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Holiday Group Sex

group sex

It’s the holiday season and everyone in my life knows exactly what that means. I always throw one hell of a group sex party and I’ve got some kinky things planned for this year. Things have always been kind of vanilla at my parties, but this year I really want to spice it up. So, I’ve decided that this year, the women will be in charge and we will be doing whatever we want to all the men who attend. If they don’t like it, they can leave. But I have a feeling that they will be really into being our submissive pets.

I can’t wait to hand out the strap ons that I got for all my girlfriends who will be at the party. I don’t know how many of the men who will be there have been fucked by strap on cock, but even the ones who are inexperienced in that way won’t be for long. If they can get over the fact that we want to fuck them in the ass with something other than a finger, I think they’ll really enjoy it. Do you want to hear about all the other kinky things we’re going to do?


Milf phone sex

Milf phone sex

Every week this P-mommy has a fuck session with some random guy. This particular night I let this guy fuck my face while my little whores in making watch. Of course they are each playing with thier little cunnys. Their legs spread all the way open. All three of them sitting at the edge of the bed. The sight of those tiny, smooth, and tight little pussys makes this P-mommy so wet. I am sucking on this hard 10 inch white popsicle of a cock at the same time. He is also mesmerized by my little black whores. I even let him take the head of his dick and let him dip it into each one of my girls. They moaned with ease and just a tad bit of discomfort. I let them lick the juices off of his dick. His eyes rolled in the back of his head once all three little fuck whores were tonguing his already so stiff dick. Just like that he exploded all over their little tiny faces. Like a good P-mommy. I cleaned my little girls faces with my tongue. Licking every last drop of hot semen spread onto them like butter. Who can mommy fuck next in front of my little whores? How about you! Your dick is hard and ready. I can already tell.

Your Cheap Phone Sex Mommy

cheap phone sex

That’s right I am your cheap phone sex mommy who will expose your bi, sissy side during our playtime. I know you have been watching me shower and trim my pussy. I encouraged you to always be right under mommy Elisabeth’s feet. I even potty trained you sitting in my lap to show you how I pee in the potty. And when you wanted to know why your pee-pee got hard I was happy to show you with mommy and your sisters little pussy. All this sexy mommy is for you. The things we do behind closed doors is just between us. The fact is I am kinky and wild for my own offspring. I love to taunt and tease until you can’t take it. I even want to make you a sandwich between my strap-on and your sister. Such a dirty boy for mommy! I have always been here for your needs and now you are going to be used for what this sexy mommy wants and needs baby. There’s no better kind of mommy than a hot phonesex p-mommy like me.

Masturbate with Me

mutual masturbation

As much as I enjoy a lot of these different kinks, I must admit that nothing is hotter than just plain old-fashioned mutual masturbation. I love listening to you as I get to partake as well. Discovering what each of us really wants and desires. Exploring our own bodies and imaginations together. It’s so easy to get lost in the heat of the moment with you. The only thing that’d be better is doing it in person. Imagine the two of us masturbating in front of one another. I’d love to spread my thighs open and begin to tease my pretty little pussy as you watched and began to stroke that big hard cock of yours. Teasing my own nipples while we just enjoy the show. Watching you stroking and tug, playing with your pre-cum. Oh that’s one of my favorite things ever! To see you playing with the pre-cum and rubbing it all over the head of your cock. Or something you feed it to me from your fingertips. I love the taste of you and it only makes me want more.

Milf Phone Sex For Perverted Pleasures

He called me up wanting a real milf phone sex whore that could be as big a pervert as he was. I’m proud to say I was probably an even bigger pervert than he realized and the way I let my little brats run amock and do perverted things for passerby’s when at home, well it’s uncanny to some. I get great pleasure in raising these offspring into being total heathens and it is the prime time of year for some real fun. I love serving up candy to the neighbor ghouls and making them do all kinds of tricks for their treats. I have my daughter running a kissing booth for chocolate. Only thing is the fact that it’s her sweet little pussy lips all ready to be kissed. Come get a sweet treat soon.

Milf phone sex

Ass Lover

big tits and asses

I know you’re an ass man. That’s why you always call me and tell me about how you’d love to worship my perfect asshole. I know you are going to love sticking your tongue in between my ass cheeks and licking up and down.

I’ve been told by countless men that my ass tastes like white chocolate candy.

I’d love to have you lie down on your back so that I can squat right over your face. I want to lower my ass right down onto your tongue and ride it just like I would ride your cock. If you are good enough at eating ass, you might even make me cum just from doing that. A good ass licking gets me super excited and wet. I want you to run your tongue all over my puckered hole and then shove a few fingers into my throbbing cunt for good measure.

If you think that’s something you would enjoy, you need to pick up the phone and call me right now.

Hotel Rendezvous

mutual masturbation

It’s just you and I tucked away in this nice hotel room. Look at this sweet ass.  I can almost feel you firmly gripping onto it now. Running your big hands over it right before you spank me with one hand and grab a fist full of my brown hair in the other.

Don’t you want to man handle this little slut? Explore my slutty body with your hands, tongue and fat fucking cock.

I’m all yours for 24 hours. Your very own personal cum dumpster. I knew the first time I had gotten a taste of cock that there was no turning back for me. I am a slut through and through.

I’ll be gagging and slobbering all over that cock before sundown. Very happily might I add. Looking up at you with that desperate look in my eyes. You’ll slide your cock from the grips of my lips just to see the thick strings of slobber and precum attached and stretching along from my tongue and lips to your long, thick shaft.

Oh the fun we could have locked away in a hotel room, just us two.

mutual masturbation

Phone Sex Office Slut Noreen

I am new to the world of phone sex, but I am not new to being a whore. I am a rich trailer park whore. I was raised poor as dirt, but I am the office whore to a bunch of computer geeks now and I live high on the hog. Horny fuckers my bosses. Today, they had an office party. They were entertaining some overseas clients. These guys are all young to mid-20s. I am twice their age but trust me, they have trouble keeping up with me. I am worth every penny they pay me. I drained the balls of 16 guys twice. To say I was a cum dumpster is an understatement. I sat in an office chair and let them circle jerk on me before I let them gang bang me. I have always had a love for cum. I like the feel of it on my body and in my hair. I love the taste of it too. The world of computer nerds is not what you would think. These guys have good sized cocks that are always hard, unlike men my age. They love fucking an old broad too. Sure, they may want to fuck a younger woman, but they have no game and they live at work. They have all this money and no one to spend it on. I am happy to let them pay me to be their dirty whore.

Phone sex

Big Trouble with Daddy

Daddy Phone Sex

I am in big trouble with my Daddy. He caught me masturbating without his permission and now I’m not allowed to touch my cock hungry little pussy for a month.

What do I do now? I can’t break his rules and my body is aching to, cheap phone sex,  cum, however I will admit that I’m a fan of delayed gratification. It’s as if I need somebody to tie my hands to the bedpost or behind my back to keep me from sliding my greedy paws up into my dripping wet panties.

Isn’t there a way around this? Can’t you help this desperate, submissive whore? Aren’t you hungry for some sweet, smooth pussy? I’d cum all over that tongue of yours.

It’ll be our little secret though. Do with me what you will. I know you have some demented fantasies of your own. Tell me about them. Tell me while I’m not allowed to play with my cunt to your sexy voice.

Would you turn me into a rope bunny, too? Would you leave lashings all over my ass? Make me gag on that cock of yours as the drool dribbles down my face and my makeup smears, whilst looking up at you with a mouth full.

Porn for Masturbation

porn for masturbationDo you watch porn for masturbation? I love to watch dirty movies and play with my pussy. I was traveling recently when the hurricane hit. I was in South Carolina visiting one of my sons. We ended up having to get a hotel because he lost power and a roof at his place. No problem for me. I used my husband’s AMEX and got us a nice room. We were just going to fuck our brains out and weather the storm. We decided to make a homemade porn from the hotel. I don’t know if you have ever seen a 70s porn called Taboo. It is the first mainstream, mother son porn movie. It made a star out of Kay Parker. We recreated some scenes from the adult film that included me sleeping and my son trying to molest me while I slept. We thought it was a fun way to pass the time during a hurricane. What I didn’t know was that after I fell asleep, my son uploaded the video to one of those porn sites. We had several thousand views within a few hours. My son labeled it a real life mother and son tribute to Taboo. Horny men were eating it up. Got my son and I thinking we should make more porn together. Porn is hot to watch, but I am here to tell you it is hotter to make.

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