men in the mix and one girl was 26. She was a trophy wife and came with her husband who wanted to watch her get fucked. Her husband sat with my husband and watched the four wives get gang banged by men ranging in age from 21-65. It was the most men I had ever done in a night. The club is new and didn’t understand to not let in single men if not enough single women, but opening night was a bang. It was a gang bang.

Phone perverts Paradise

Phone perverts ParadiseWelcome to Phone perverts Paradise! A place your wildest fantasies and biggest wishes come true. Forever, you’ve searched for the perfect person to gain command of you. You’ve always wanted to be the submissive one, never enjoyed pretending to be an alpha male. You might have a wife, and an amazing career but yet you’re still unfulfilled. That’s where I come in! A true goddess, a master of domination, humiliation and pain. You never knew what was missing until you met me. You read all about me in my bio, the thought of my pussy getting juicy and wet as I cause the utmost pain and humiliation has your cock growing and growing. But it’ll never be big enough for me! I will end up forcing you to take the biggest cocks I can find, as I laugh in your face at your torment and torture. No need to pretend with me, I take what I want, and give out punishments like it’s nothing. You’ll never be ready for me, and that’s what turns you on the most.

Little Girl Phone Sex Insemination

All he wanted to do is have my munchkin inseminated with his daddy cock full of slut batter. I thought it was an hot idea and started the little sluts on hormones through my mommy milk. Making their little bodies transform into sweet tight little breeding mama’s on a cute petite scale. Who’d have guess that a young thing like my two youngest could go around with bubble butts and belly bumps like they are. It’s unimaginably hot to my clients and they all want to impregnate these young milfs. Their bald little cunts and big milky mommy style titties. Did I mention these young things grew big titties that were so full of milk? It’s the hottest little thing ever. Seeing these young tight bodies impregnated, voluptuous yet small petite little frames and hairless cunts. I am so excited watching the sluts grow little sluts inside their newly formed wombs.

Little Girl Phone Sex

Hotel Rendezvous

mutual masturbation

It’s just you and I tucked away in this nice hotel room. Look at this sweet ass.  I can almost feel you firmly gripping onto it now. Running your big hands over it right before you spank me with one hand and grab a fist full of my brown hair in the other.

Don’t you want to man handle this little slut? Explore my slutty body with your hands, tongue and fat fucking cock.

I’m all yours for 24 hours. Your very own personal cum dumpster. I knew the first time I had gotten a taste of cock that there was no turning back for me. I am a slut through and through.

I’ll be gagging and slobbering all over that cock before sundown. Very happily might I add. Looking up at you with that desperate look in my eyes. You’ll slide your cock from the grips of my lips just to see the thick strings of slobber and precum attached and stretching along from my tongue and lips to your long, thick shaft.

Oh the fun we could have locked away in a hotel room, just us two.

mutual masturbation

Phone Sex Breeding Mama

I’m your ebony phone sex whore that can’t get enough of that hot interracial fucking. I love popping out little black girls from this Milf chocolate fuck hole of mine. What I would love is to make a kinky oreo cookie together your white cream filling my chocolate ass cheeks to make a sweet beautiful mess. Maybe we could share that white boy cock, you know my young offspring and mommy lapping at whiteys big throbbing cock. I bet that cock looks damned good slipping into a tiny chocolate cuny, don’t you think Master? My little sluts are well good and ready to be bred like little breeding factories, popping out those sperm flowers like they were a fucking pez dispenser. The only thing we need is plenty of that white spunk to swim on up to their little over developed cervix’s that are just readying to have your seed planted in them. I love the way that white dick looks between those tiny bubble round booties of my little’s and I bet you will bust when you see how well these little whores are developed. Nothing like some nice young cuny’s and big bootiful titties ready to start producing milk. Cum in some chocolate pussy tonight sexy.

Phone sex

Sex Therapy

mistress phone sex

Many don’t know this about me, but I am also a sex therapist.

Every once  in a while, I am called on to give a lecture at a women’s conference.  Invariably, the subject of sex is somewhere in the list of classes.  At one event, as I was teaching on the subject of masturbation, I saw a previous client of mine.  She had always struggled with this specific topic, due to a strict religious upbringing.  I was pleased to see her face was beaming and she looked happy.

She approached me after the lecture and said that I had changed her life immensely and she was now in a very satisfying relationship with a woman.  She hugged me warmly and then kissed me on the mouth, saying, “I do wish you would come home with me and meet her.”  I told her that I would love to and I followed her home.

They were both so warm, welcoming and fucking hot. It didn’t take long for my panties to become drenches with the anticipation for what the night had in store for me.

I was pleasantly surprised to see how much she had evolved sexually. It’s as if eating pussy was her first language. As a gesture of gratitude, they both made me cum multiple times. It was a delicious evening to say the least.

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