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Wet, sizzling hot pussy is my favorite, I love the taste of beautiful slippery cum guzzling pussy. I’m one of the girls that can not get enough of sliding my long, satisfying tongue in a nice steaming hot cunt hole. Ever since I was a little thing, I’ve been crazy about pussy no one knew at first in my family at least, but all the neighborhood girls had the right idea about me. I remember my friend Stacy, God was she beautiful long blonde curly locks, a cute little bubble ass, and her pussy was just like two beautiful powdered Donuts glazed over with my moist tongue. Stacy was innocent before me, but I really get bored of Innocence even when I was that little. I like getting more unadulterated I like doing things that I’m not necessarily supposed to do when I’m supposed to do them. I do my own thing, and it works for me. Anyway, back to Stacy and her pretty pouty hot dog bun pussy lips. We were in the closet together playing a game of hide-and-seek we just happened to end up in the same hiding spot. I laid her down on her back I started to kiss her lips the ones on her face of course. Soon I ran my tongue down to her soft red nipples, I noticed she began to tremble. Stacy was older than me about a year or two, but I was more seasoned if you will. I started to kiss her nipples and run my tongue down to her navel I twirled my tongue around her navel then dipped deeper until I got to her soft wet pussy that was when I had to have a sweet treat. Back in the day I guess I was kind of anxious so I just started eating that pussy sucking and slobbering on it sticking my tongue into it she loved it right now my pussy is soaking wet thinking about it. What about you how do you feel about licking pussy?

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Group sexMy little ones know exactly what it’s like to cum at a very young age. I started them early on and made sure to raise them to be the nastiest little skanks that they can possibly be. It really is good for everyone when the little ones know how to suck and fuck massive cock & eat wet pussy. It’s never too early to expose them to all of the sexual antics that they will experience throughout their lives. I have weekly group sex parties at my house so that my army of brats can indulge in some special kinky fun with Mommy and all of her horny friends. I feel so proud when I watch their little bodies get pounded by multiple cocks. Fill my youngsters up with cock cream, they love to be personal little cum dumps!

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phone sex addictionMy escapades with my coed slut daughter will be your phone sex addiction. She pledged a sorority. I went to NYU for her pledge night. I wasn’t planning on crashing the party, just celebrating with her afterwards. I bought her a few new sex toys, including a sex swing she has been wanting for her dorm room. I met some of her sorority sisters and they invited us to stay the night. I guess it is a pledge night ritual. Me in a house full of young girls? What could go wrong, right? Well, it was not so much coeds gone wild as it was a cougar gone wild. I bought the girls some wine and brought the sex toys. Told them we didn’t need to go to a frat house to party. We broke out the sex swing and every girl wanted to take a turn in it. I showed them the many uses of the swing. I mean it is great to share with men because it allows for deep penetration and numerous positions, but it also allows for great solo action and lesbian fun. I demonstrated how to eat pussy in 12 different positions. Every girl in the house got her tight shaved pussy eaten by this dirty mommy. My face was glistening with coed cum. Some of these girls admitted to me that I ate their pussies better than frat boys. Well, that is no surprise. There is no worse lover than a drunk frat boy. He cums and passes out. Young girls like my daughter and her sorority sisters need a hot MILF to teach them how their bodies are supposed to feel. We fucked all night with sex toys, tongues and fingers. This sex swing was such a hit, I left it at the sorority house and bought my daughter a new one.

Kinky Phone Sex

Kinky Phone Sex

Your Kinky Phone Sex Mommy Awaits your big load of spunk! I love to be your nasty kinky whore for the night. I am having so much fun with my little girl sitting on my desk with her bald pussy wide open for mommy to play with. I have to gag her little mouth so no one can hear her but I am lubing up that tight little cunnie and testing out different sizes of vibes and dildos to see which one she likes the best. Is it my fault extreme Restraints had a sale and I got her a present or four! My son is now begging for two for his tight brown eye, he loves taking and giving it up the ass. My precious Angels. They make mommy a bit of money on the side with these little sex shows they been doing after school. Of course, they are sure to showcase mommy tied up and auctioned off to mean doms. I do My part in providing. After all, I am a P-mommy that loves little girl phone sex, I have lots of experience, wink.



It’s time to get back to things and I have had quite the adventurous summer. I threw a huge orgy fuck fest party while the Millers were away. I also went back home to visit my mom and her new husband. Her new husband was a rich tech guy and he was practically undressing me with his eyes. We didn’t get thru dinner without him playing footsies with me. I knew I could swindle some money from the loser. I let him come on to me while I was wearing my dolce and gabana hot pink bikini. I told him I would give him a blowy if he would pass the benjamins over my way. It was too easy. Once I did that I was able to black mail him to give me more. All it too was one cum shot in my mouth to make him hand over a weekly bonus.  I didn’t even have to indulge in his phonesex games. I save that for the guys who I actually like.

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Hottest phone sexI like when i’m getting fucked hard and deep while having the hottest phone sex with Daddy. He loves pulling my butt plug in and out of my slutty little asshole. My sexy pussy stays gripping on to his throbbing dick for dear life, lol. He says my pussy looks so damn good from the back with his fresh spit and my creamy juices dripping down my legs. My soft sexy skin looks even better covered in fluids. He eats me slow just how I like it. I can’t help but cum whenever he calls me no matter where i’m at. We have the nastiest phone chat together, it’s so fuckin hott! He pulls that dick out of my throat nice and slow so the the spit ropes hang from the tip of his shaft all the way to my tongue. He shoves it back in my mouth after smacking my pretty face with his bare hands. He loves to remind me that he’s my Daddy. Getting my throat fucked and used by him is my favorite thing ever.

Kinky Phone Sex Milf

kinky phone sexI have a kinky phone sex story for you. My daughter is in college now. She has only been a freshman a month now, but I have visited her several times. I do miss her, but I wanted to check out the college boys too. Some of those hunks love a sexy MILF like me. I took her back to school Monday after the three-day holiday. She said one of the frat houses was having a keg party for the students on campus. I asked her if she thought they would mind a cougar crashing the party. She was like not if the cougar looks like me. So, I went to a frat party. My first since the 80s. They haven’t changed that much. The music is not 80s music, but they still serve cheap beer to coeds they hope will get so drunk they can fuck them and they won’t resist. I caught one of the frat boys trying to spike my daughter’s drink. She is hot, but I raised a slut. She doesn’t need to be drugged to fuck. I grabbed the drink out of her hand, dumped it and looked the boy in the eye. I told him he just lost out on mother daughter pussy. I found another frat boy and told him to get a few of his hung brothers, so we could fuck. He came back quickly with four fellow pledges and we went into a room to fuck. I wanted the upperclassman spiking the drinks to know we were going to fuck pledges. It was a wild fucking night. First, they jacked off in our cups, so we could toast college life with cum. Then my daughter and I got on all fours, side by side, and turned some nerdy pledges into full fledged frat boys with some group sex. I want to remember being a dirty freak. No need to drug willing sluts, boys.

Young Hot Phone Sex Whore

Phone sex whoreI sit most night laying in bed thinking about the fun that’s to be had. My phone rings and I can already feel the wetness soak through my panties as I answer I hear your voice. You voice is deep with a tone of seriousness you know what you want and you know you’ll get it no matter what. With that I’m already picking out which toy I want to stuff up me while we phone fuck. You share a fantasy  of being dominant over me and I reach for the biggest toy I got, I already know this call will make me cum and probably even squirt. We play through and we both cum hard one of those calls that will leave me playing with myself all night long. I’m almost breathless, already thinking no call tonight will beat the one we just had. However it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been mistaken…

Littles, Enemas and Piss, Oh My!

enema phone sex

Okay so by now you know I am a dirty P-mommy and I will do anything to please my johns who want to play. I knew your dick and money needed a little something different when we met you. I had My slutkins lined up in cutsie panties and under-roos, Plus an extra with my tiny tot niece for you.  After they took turns disrobing and showing smooth hairless bodies and fat bald cunts I had both girls come and bend over so you could see those pink puckered ass holes. I grabbed two enema bags and filled them with my sweet tea concoction and handed my growing boy one. His peter was at attention. He loved being the bearer of the nasty torment of his sister. I let you watch him empty his sisters’ little bowels and the mess was worth having clean asses for you to lick and suck. Each girls ass became your snack and then you begged each to piss in your mouth. Of course, I wasn’t prepared for you to get up an hold me down so my son could give me an extra large sweet tea enema and have him eat my ass right after between you fucking my clean sweet ass. Looking forward to more nasty playtime with you.

Orgy Fantasies with 3 Nymphs

bald shaved pussyDenise invited me to a secret wives club. I’m not a wife, and I don’t want to be one anytime soon. I enjoy the perks of being the Salacious Nanny. I appreciate all the benefits and not having to commit to only one rich fellow. Denise is a golddigger turned trophy wife. She is always ready to get into some highly naughty but desired circumstances. Denise met Esmeralda at a chamber of commerce meeting. Both Esmeralda and Denise both hit it off and had more than cuck husbands in common.This secret wives club focused around wealthy men. These wealthy men enjoyed watching their wives and girlfriends get pleasured by all kinds of guys. As long as they were all packing downstairs. They were allowed inside. Figuratively and literally .All sorts of gangbangs and orgies occur. It’s top secret and a guilty pleasure among the guest. “No one comes just once.”

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One of my Sugar Daddies pays big to watch me with other men. I knew I could get him to pay the registration fee. Since a direct member invited me, there wasn’t much I had to do. Except of course look hot as fuck. That comes naturally. I have always had plenty of orgy fantasies, and this event peaked my interest. It also helped that my Sugar Daddy was going to payout a 6 fig check for the evening. Orgies make me horny, but money and gangbangs make my panties soaking wet.

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The wives come in all age ranges some are young some are botox babes and everything in between. These darling ladies all have the same craving That is huge cocks are that will put their husbands to shame. I have noticed the more prominent the bank account, the smaller the penis. Things went zero to one hundred real quick. The cucks would watch thru a two-way mirror smoking their cigars and enjoying tapas and their expensive liquor choices. They had first class seats watching us daisy chain and get stuffed by all the young cock and all types of monster dicks. Our pussies were quivering at the end of the night. We were all cum swapping and enjoying some party favors. Angel dust set in and some extasy was passed around as well. We were all energizer bunnies getting dicks that hit our g-spots. It was an excellent event. I wouldn’t mind being a wealthy housewife if it meant I could cuck my little dick rich husband.

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