Looking For My “P” Daddies

I love dressing up in little pink skirts and pigtails and reverting back to a young one. I love my nasty “P” daddies, I have a neighbor who is one. He loves some really good ageplay sex and my small stature makes it so easy to give in to his desire. I have my stuffies I play with and love to read to and then as I am being tucked in like a good little slutkin I love to be shown how to suck a mean cock and try to wrap my smalls hands around the thickness of it. I love the way it tastes like trying to lick and suck the tip of an ice cream cone. I love to be held while suckling on his balls and he loves my little white cotton panties with daddy’s girl written right along my ass and he does put his fingers down on my bald tight cunny and feels how wet. Like a good slut does I lie on my back and get ready to take that meat stick like a champ and he grabs onto my pigs tails for handles and fucks me raw.Little Girl Phone Sex

The Hottest Phone Sex

hottest phone sexThe hottest phone sex is with a hairy milf. Very few women nowadays have shag carpeting between their legs. My sons when they were younger joked that my pussy was like a soft pillow. I have shaved a few times in my life, but I get more dick with a hairy muff. It’s like my pussy is a novelty. Whatever brings me dick. My daughter has boys at school who ask her if the rumors are true about her mother. At first, she thought they were asking if the rumors were true that I was a whore. When a boy she was sweet on asked if I had a hairy pussy, she asked him if he wanted to find out for himself. She is like my wingman. She brings me teen boys from her school. It makes her popular with the high school boys. She brought home Trevor and I immediately knew who he was. She talks non stop about Trevor. I knew why she brought him home. If he fucked me, maybe he would like her more. I don’t steal boys from my daughter. I share them with her. Trevor wanted to see my hairy pussy. My daughter wanted to see his cock. We all got naked. The only way I was fucking Trevor was with my daughter. What teen boy isn’t down with fucking a hot teen slut and her mom? Hell, gown men are into that too. Trevor liked my hairy cunt, but it will never be as tight as my daughter’s bald slit. She is a little slut, but she has not birthed brats or fucked thousands of men. Give her time.  After hot group sex with Trevor and a few of his friends, she has decided she wants to be an adult film star. I taught her everything she knows. Trevor enjoyed me, but when his friends joined the party, my daughter was the center of attention. I am so proud of my teen whore.

Submissive P-Mommy For You

I love being a submissive phone sex P-mommy. I get to have my wild and crazy life and stay true to my subby ways while jacking my men off over the phone. My littles know just how to please mommy. Even my lil’ blonde bombshell knows that she can be forceful and tell mommy to eat her cunt anytime she wants. Just before bedtime, I was fucking the hot neighbor while his wife ran an errand. My Girl crawled in front of me and demanded I eat her sweet cunny and that she was gonna get his load in her pussy, not me. My boy came to me wearing my panties and he demanded mommy fuck his tight little asshole with my dildo while I was being fucked. Right before my handsome neighbor came he got to open up my princesses cunny and watch as I ate her sweet hole and cleaned up the cum he deposited. So here I am needed a cum load in my pussy and fingering myself thinking about how I could give you my brats and have you fill them with cum for me. submissive phone sex


The tables were turned

Orgy fantasies


I have never had an issue coming on top of every situation I put myself in. I usually go in and get the job done. It’s never really a miss for me, but it can’t always be rainbows and sunshine and butterflies. I have had my fair share of not too pleasant events. One of the vilest experiences that left me feeling like a worthless whore has to be hands down when I was a nanny for the Arthurs. I got the gig and quickly garnered the attention of the patriarch of the family.

I would get much more than my nanny duty payments. I was enjoying the benefits of being a live-in nanny who got to fuck her boss for extra cash. One day I was called up to be let go. The boys were too old for a nanny that was his explanation to me. I could care less about staying the nanny I just wanted that 10k I would get every month just for being the nanny fuck slut. I broke down in tears hoping he would change his mind. I panicked and told him I would destroy his life and let his wife know. He went out of the room and brought her along. I was put on the spot to tell her myself. It took me a couple of minutes to come out with it. I was filled with anger when she started to cackle.

She knew the whole time. She was okay with it. I felt humiliated but I knew I had plenty of footage that could ruin their family business. For one fucking the nanny won’t be a good look at the chambers of commerce or the polo club. Forget about the country club they would all have their memberships revoked. Especially with their views on specific world issues. When I was reaching to ruin them this way they laughed some more. The wife handed a chip over to the husband, and he let it be known that I was on fucking camera one of the youngins. If you don’t like the orange color strip down whore!. I had finally been one-upped. The Arthurs knew about my agenda from another close family friend who I had burned. They knew the moment they hired me and just wanted me to be the sex slave pet. I stripped down, and I was ordered to make their family orgy fantasies come true.

They made me fuck myself with a big black dildo. Then, I had to give him a rim job and a tongue bath. I had to pleasure his wife, and all three youngins screw me over too. After hours of torture, I was thrown out without pay and feeling like a real loser slut.

Phone Sex MILF Mother’s Day Suprise

phone sex milfThis phone sex milf had a wonderful Mother’s Day yesterday. My oldest son is in the military, so he couldn’t come home to celebrate with me, but he did Skype me first thing in the morning. I got to see him stroke his beautiful hard cock and he got to see me play with the hairy pussy he came from. That was not my Mother’s Day surprise, however. My daughter and my college son got me a stripper gram. They know their horny mother very well. This was a black stripper too. College boy himself working his way through school teasing horny housewives with his 11 inch cock. The look on my daughter’s face when she saw his huge rod said it all.  She wanted his big black dick as much as I did. He was unsure about fucking a Lolita girl, but I paid him extra money to make it worth the risk. I was her mother. I was giving him permission to fuck my high school daughter. I wanted to watch; so, did her brother. My daughter has had black cock before, but this was the biggest BBC her tight teen holes had seen. I fucked him too. He was my Mother’s Day present, but my daughter needed to take a ride on his black sugar fuck stick. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she rode his monster cock reverse cowgirl. In that position, her brother and I could see her pussy gapping open and squirting everywhere. Her brother started sucking her clit, and I sucked the hot stripper’s black balls while my daughter got her tight shaved pussy stuffed full of chocolate sauce. When I saw that hot cum oozing out her snatch, I buried my face between her legs to lap it up. It was a hot Mother’s Day. I got to Skype with my first born, share a BBC with my daughter and enjoy my youngest son too.

Kinky Phone sex

Kinky Phone sex



I love when a man get me warmed up before we actually have sex and I think kinky phone sex is the best. listening to him tell me about that nasty things him and his friends are going to do to me it gets me all excited and wet. I wanna here how you like  big tits and asses and hot phone sex between us make the best phone sex he tells me how him and his friend are going to get me down on my knees and and take turns gang banging my mouth and slapping there cocks all over my face and then he said they where going to turn me around and lift me up in the air while they all have they way with me and gang bang this pussy the right right and bust this ass hole open and nut all over me like the slut I am when I’m done now I’m so ready to go over there and ready for him and his friends to run right threw me just hearing this daddy phone sex 

slutty Echo

Mother’s Day Nanny

Phone sex whoreLittle girl phone sexOne of my sugar daddies wanted to spend the day with his favorite phone sex whore but before we could get together we needed to figure out what we were gonna do with his little brats while the two of us went off to have our fun. Of course I immediately thought of the sexiest nanny that I know, my hott & slutty girlfriend Nann. She’s really good with the young ones and let’s them do anything to her that they please! I was so happy that she was willing to come and help me and my Daddy out last minute on Mother’s Day but she had no issue doing it whatsoever. It gives her pleasure to be able to take care of innocent sluts, especially when she gets to corrupt the innocence! She’s a nanny and a teacher all wrapped into one and loves giving them lessons on how to suck & fuck big ole’ dick! My Daddy is well aware of her sexual antics with his tiny princesses and he didn’t mind one bit! Maybe when Daddy and I get home from our super sexy day out together, we can have them use his cock for practice and show off their skills that naughty Nann taught them all day long! We love having little girl phone sex with Daddy, hehe.

Kidnapping Mommy Fun

phone perverts paradise

I am the kinky P-Mommy that my phone perverts paradise men love! Why, Because I have stories like my mothers day weekend surprise. I was sucking my dealers dick for a gram of white stuff, wink wink. When Two big men chloroformed me and threw me in a car and I woke up in a dark room duck taped and lit by candles. Who did I see but my son with his dick hard in my face as he told me that he and lil’ sis had a big surprise for me. He then pointed to his sis and three of her tiny tyke friends. Lal in nothing but cute little panties  rubbing each other. Then all five brats came over to me and pissed all over this naked mommy telling me happy mothers day. I must admit the bondage and cute littles pissing on me made me so fucking horny. My hands stayed tied as wet panties were put in my face for me to slurp piss from pantie covered cunnys and my underwear clad boy. Within seconds they were all naked rubbing dicky and cunnys all over mommy. My legs we spread and I was treated to the best pussy eating ever. One after another all got mommy to cum and they slurped me so well. My son even gave me baby batter as he put it so mommy can pop out another playmate. Can not wait to see what they have planned for today.

Group sex

Group sex


Not everybody is experienced as me when it comes to sex but I definitely know what I’m doing and I really love to get kinky and Nasty. Not many girls can handle a really big dick but leave it to Echo with no problem. I get so kinky and freaky I can do 3 dicks at one time something about just one is not enough for me. I like to see how many can fit in my mouth at one time and how many I can please all at once. Let me go to work and I will get that dick hard and wet in no time and standing up ready to be swallowed up. When they are all ready I enjoy letting them release all over my face and lick it up tastefully.  Nobody sucks dick better than me and if you give me a chance I can prove it so you big daddy.

Sexy slut Echo




This is Assplay

Phone sex addiction

I need Charlie because Charlie loves to play with my ass and he can do it better than all the other guys. Charlie is a true to life ass loving motherfucker. He likes me to bend over and let him pulverize my ass with all kinds of objects. Tonight I am going to bring my own toys and let him play in my backyard until he uses all of his energy. I’ve got butterflies just thinking about what I am going to allow my sweet ass hammering lover do to me. At this very moment my hole is quivering, I mean right now and that also makes my cunt start thumping and wanting. When Charlie gets done with me there will be cum falling out of my satisfied asshole. 

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