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Sissy Boy

Sissy phone sex

A lot of men end up underestimating me because I just look so cute and innocent. Let’s get one thing straight though, I’m not a sub. One of my sugar daddies thought he could turn me into his little submissive teen whore, but he had something else coming. I let men spoil me and I suck their cocks and prance around in my tight little clothes and pigtails, but it’s just because they give me what I want. He tried to spank me and grab me by the hair. I called two of my friends with 12″ black cocks to come over and help me teach him a little lesson. I put him in panties and made him eat my pussy while my friends took turns fucking his ass like a little bitch. Like the little sissy he is, his cock was rock hard. No matter how hard he tried to deny it, his dick gave him away. By the end of the night I had taught him a lesson on who is in charge and made him my little black cock loving sissy!

Sissy Boy Rhonda

Fetish phone sexTara is another domme bitch friend of mine. She has been on the bdsm circuit for a few years. She started out as a subbie slave and soon realized her nitch was not taking orders from men but training and disciplining sissy boys. I took her under my wing teaching all that I could. My sissy boy Rhonda is Tara’s favorite sissy boy of mine to have her way with. She has been smitten with him ever since she put on her first strap on and fucked him in the ass. She loved the power it gave her. She knew then she could never go back to being a subbie slave again. She fucks Rhonda often under my guidance. And every time a teach a bit more so one day she can have her one sissy boy Rhonda.

Size Queen

hot phonesex

Size has everything to do with whether or not I have a good time and whether or not I get off, so naturally I am really picky with the types of cocks I choose to take for a spin. Naturally, Black guys and Hispanics are my go to! They have the thickest fucking coke can cocks that a whitey can’t compete with. Honestly, anything under nine inches is a shrimp dick to me! Haha! I need a real mans cock to properly stretch me out, but every once in a while I find that unicorn whitey who is well hung and horny! My friend always brags that her husband is “black from the waist down” and I fully intend to find out if that’s the case. I’m known as the BBC size queen around here and I’ll be the judge! While my friend was out of the house, I invited myself over with a big bottle of tequila and a fresh bald wet pussy. After stroking his thigh and that bulge, I pulled down his pants and my eyes went wide. He really does have a thick huge cock! And I needed to go for a ride! He fucked me so good and fill me up with his cum, he got my stamp of approval!

Cream in me

I have a special night planned out for my stepdad and me. I have forever been having nasty thoughts about him knocking me up. My fantasy is sick but gets me off each time I rub my cunny thinking about it late at night. I have been fond of impregnation phone sex because I want my daddy to knock me up. I have even whispered it in his ear. I told him to cream in me. I know he is worried I am playing but I am serious. I want my stepdad to breed me and fill me up with his cream. My perfect fantasy would be him knocking me up in the same bed he sleeps with my mom. I am a filthy teen slut who has a fantasy she’s going to make happen.

impregnation phone sex

You Filthy Fucking Pervert!

Oh! Look who’s reading this! You knew I was beckoning you to be a pervert and share that kinky fetish phone sex desire of yours. I personally love foot fetishes as it is I am addicted to running my feet all over cocks. The feel of a hard cock between the arches of my sweaty stinky feet it amazing. I love to suck that cock after my foot sweat is all over it and I will give a sloppy fucking blow job and you can cum in my mouth, face, tits, or on my sweaty stinky feet. In fact I find it very kinky to have you spurting your pervert juice all over my feet… another possibility the sweet young daughter of mine… well maybe mommy’s feet will be on that bald pussy and you can cum on both my feet and her sweet pink pussy. Mommy loves to have her young men pump the arches of her feet too *wink*

Fetish Phone Sex

Mistress Mommy Blanche

Kinky Phone SexCome suck on my tittie. Come get your milk from mommy blanche. You are such a good little boy and deserve to be rewarded. I am overwhelmed by your loyalty. The way you worship your dear Mistress mommy turns me on in ways I could never explain to you. But I can show you by giving into your kink that drives you wild. I want you to cum for me. But not just cum I want you to explode, to see stars, and to almost pass out before my feet. You finish your drink from my mommy titties and I push the top of your head to my delicious pussy. “Lick my pet and please mommy in that special way you rock my world.” You suckle and bite and I moan and squirm. You don ‘t even noticed the yummy big black man walking up behind you with his hard dick. He grabs a hold of your ass and spreads you apart. You realize what is happening and is so excited. You love bbc! He plunged his huge dick with no lube all the way in your ass. just the way you like it.

The Freak In Me

No limits phone sex

I am one of those sluts who are down for anything and everything. I will try anything at least once. When I try something new, most of the time I will do it again. The first time a man blasted all over my face giving me a creamy facial, rubbing and slapping his thick dick all over, I was hooked! There is nothing better than fucking with a man just as freaky as I am. I want you to really get into it. Let me know how good this tight, wet, warm pussy is against your throbbing cock. Pull my hair and call me your little fucking cum slut. Tell me how to please you and that sexy rock hard cock! The nastier it is the more your going to make my cummy pussy wet. I like to get fucked in my tight little asshole too. Feeling your hard meat stretch out my asshole will have me screaming in pleasure. If you feel like your going to explode I want you to dig that cock deep inside of me and Blastoff! I love to feel a man’s warm nut sliding back down out of my ass. I love this freaky, dirty, nasty sex, and I love learning new things.

Sweet Loving Sissy Boy

Kinky Phone SexI watch as you give my tranny friend such pleasure. You are such a loving, sweet, good sissy boy that it turns me on so much. I like to satisfy your kinks because you satisfy mine. I demand complete control and you are not a stupid brat about it. When I get my way I am such a loving domme and want to give you what you desire. I asked you what you wanted for being such a good boy and you said a fuck date with a tranny to be their little sissy boy whore. And I arranged it with one of my very good tranny friends. She loves a good bitch boy to suck on her cock and make her feel so good. I watch you please her and she lets you cum over and over. I fuck myself with my fingers loving the live porno my bitch and tranny friend is starring in.

Get ready for anal

Hottest phone sex

A horny dad hired me to train his daughter to be a little anal sex slut for him. He had heard about my special sort of babysitting services from my other clients and couldn’t wait to have his daughter turned into a whore. She was a cute shy little blonde with a little perky ass that was just begging to have a cock shoved into it. After her mommy and daddy left, she was all alone with me and my bag full of strap-on cocks and toys. I bent her over  the couch and pulled her panties down and spread her ass cheeks so I could get a good look at her little pink rosebud. It made my pussy fucking wet and I couldn’t help but stick my tongue into her ass and tongue fuck her tight little hole. I popped a finger into her asshole and pumped it in and out while she moaned and her pussy started to drip. She would be a perfect little anal sex whore. Once I got her asshole nice and loosened up with my tongue and fingers, I slid the tip of my strap-on into her asshole and started to fuck her. I made her beg me for my cock and promise me that she would be a good little butt slut for me from now on. She was too turned on to say no and promised she would do anything if I just kept fucking her ass and made her cum. I had her where I wanted now. I told her she was mine now, my little anal sex whore and that she would fuck anyone I told her too, even her own daddy. She hesitated for a second, but she was too close to cumming and finally agreed to fuck anyone, even her own dad. I made her cum and now she was totally under my thumb. I saw her dad a week later and he was a very happy customer!

Sleepover at my house

blonde phone sexYay, my daddy is letting me have a sleepover. I get to invite all my cute friends. Daddy has one rule. See daddy loves all cute girls redhead, brunettes and everything in between. Daddy does, however, enjoy blonde phone sex since he thinks blondes are the best. Daddy told me to have the blonde ratio high. I had to Invite more cute blondes and a couple of brunettes. Daddy loves watching us dress up in pink, and our locks let down. Our cute faces and our sweet PJs look amazing on us. Daddy has a cum fetish. There is nothing in this world that will get him off more than a couple of cute young sluts like me bobbing for cocks. He loves angel faces and hair drenched in jizz. Three hot blondes two brunettes and a sexy redheaded whore getting painted with fresh cream on slumber night. 

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