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Tight Shaved Pussy So Juicy & Wet

When it comes to getting horny and excited without no real stimulation, a tight shaved pussy gets the wetness awards always. At least that what it’s like for me. I can simply walk around in a short skirt and letting a slight breeze caress these bald cunt lips and my clit reacts. Look at this pierced clit and think about your tongue licking at it. Tease it like a good boy. Now see that creamy river of cum dripping from my mommy cunt? Well I think you know what you need to do. Lap it up now pump inside my little girl like pussy with that p daddy cock of yours. Let me be daddy’s perverted teen daughter that decides to start masturbating right in front of daddy. I tell you I want to watch you stroke your daddy dick while i show you my teen pussy with cum dripping from it. Fuck, I’m all worked up now and need to rub one out. You know how to get me…

Tight shaved pussy

My Old Ass Pussy Can Close Any Deal

Phone Sex WhoreMy office is full of gaming nerds. Rich gaming nerd but nerds, nonetheless. So, as you can guess they don’t score much with the ladies. Every once in awhile we have a new client that my bosses really want to land. Odds are the client doesn’t get much action, so they depend on my whorey ass to help. So, when I walked in this morning and saw a “bonus” check in the amount of $500 written to me, I knew what they wanted. Sure enough, a shy young guy waltzed in around 10 and I led him back to our waiting room. I offered him something to drink and shut the door behind us. I then walked over to him and removed his jacket, unbuttoned his shirt and unbuckled his pants. He stood there in shock as I removed my dress leaving only my panties and bra. I could see his bulge through his tighty whities. I walked over, got on my knees and let his dick loose from his boxers. There was already pre-cum coming from the head, so I figured he wasn’t going to last long. I really needed to land this deal, so I had to slow things a little. I removed my bra and took his hand in mine and gently rubbed across my nipples. He started to twitch, and I figured we might as well finish this. So, I sat him in a chair, removed my panties and climbed right on top of that rock-hard dick. I grabbed his head and stuck my tongue in deep as I started to ride him. Within 3-5 strokes this sweet little guy was cumming all inside my pussy. I smiled and brought him a washcloth to clean up, helped him put his clothing back on, got myself dressed and walked back to my desk. The meeting went without a hitch and we landed him as a client. There hasn’t been a deal my old pussy wasn’t able to close yet.

Hot Phonesex Kind of Night

hot phonesexIt was a hot phonesex kind of night. I was feeling extra dirty last night, so I took an Uber to the strip club. It used to be a Playboy Club. It closed in the 80s and was purchased by a local smut peddler. He has a bunch of dirty bookstores in the city too. The former Playboy club is no longer classy. It is a dirty strip joint where anything goes for a price. That was what I was looking for last night. I like to slum occasionally. I was born into money and I married money. I like to role play that am a trailer trash whore. No better place to explore that side of me than the Pink Pussy Club. I walked in and said I wanted to dance. I was the oldest stripper in the place, but that didn’t hurt me one bit. I slipped some dude some money to let me dance. Twenty minutes later I was on stage working the pole and picking up single bills with my hairy cunt. That skill made me popular. What got me several hundred dollars in tips was my ability to fuck a long neck beer bottle without ever touching the bottle. After my set, guys were lining up for some one on one time with me in the VIP room. I replaced beer bottles with cocks and got even more money. The other skanks in the club were pissed that the woman with a hairy cunt and who was three times their age, was cleaning house with their clients. I came home with cum in my cunt and ass, a pocketbook full of money and my itch to be a dirty whore scratched. I clean up well and I fit in with the social elite, but deep down inside me lurks a nasty freak.

Mutual Masturbation

mutual masturbation

Everyone who calls my line knows that I am a nasty, no limits slut who lives to please. Hearing a guy cum for me is the ultimate turn on and I will do anything to hear that sexy moan as he sprays his jizz for me. Mutual masturbation is one of my all time favorite types of calls to take. I love to play with my juicy whore hole and make myself cum while he is stroking his hard cock to my sexy moans. I never fake my self pleasure when I am on a call. I am always ready to play with my slutty pussy and cum for you. I will do anything you want me to and I have a huge selection of toys and vibes to make myself squirt for you. I have been making myself and others cum on the phone as long as I can remember. It has always been my biggest turn on the take these sexy, erotic calls. I can’t wait to make you cum for me too!

It’s Time to Fuck and Make Up

hottest phone sex

I think that some intense make up sex is in order, wouldn’t you say? *winks* Sometimes emotions run high and things come to a head and all we can do is work it out with an intense fuck fest all night and all morning long. We need to take our frustrations out on each other so that we can move past them and alleviate the tension. We will be covered in passion and sweat. There will be lots of name calling. You’ll tell me what a fucking cunt I am as your force your thick cock inside my tight little pussy. I’ll tell you what an asshole you are as you suck and squeeze my tits while I’m riding you.
By the time we’re finished with one another, we won’t even remember why we were upset to begin with. We will he depleted of all our angst and tension. We will lay there and heal together. Perhaps we’ll even laugh about it as we doze off.

It’s time we make this right, baby and there’s only one way to do it efficiently. Once and for all.

Orgy Fantasies With Little Holes

Orgy Fantasies


Little holes are meant to be filled and orgy fantasies are meant to be fulfilled. We got this thing covered baby, and it’s fucking Hot! Yeah hot young holes and a naughty mommy that gets off on men getting off on her offspring. I’m ready for some real fun and a few lucky guys are invited over to get their orgy needs taken care of! Perverts unite under my roof often and I am more than happy to host your perversions. I’m a mommy that loves to make people happy. I get my thrills from your excitement. I love the way pervs love these tight holes of my brood. We had some down time trying to be good around the family for the Holidays. My kin folk are so fucking uptight that I thought my Uncle Tom would have a heart attack when my daughter saw him get hard in his shorts and went and took care of it. Yep, she shimmied her ass over to him and jumped in his lap as she whispered don’t worry unkie Tom I can help you. She is fucking precious!

Hot Phonesex

Hot PhonesexI am the dominatrix that brings the Hot Phonesex of your dreams. I am always in charge when we talk, don’t dare to question my authority. I will continue to get off on humiliating you relentlessly loving every second of your pain, agony, and torture. You will worship me, kneel on the ground before me and submit to me in every way. You’ll be begging and whimpering below me. Begging for your dominatrix to abuse you, humiliate you. Hell, you’ll do anything for a little attention from me! But don’t worry it’s not just me you need to be worried about. You know I have lots and lots of big black cocks to stuff your holes. Your mouth and ass are open for a hardcore fucking, and there’s nothing you can do about it. My cunt drips as I watch you be humiliated and fucked like never before. This is my domain and we will always do what I want to do. I’m sure you understand, Mistress has spoken.

Orgy fantasies

Orgy fantasies

The touch of my dad’s hands massaging my big caramel colored tits makes my cunt so fucking moist and sloppy. Last night my dad, sister and I decided to have a little fun while mom was away on a business trip. I got the best of both worlds that night! Not only did I have my dad’s hard black cock ramming his dick inside my cunthole. I was licking and sucking on my sister’s juicy pink pussy as she laid in front of me. Her legs were behind her head and I kept lapping at that sweet nectar until she came all over my prickly tongue. My dad’s groans became louder in my ear as he watched my sister cum inside of my mouth. Before I knew it he had bust his load inside of my pussy so hard that I am for certain I will be breeding one of his incest babies. That is what I want so that we can have a new addition to the family to play with.

Kinky Phone Sex

Kinky Phone Sex

My black juicy cunt gets so wet thinking about how many men has rammed their hard cocks into my little princesses tight little assholes. I have so many fuck stories to tell about how men used my little ones as their own personal cum buckets. It’s the first of the month so you know that means rent is due. Not only do i need to get off and bust a good nut rent has to be paid. I need to put these little bitches to work. They will be servicing many men all night long for the next few days. That means all holes on their little young bodies are fair game. Nothing is off limits. If you pay the right price you can give me little whores a spin. I will be there watching with my dildo in hand. Fingering and toying with my fuck hole while I watch you stretch my little sluts a new asshole (literally).

Phone sex humiliation

Phone sex humiliation“Get on your knees bitch, worship the fucking ground I walk on.” The pathetic wanna be men all fall to the ground, kissing the dirt, doing just as they are told. I smile down on them, this is beyond pleasing to have them be put into their places. I find extreme satisfaction in the pain and prepping it takes to truly break a man. You can’t fool me, I see right through you and I am going to expose you for who you really are. You thought that you might be getting a little bit of roleplaying where I would order you around and you get to be only a little submissive! Ha! Joke’s on you pathetic wimpy cuck. You can be whatever I want you to be, a sissy, a toilet, a breeding fuck for my nigger cocks I keep around. All the things I can do to you to make you cry and scream. What will it be today? I am going to turn you into the person you really are today.

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