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Daddy tossed my salad then tore it up

anal phone sexAnal phone sex with my daddy is the best. I love to be his good anal whore. I knew daddy had an ass fetish because he couldn’t keep his hands away from my hiney. It drove him crazy to be around me and my perfect buns. One day, while mommy was out with my sister daddy, decided to have my bum once and for all. At first, it started with booty rubs and gentle caresses then it ended with daddy tearing my asshole apart. First I was his soft tiny princess. Then I was his asswhore. Daddy began by rubbing my bum and massaging me. I could feel his hard dick bust thru his boxers. Then daddy got a little rough and started smacking my ass and spreading my cheeks. Daddy wanted to give me a rim job and toss my salad. I eventually learned all about assplay thru him. I loved being his anal slut.

Cream in me

I have a special night planned out for my stepdad and me. I have forever been having nasty thoughts about him knocking me up. My fantasy is sick but gets me off each time I rub my cunny thinking about it late at night. I have been fond of impregnation phone sex because I want my daddy to knock me up. I have even whispered it in his ear. I told him to cream in me. I know he is worried I am playing but I am serious. I want my stepdad to breed me and fill me up with his cream. My perfect fantasy would be him knocking me up in the same bed he sleeps with my mom. I am a filthy teen slut who has a fantasy she’s going to make happen.

impregnation phone sex

Mistress Mommy Blanche

Kinky Phone SexCome suck on my tittie. Come get your milk from mommy blanche. You are such a good little boy and deserve to be rewarded. I am overwhelmed by your loyalty. The way you worship your dear Mistress mommy turns me on in ways I could never explain to you. But I can show you by giving into your kink that drives you wild. I want you to cum for me. But not just cum I want you to explode, to see stars, and to almost pass out before my feet. You finish your drink from my mommy titties and I push the top of your head to my delicious pussy. “Lick my pet and please mommy in that special way you rock my world.” You suckle and bite and I moan and squirm. You don ‘t even noticed the yummy big black man walking up behind you with his hard dick. He grabs a hold of your ass and spreads you apart. You realize what is happening and is so excited. You love bbc! He plunged his huge dick with no lube all the way in your ass. just the way you like it.

Favorite Boi

Fetish phone sex You are my favorite boi and I think you know that. You are so obedient so loving and so attentive to each and every one of my needs. Only good boi’s like you get to cum as I give you a special treat of giving me sweet oral sex. I stand tall above you. Looking down at you on your knees brings a smile to my face. You are a beautiful site to see. I spread my legs, I take my hand and put it on the back of your head. I push into my pussy. Awe your tongue separates my pussy lips. I tilt my head back and give you free will to please me over and over. And like a good boi you do.

Phone Sex Addiction Led Me Here

Phone Sex Addiction

Really it is quite alright to have a Phone Sex Addiction as i is exactly my problem and the pervier the better to get me off. You see I used to sneak these phone sex calls in everywhere and every chance I got. I was working in a tall office building in a metropolitan area as a receptionist once and if the guy sounded hot or fun i would really flirt it up and didn’t care how naughty we took it. I did this in the front office and sometimes I’d nearly get caught rubbing my panties and talking dirty, to a client. I’m super surprised I was still employed after one afternoon I was talking to a random guy on my phone while in the elevator heading down to get some lunch and figured fuck it I’m alone in here and got kinda raunchy loud and dirty and even rubbed one out… in fact I was leaning against the wall and my skirt slightly lifted rubbing my slit through my moist panties. I was listening to this guy get off and was getting me hot and very into the mutual masturbation we were having that I forgot where I was. The doors open and there’s my Boss and a couple of the security guys. I smiled and walked out hoping they would grab my arms but they didn’t do a thing. I returned to work after and went straight to my Bosses office.

I went in to apologize for my poor behaviour in the elevator but the call was getting so hot and I could not resist. I had to confess to her that I was a bit of a sex addict and she just looked at me with a smile and told me to show her my panties. She came over and touched my panties while commenting on how wet they were. Then she did the unthinkable and started rubbing my clit through them and I felt I needed to reciprocate and slid my hand up her skirt. To my surprise she wore no panties and that fucking cunt was drenched as I slid my fingers in my bosses twat.

We had some hot milf phone sex together but she couldn’t have me continue working for her in such a way.


Mutual Masturbation

Evil Babysitter Slut

Kinky Phone SexOne of my clients contacted me and asked if I could set him up with a cute little blonde girl. Lucky for him, I happened to be babysitting a cute little blonde that night. As soon as her parents were out of the house and on their way to their date, I called him and had him come over. I had the little brat undress for him and take off everything but her cute little white cotton panties. He got instantly hard. Then he took his cock out and I showed her exactly how to suck it. For a little brat, she was pretty good at sucking cock. Maybe her daddy has been showing her a few tricks. Then I pulled down her panties and had her lay on her back and spread her legs for him. I spread her little pussy lips and guided his cock into her. She squirmed and moaned like a little slut. When he was done, he filled that little pussy with a nice load of cream before paying me and leaving. I got her bathed and dressed for bed and told her this was our little secret and she couldn’t tell anyone.

Phone Sex Games to Help You Last

phone sex gamesI love phone sex games. I have this one I like to play with my premature ejaculators. It is an edging game call Red Light Green Light. It is a good technique to help guys last longer. Trust me, women want you to last longer. I used this technique with my sons and step-sons too. The problem is when you are younger, you can’t keep your hands off your cock. It feels good, so why stop, right? As you get older, you find yourself watching more and more porn. You get a girlfriend and one of two problems arise. Either you can’t cum unless its by your own hand or you cum too quickly feeling the real thing against your cock. Edging games like Red Light Green Light help boys not cum too quickly and when used before fucking, prove beneficial for both you and your partner. I would have my boys sit on the edge of the bed naked. If I said green light, my boys would stroke their cocks. If I said yellow light, they had to slow down their stroking. And, of course red light meant drop that cock like it’s hot. I use this game with my phone sex callers too. Edging games will help you last when it counts. It is easy to be hedonistic. Get that quick cum, so you can get on with your day, but if you masturbate too much and exhibit no self control, you will find yourself married to your hand. Women want a man who will last longer than minute. The women who have fucked my sons have me to thanks because they can all last longer than 30 minutes. They make sure their women cum first too. If you need some guided masturbation or edging help to make you a better lover for the women in your life, I am here to help you like I helped my boys.

Cuckold couple

2 girl phone sex

I have had my fair share of crazy families. I have done it all. I have been the naughty nanny seducing the old pervert. I have slept with the mistress and had a threesome with the hubby while the poor wife is sound asleep. I have even banged the youngin boys. The oddest couple by far is a older couple who I nannied for. They loved how sexy I was and wanted to know more about my personal life. They knew I was a party slut outside of work.

I had my fair share of big black cocks and when they found out they wanted in on the action packed fun. I agreed to show them the ropes. I met all these fine chocolate men in campus and had connection to some college boys wanting to earn extra income for school. I set the whole thing up. I had the wife come over while the husband watched us get pleasured by young college football playing studs. They paid top dollar to each one of us. The husband was on the edge of his seat with excitement. The wife was losing her mind getting all her holes penetrated and stretched. I made their cuck fantasies reality. All the big black cocks were circling around her and cumming all over her body. They were hooked and wanted to make this a regular thing. I can’t turn down fun especially when there’s a pretty penny attached to it, Big black cock is one of the rare things that I like more than money. Orgasms rule!

Finger fucked at the movies

Tight shaved pussyI went on a cute little date to the movies last night and I ended up getting my tight shaved pussy played with the whole entire time! I was taken aback because I didn’t expect him to be so sexual and open minded but boy was I wrong! Thankfully I was wearing a slutty outfit like usual and my short little skirt was perfect for easy access for him to feel up into my fuck holes while the movie played for us. There were not too many people in the theater so we were able to snuggle up and get freaky in the dark while we enjoyed the show. I was dripping fuckin wet, I think my juices for sure soaked all through the fabric of the movie theater seat, lol oops I did it again! His fingers were literally going crazy as they plunged in and out of my slit. I squirted all over the floor, the workers had to get a mop to soak it all up! I think the teen boy employee was so turned on by what he saw that he creamed in his pants right there in front of me, lol. He handed over some coupons for some free candy and popcorn during my next visit, being a dirty little whore sure does have it’s perks!

Secret Rendezvous

Discreet phone sexI’m not one to really go looking for trouble. Don’t get me wrong I love being a young dirty slut I just mean I normally engage with unspoken for men. However when I met Simon this weekend I found I get extremely turned on fucking a married man. It’s not really the sneaking around that I enjoy but knowing he’s under my spell. Knowing when I send him home he is going to be thinking about me and my sweet young pussy. In fact earlier today we planned to meet up for lunch on his break. He picked me up and made our way to a secluded spot cause I told him I was more interested in getting my dessert. We climbed into his back seat and I was riding his big fat cock when he moaned “You fuck me better then my wife ever has”. I can’t explain it but this had me cumming all over his cock. Being his dirty secret has been a real treat. It never hurts to be discreet it’s actually a lot of fun!

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