I love having phone sex with my brother

Phone sexI really do enjoy having phone sex with my naughty brother. He came into my room last night to talk to me and ended up having a sleepover in my bed with me, hehe. When he began to tell me the story about how I had come home drunk the other night, I started laughing because it was so funny. He checked on me after I passed out and he noticed that all I had on were some slutty panties. He claims that this has never happened before but I beg to differ. He slipped right up behind me and and pulled my panties to the side as he licked my asshole. His tongue shoved so deep up inside of me, I squirmed in my drunken slumber. He beat off his horny dick and spread my legs open wide as he layed me on my back like a fuckin slut. Now, my naughty brother has unstoppable urges and can’t get my skanky cunt off of his mind. He always thinks that getting dirty with me on the phone is gonna make his crazy fetishes go away when in reality he only becomes more addicted!

Phone sex games with a true sissy

Sissy phone sex

Phone sex games where I am in control are my favorite. My favorite caller always does all sorts of things for me to prove he is a sissy. What he loves the most is making me happy and pleasing me in every way he can. I like it when he dresses up for me and makes me a happy princess. I have all the blackmail evidence in my hands. I love making him take pictures of himself in lingerie and making him wear makeup and do poppers. I give him homework and a chore list, and he is always eager to make his Perfect princess happy.


Not only does he spend so much money on me but he has secured my future. I made him drop his kids and ex-wife from the will. I am the sole beneficiary and that is how it should be. My sissy goes by the name of Maggie. Maggie knows I can ruin her life in ways so brutal and cruel. Maggie knows not to cross me, and her primary goal is to keep me in bliss. I get to enjoy all the more exceptional things in life, and I don’t even have to be near that sissy slut. I make her eat cum for breakfast lunch and dinner. Sissy phone sex with a true sissy is so lucrative for me.



phone sex games

Hottest Phone Sex with a Married Woman

hottest phone sexHottest phone sex is with a married woman. You can fuck me and never need to worry about me breaking up your relationship or wanting you to spend your money on me. I am not a gold digger. I don’t need your money. I just need your cock. It is all that I want. Relationships are complicated, but sex doesn’t need to be complicated. It only needs to be fun. It should only be fun. I picked up a married man at Barnes and Noble yesterday. He was not much younger than me, but clearly married. Normally, I am picking up men half my age. That is only because younger men love phone sex milfs like me and most men my age want those young pussies. If a guy is handsome and responsive to me, I will bounce on his hard cock. Taylor was buying a birthday gift for his wife when I invited him back to my place which was only three blocks away. What an easy seduction. He loved that I was a sexy mature married woman. Young girls want his money or to be his wife. I only wanted his cock in my pussy, ass and mouth. We fucked in the bed I sleep with my husband. My husband is my cuckold, he likes that I fuck other men. Taylor never fucked a woman in her ass. His wife won’t give up the booty. That is not a problem with me. I give up all my holes. I am just a dirty old whore. Would you cheat on your woman with me too?

Naps with Daddy

Cheap Phone Sex

Daddy, I love when its nap time. You always sneak into my room, or wherever I may be sleeping and massage me all over. I especially like when you massage my little soft tis. I love it too when you get undressed with me and lay down with me. I can feel your hard cock touching me and I want it so bad because I know it makes you so happy. Give your baby exactly what she needs! I need a big dose of daddy cock! Pull my panties to the side while I sleep and slip that big cock in my tight wet slippery holes. I want to wake up with your cum deep inside me, Daddy! I promise I won’t let any drip out! Please, daddy? Touch me!

Humiliating This Subby Pervert Momma

submissive phone sex

It was all about the humiliation from my oldest daughter. See she wanted to know just how much I could take. Imagine being collared by your own daughter. The hotel was supposed to be for a nice gentleman to pay me some cash for some brat sex. My oldest said she would bring my little son and girl to me. I was wrong it was just her! She told me that she was setting the scene and had me tied up in so many different positions as she forced so much water down my throat and left me to piss on myself. My pussy was flogged and my nipples were pinched repeatedly. My milk was harvested so she could make me drink it later. I was sitting in my piss and my tits were leaking everywhere. I think the most humiliating part was being left alone watching a live feed of my youngins getting the P-man treatment without me! Ice cold water was thrown on my pussy and I couldn’t participate in  little sex with my bebes. I knew she had resentments from being sold at a young age but I think she is going to use and abuse me even more now.

Family Whore

Hot phonesex

For my birthday, my family decided to give me the best surprise present ever! I was now a young woman and it was time to be initiated as such. More importantly, my boyfriend was there to watch me become a young woman! He sat to the side of the room as my daddy, brothers, uncles- almost every single male member of my family tore my party dress off. They licked me from head to toe as I watched my boyfriend watching my family grope, rub my small perky tits and my bald pussy and ass! I got so wet watching him watching me be a filthy incest whore. My brothers licked my wet bald cunt while my uncles and daddy sucked on my puffy pink nipples. I sucked on all of their cocks nice and deep. Deepthroating my family’s cocks like an incest slut made my pussy dribble wet. My male family members shoved their thick cocks in every hole of mine! I moan and grinded my used holes all the way down their cocks, my eyes never leaving my boyfriend’s. I wanted him to see how much I love being my family’s gangbang incest whore! They filled my ass and pussy with multiple cocks, gaping my cunt wide open! I slurped on all of their precum dripping cocks while they passed my holes around and double penetrated my holes until they were gaping and sopping wet! They pounded my holes so hard while I worked my cousins and brother’s cocks begging for that creamy cum! My daddy and uncles pumped my stretched cream-pied filled holes until the cum foamed up and soaked my thighs with foamy cum! I took at least 15 shots of cum deep inside my ass and pussy! The best part and finale of this initiation was that my boyfriend was able to finish me off by plunging his cock in my used creamy, gaping pussy!

Anal phone sex for your birthday

Anal phone sexHappy Birthday Baby! It’s time for us to have some nasty anal phone sex together. I know that that is all that you have been wanting lately. My body is just so tight and petite, a rock hard throbbing cock in my ass is a lot to handle! I’ve been butt fucked before by large white cocks but I have never had such a massive black dick inside of my anal cavity! I must admit, I am very excited and I have been using an enema to clean myself out because I know that I am going to get wrecked! I feel like my intestines are completely cleared out and now I am more than ready to give you your delicious birthday gift that you have been eagerly awaiting! Let me bend over in front of you and spread my ass cheeks open wide so that you can see inside of my narrow asshole. I wanna feel my skin ripping at the seams while you plunge in and out of me baby! There’s cock & then there’s big black cock and let me tell you there is a huge difference, pun intended! My man could never make me moan and squirm the way that chocolate dick does! Mmmmm so tasty! I love guzzling down that birthday boy sperm, I make sure to swallow every single drop!

Hidden cameras

Little girl phone sex

I had a client with a very special request. He wanted me to babysit his cute young daughter and seduce her while he watched. That was easy! I took her into her bedroom after her parents were gone and told her I wanted to play a game of show and tell. I showed her my bare tits and bald pussy and now it was time for her to show me hers. Once I had her completely naked, I had her lay on her back so I could spread that young bald shaved pussy and give it a taste. She had no idea her horny dad was watching the entire time via hidden cameras in her bedroom. I licked and sucked her pussy until she was moaning and cumming on my face. After she came I guided her head down to my own dripping wet cunt and had her lick me. I put on a nice hot show for her dad and I knew he would be pleased.

Good Subby

Submissive phone sexI am so proud of you! You were such a good boy which allows me to be so loving and give you what you are craving. I know you love when I get my Dominatrix friends together and make you the center of our little gathering. Today I invited your favorite Dominatrix to play with you. I know you love it. Today we are going to make you our little cum dumpster. You were so excited your dick was hard as a rock. You jumped on the table and got on all fours. “I am ready for your abuse.” You say with such glee in your voice. The look of happiness on your face speaks volumes. My girls and I are just as happy to use your subby body.

Greedy Threesome

Fantasy phone sex

I have a nasty girlfriend who likes to get wild, and she wants you and me to fuck her. I know you’re my boyfriend and you’ve never done such a risky thing with me before, but I really want you to open your mind and your pants tonight. Don’t you think that you could have a good time fucking two hot girls horny as fuck? I want to please you don’t you want to please me and my girlfriend too she’s my best friend, and she wants you so bad so why don’t you do us this big fucking favor. I’ll suck your balls while she sucks your cock we are going to make you cum until you can’t anymore. I’m so horny and my girlfriend she’s plenty horny too. We were talking about you, and she thinks you’re still sexy and I’m not jealous at all because you are sexy. Why should my girlfriend lie when you look so fucking good you’re always hot your body’s number one. All we can think about is pleasing you; however, you want to be pleased. There are no limits we are going to be cum-guzzling sluts for you nasty fucking horse to make you happy. I know that you thought about fucking my friend because you look at her ass whenever she’s wearing those daisy dukes and you can’t stop looking at her sweet tits was she wants to fuck you. Let’s get nasty we can get wild there are no limits on what we’ll do for you. Come on babe let’s get fucking satisfied my girlfriend’s going to lick my pussy and suck your cock it’s going to be so fucking amazing. I want for you to do this and I won’t get mad at all, and if you like it, we can do it every fucking weekend whenever she comes here. I love you that’s why I want to give you your fantasy and don’t lie to me and tell me that you don’t fantasize about fucking my girlfriend because she’s so fucking hot. She’s a cum dumpster whore that’s right, and she’s my friend, and I really want to get in on the action. I know you want my best friend just as much as she wants you. So you and I let’s get wild tonight we don’t have to hold back.

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