Good girl

Discreet phone sexIs something missing from your home life like, discreet phone sex with a hot babe like me? Maybe, your wife nags you all the time, or your girlfriend complains about you working too much, or you didn’t take out the trash. You go to work and come home every single day to the same old thing, nothing new, nothing exciting. That’s were I come in. You should come talk with me and let me show you just how amazing having me as a friend can be. I’m here for your pleasure! There is nothing that I want more than to make you happy. I want to make you feel good and treat you like the King you are. There will never be any nagging or complaining from me. I’m just your good girl who knows exactly what you want and how you need it. It doesn’t even have to be about sex. You can call me just to talk about how your day was, or what a bitch your wife is being. I’ll provide a sympathetic ear, while distracting you with my sweet voice. Before long, you won’t even be thinking about what a shitty day you’ve had, and if you need to let off some stem, I’ll have you stroking your cock and cumming for me. We can send each other cute, flirty emails during the day, and I can send you naughty pictures if you have had a really bad day. Your new good girl is waiting, so cum let me take you away.

No limits to make you cum

No limits phone sex

I needed to get away for a bit and did not want to go to my Sports club to work out. So I decided to go to a local gym down the street. What I didn’t know was I would be drenched from head to toe with sweat. But not from working out. Drench with sweat and cum that is.

Once, I arrived inside to my surprise the gym was not packed at all. Only people that were present were the employees. It was one female and two males. I caught them staring at my body. Checking me out. I paid it no mind at first but I still felt their eyes all over me. After all the female did have a nice pair of tits on her. And from the looks of those two white guys I am sure their white cocks was a nice size as well. I could use a little cream in my coffee today. My mouth started to water at the thought of their cocks inside of my wet mouth.

I begin to run on the treadmill. My big brown titties bounced up and down and ass was wiggling from the back. Both men walked by me at least three times. I gave them a look as if I wanted to fuck. They must have read my mind. After the fourth time of them passing by I asked the gentleman could I help them and they said yes follow me. They took me to the back office and to my surprise the female was there too. They both whipped out their hard white cocks and the female worker just stared in awe. She begin to play with her cunt as I slurped up their cocks like it was my last meal. Before I knew it I was covered in all of their warm hot jeez. I exercised my ass off that day. Well my jaws that is!

How To Be Mommies Whore

how to phone sex

How else and I supposed to teach my daughter how to be a certified whore than to bring her to a torture room. She is my oldest and I know she has been around the block with her truck stop jumping from cock to cock. She is still a teen goddess with her body and I need her to be able to submit like I do. So today her pussy is going to be used as it has never been used before. Fuck machine training with mommy. I want her to be able to withstand hours of fucking and ern a collar of sex slavery! The coke is plentiful and her ass hole will be open up as well on the machines controlled by the men who will degrade and pump us full of cum. My oldest will be submissive to all cock and that attitude fucked right out of her. Would you care to train her and my other two with this P-mommy slut!

Diaper phone sex

Diaper phone sexLittle sweet boy do you need a Mommy for Diaper phone sex? Were you just hoping and wishing your dreams might come true and I would be the one for you? Well, I am feeling just like that today. I love to have a whiny little brat that needs to be taken care of all the time by a doting mother like myself. I know how to be caring, but stern with my little one. He is just growing so much day by day. I have my boy in a sweet little diaper, a onesie with a paci and even a bonnet. The cutest thing you’ve ever seen really! I have recently started teaching him that he can lick and suck on things other than my titty milk bags. I also have taught him all about his cock and why it grows bigger and bigger. I have been playing with it, getting to enjoy it in my hand when it’s diaper changing time. We can’t forget about what it’s like to have his ass fucked and cream in his diaper and leave him there to sit in his shame of being such a little greedy fucktoy. Mmm raising you to be a submissive boy forever.

Kinky Phone Sex with My Daughter

kinky phone sexMy daughter is home for the holidays. She was looking through my scrapbook and found a picture of me and the late great Hugh Hefner. She was shocked and impressed. She knows I am a nasty freak. She just had no idea I have played at the Playboy Mansion before. I have lots of hot secrets. As I was telling her my Playboy experience, she went down between my legs and ate my pussy. She loves her mommy’s cunt. In her eyes, I am a rock star. She aspires to be a mega whore like her mommy. She is there already. Right before she came home, she had a frat house gangbang. She made her mommy proud doing 100 college boys. She took cocks in her pussy and her ass. She got coated in cum. When she ate my cunt, I told her some of my dirty phone sex stories like fucking Hugh Hefner and eating a few playmate cunts. She is bisexual like me. I think any smart woman is because pussy and cock are equally good. We spent the night in bed eating each other out, sharing dirty stories and fucking with our double-sided dildo. I can’t wait until Christmas break when she is home for longer.

Holiday Group Sex

group sex

It’s the holiday season and everyone in my life knows exactly what that means. I always throw one hell of a group sex party and I’ve got some kinky things planned for this year. Things have always been kind of vanilla at my parties, but this year I really want to spice it up. So, I’ve decided that this year, the women will be in charge and we will be doing whatever we want to all the men who attend. If they don’t like it, they can leave. But I have a feeling that they will be really into being our submissive pets.

I can’t wait to hand out the strap ons that I got for all my girlfriends who will be at the party. I don’t know how many of the men who will be there have been fucked by strap on cock, but even the ones who are inexperienced in that way won’t be for long. If they can get over the fact that we want to fuck them in the ass with something other than a finger, I think they’ll really enjoy it. Do you want to hear about all the other kinky things we’re going to do?


Beck And Call Girl

Daddy phone sexI know I have bad daddy issues, I guess that’s part of the reason I love daddy phone sex. I love an older man because they have the experience to dick me down and have me screaming in pleasure. I actually was a fat girl in my youth, but now that I’m older I have the body I need to turn heads. And I use it to my advantage, all the time. I love a big dicked sugar daddy and why not use what my mama gave me to get them. If my body gets me what I want why shouldn’t I use it to my benefit? Most girls would kill for a body like mine. I know men who would pay top dollar for one night with me at their beck and call. And if you’re paying that good you should know I’m going to give you as much as you can handle. Most of the gentlemen I have the pleasure of fucking have to take a pill to get it up, but they definitely know how to use it once it’s up! They wear me out sometimes. I don’t mind one bit though because I love to fuck, and older men turn me on so good. So, daddy give me a call so I can be at your beck and call.

Fucking my daddy’s boss

Daddy phone sex

Daddy knows I like a hard white cock to ride on. Sometimes Daddy adds a little fun to both of our lives by bringing in a third wheel to come join our little family fuck fest. I get to bust a good nut and Daddy gets a raise by his boss. In which he will spoil me with all kinds of expensive gifts. I am his favorite daughter. Nobody sucks a dick like me. Nobody can fuck like me. He reminds me just how good I am and how much of a slut whore I am when he is drilling his big black cock into my asshole. I love it when my dad’s boss comes to fuck me. He has the biggest and longest white cock I have ever seen. I like to bounce my big brown ass onto his hard swollen cock while my dad watches. He is sometimes in the corner jacking off and watching me get fucked. Or often times he has his big black hard dick inside of my mouth. All the while his boss is fucking my cunt until it is sore. I make daddy lick my cunt after his boss has busted a nut inside of my pussy. Do you want to come fuck this tight wet cunt while my daddy watches? Having an audience gets me so fucking wet. I can fuck all night long while daddy watches me.

phone sex whore

phone sex whoreIf there is one thing I am good at, it is being a nasty, kinky phone sex whore and getting you off! I love to talk about all of the dirty, freaky things I want to do with you. I also love to hear about all of the naughty things you want to do to me. I can’t wait to have you sucking on my panties to get all of those sweet pussy juices out before I let you go down and get a taste of the real thing. I’ll have you on the edge of exploding as I suck your cock and play with your big cum filled balls. I want to make you cum for me over and over again so that I can swallow every drop and beg you for more. Bend me over and use my hair to hold me in place as you pound my ass and fuck my brains out. I want you to rip open my tight asshole and have it gapping for you. Piss into my gaped asshole before you cum into me like some kind of fuck toy. Once I’m full of your cum make me your little bitch and have me suck your cock clean before you fuck me again. I love being used as a worthless fuck whore.


He paid a great price

kinky phone sexThis guy has wanted to fuck my littlest daughter for a while now but I kept saying no. He was being really cheap about it and if I’m gonna rent em out I’m gonna get a good price yanno? Well he finally decided to stop being cheap and he offered me like way more money that I thought he would ever offer so I said fuck yeah! Little brat was all mad about it, she didn’t want to do it at all but I just held her down and made her do it. She was screaming and crying but I was high as fuck so I just put a gag in her mouth and held her still so that dude could get off the way he wanted. In the end I got paid and I even bought her a little surprise but the little shit wasn’t grateful at all so I took it back. Eventually she will learn to be grateful for what she gets or she will just live a shitty life with nothing at all.

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