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Tight Shaved Pussy So Juicy & Wet

When it comes to getting horny and excited without no real stimulation, a tight shaved pussy gets the wetness awards always. At least that what it’s like for me. I can simply walk around in a short skirt and letting a slight breeze caress these bald cunt lips and my clit reacts. Look at this pierced clit and think about your tongue licking at it. Tease it like a good boy. Now see that creamy river of cum dripping from my mommy cunt? Well I think you know what you need to do. Lap it up now pump inside my little girl like pussy with that p daddy cock of yours. Let me be daddy’s perverted teen daughter that decides to start masturbating right in front of daddy. I tell you I want to watch you stroke your daddy dick while i show you my teen pussy with cum dripping from it. Fuck, I’m all worked up now and need to rub one out. You know how to get me…

Tight shaved pussy

Stretch out at the gym

Hottest phone sexEvery morning I go to the gym to stretch and exercise. I don’t mean the typical stretching and exercising that any simple housewife  would do. I go to get my cunt and my asshole stretched out. I go to exercise my jaws on two hard white cocks while their little sister watches and assist. Those two brothers don’t hold back when it comes to pounding my black cunt hole. They fuck me hard and raw. Their favorite position is one cock inside of my ass and the other in my pussy. Their sister is right there holding their dicks in place or helping me throw my ass back onto their cock. I even eat her pussy while they both fuck me from behind. You ever saw two dicks in one hole? Fuck seeing it you should try it! It feels so damn good to me I know it will feel even better to you. Come down to the gym. You can be my trainer.

Mutual Masturbation

mutual masturbation

Everyone who calls my line knows that I am a nasty, no limits slut who lives to please. Hearing a guy cum for me is the ultimate turn on and I will do anything to hear that sexy moan as he sprays his jizz for me. Mutual masturbation is one of my all time favorite types of calls to take. I love to play with my juicy whore hole and make myself cum while he is stroking his hard cock to my sexy moans. I never fake my self pleasure when I am on a call. I am always ready to play with my slutty pussy and cum for you. I will do anything you want me to and I have a huge selection of toys and vibes to make myself squirt for you. I have been making myself and others cum on the phone as long as I can remember. It has always been my biggest turn on the take these sexy, erotic calls. I can’t wait to make you cum for me too!

It’s Time to Fuck and Make Up

hottest phone sex

I think that some intense make up sex is in order, wouldn’t you say? *winks* Sometimes emotions run high and things come to a head and all we can do is work it out with an intense fuck fest all night and all morning long. We need to take our frustrations out on each other so that we can move past them and alleviate the tension. We will be covered in passion and sweat. There will be lots of name calling. You’ll tell me what a fucking cunt I am as your force your thick cock inside my tight little pussy. I’ll tell you what an asshole you are as you suck and squeeze my tits while I’m riding you.
By the time we’re finished with one another, we won’t even remember why we were upset to begin with. We will he depleted of all our angst and tension. We will lay there and heal together. Perhaps we’ll even laugh about it as we doze off.

It’s time we make this right, baby and there’s only one way to do it efficiently. Once and for all.

Get Kinky With Me

kinky phone sex

Would you like to know what my absolute favorite part of a gang bang is? Sure, I love all of the cock, but what I really love most is the bukkake aspect of it. It turns me on so much to have every single one of them shoot their hot loads of cum all over me. It makes me feel so nasty and so slutty and that’s honestly one of the best feelings ever. I love it when I look like a glazed donut by the time they are done with me. I love feeling like a total whore and after one gang bang with like 12 guys, I didn’t even wash the cum off my body before I put my clothes on and left. Everyone who passed me could probably see the mix of dried and fresh cum on my face. God that was a good feeling.
I bet you’re fucking hard as a rock just thinking about that. Do you have a group of guys you’d bring to a bukkake session with me? I bet you’d all cover me just the way I like it. I can’t wait to hear what you’d do to me and which hole you’d take first!

Kinky Phone Sex

Kinky Phone Sex

My black juicy cunt gets so wet thinking about how many men has rammed their hard cocks into my little princesses tight little assholes. I have so many fuck stories to tell about how men used my little ones as their own personal cum buckets. It’s the first of the month so you know that means rent is due. Not only do i need to get off and bust a good nut rent has to be paid. I need to put these little bitches to work. They will be servicing many men all night long for the next few days. That means all holes on their little young bodies are fair game. Nothing is off limits. If you pay the right price you can give me little whores a spin. I will be there watching with my dildo in hand. Fingering and toying with my fuck hole while I watch you stretch my little sluts a new asshole (literally).

Cum With Me Baby

mutual masturbation

I’m in the mood to indulge in some mutual masturbation. How about you? It’s fun to talk about really kinky fantasies and fetishes, but sometimes you just need to remember that simplicity is sometimes the best thing. Just imagine lying back on your bed while I lie back on my bed. We’re both naked. We both have lube. And we’re ready to touch ourselves while we talk to each other. We might not even say that much. Maybe the only thing we will hear is the moans of pleasure from each other as we masturbate. Or maybe we will say really nasty and filthy things. I guess it depends on how we feel when we talk.
Do you want me to use a toy while I touch myself? I will. I love toys, but I also am good with just using my fingers to massage my clit and fuck my pussy. Sometimes it really is best to just go with what nature gave me. Do YOU have any toys? I’d love to hear you use your flesh light or maybe even fuck yourself with a dildo if that’s what you are into. The sky’s the limit and I can’t wait to masturbate with you.

I Like Being Your Pet

submissive phone sex

I try my hardest to be the submissive phone sex girl of your dreams, Sir. Not that you need my permission, but you can do anything to me that you want to. I know that my only place in this life is to serve you and give you everything that you have ever wanted. You have probably dreamed of having a slave girl for a long time, but I know that it’s hard to find a truly submissive girl like me. Most of them have limits as to what they will do for you, but I don’t. Sir, all I want is for you to use me for your pleasure in the way that it’s meant to be.
It doesn’t matter to me if what you want to do to me is painful. It doesn’t matter if it’s degrading to me. I don’t care how humiliated I am by your actions. I know that it’s what I deserve. I will just take it and I won’t ever talk back to you. I know better than that. The only thing out of my mouth will be “Yes, Sir” when you order me to do something. I am ready and waiting to serve you.
This photo was posted just for you. You know who you are and I will talk to you soon.

Sharing cum with my little princess

Little girl phone sex

Mommy love to share cum with my little princess. A rich white man by the name of Richard invited us to his penthouse suite last night. He has a thing for my oldest daughter. He paid top dollar to feel my baby girl’s tight ebony pussy. He likes to fuck us both at the same time. I enjoy some fun with my little slut whore. I can never turn down a chance to taste her little cunny. She has the biggest titties for her age. She gets it from mommy. I love to lick her little pearl tongue while she is being fucked by Richard. Richard likes to finish by cumming all over our tits and mouth. Afterwards my daughter and I swap his creamy hot cum from each other’s mouths. I am teaching my daughter only the best quality of cum should touch her lips. That is the cum from a rich white man.

Kinky Phone Sex MILF Irene

It’s looking like a perverse kinky phone sex kind of Sunday. My favorite ways to enjoy a cold Sunday is with some steamy blasphemy fun. I have a little crew of bait for all those needing a pizza for the night *wink, wink* The purest enjoyment is between Masses and that Priest is stroking his junk vigorously as I sit a young bare behind over my knee. Spreading those bum cheeks and giving that pervert Priest the feast of masturbatory delights. By the end of the day, right before that Sunday Supper, mister priest will be paying me cash from the collections of the day. Depending on how giving his congregation is today will depend on what level of pleasure he will be allowed to indulge in. Will that pervert priest even get to spunk off before sitting down to that early Sunday Supper? Or will he be a frustrated fucker that gets tipsy on the Holy wine and aggressive with the young fresh meat Nuns that are serving him? Or, maybe he is condemned to taking an old hag of a head Nun and really make her a good whore to Jesus? I’m inquisitive as fuck in how this day plays out at the Phone perverts Paradise of blasphemy p daddy delights.

kinky phone sex

Phone perverts Paradise

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