Fisting To Porn

Porn For MastubationI love being a naughty teen slut and sometimes I have to pleasure myself. Some of my friends with benefits are out of town or what whatever. I have resorted to porn, I love it right now I am on a fisting kick. I laid back on my bed and got my ipad and put on my favorite video, I could feel my vag getting swollen and I am a newbie when it comes to this but what I have been doing feels so fucking amazing. I would love to have someone to talk to while i fist my bald tight pussy. I watch the girl and get plenty of lube and put my fingers together and start going in slow like hanging out by the hole and then I go deeper until I have half my hand. I need to switch positions and kind of be on my side, it hurts but feels so damn good. I can feel how wet I am to the point some of my juices are starting to go down my arm. I wish someone was here to lick this up. I go in more just a slip in and i start fucking my tight box with my whole hand I come all over even squirt and I keep going. I am getting my bed so fucking wet, I am like a water bottle right now. Wouldn’t you love to be here and help clean up??

Best Phone Sex Lines are Taboo

best phone sex linesThe best phone sex lines are no taboo. I wouldn’t be able to talk about incest if I worked for a vanilla company. Callers often inquire about when I first became an incest slut. That happened when I was a little girl with my daddy. I became a dirty mommy one night about 15 years ago. I had been out drinking and dancing at a club. My husband was out of town and my excursion out didn’t result in me getting fucked. I need to get fucked a few times a day to be happy. When I came home, my oldest son was still awake. I saw the light from under his door. I listened to his door to see if I could hear the TV or anything. I figured he fell asleep reading. I heard moaning and a sound I was all to familiar with from my daddy. My son was watching porn and jacking his cock. I tried to just peek in quickly, but he busted me. He was watching milf porn. The women getting drilled on screen were not coeds, but hairy milfs. He was embarrassed, but I assured him what he was doing was perfectly natural and normal. I encouraged him to stroke his cock for me. I even told him to jack off for mommy. He had a cock much bigger than I realized. He was enjoying stroking his dick for me as much as I was enjoying watching him. I put my mouth on his cock. Once I did that, there was no going back. I bobbed up and down his teen cock until he told me to take a ride on his hard cock. He buried his young dick in his mommy’s hairy pussy. After that we fucked like animals daily until he joined the military 5 years later. Once you fuck one of your sons, you fuck them all because a mommy can’t play favorites.  I have discovered that my callers love this phone sex mommy because it is not fantasy for me.

Stretch me

Phone sex hotlineCall the Phone sex hotline and talk to little Grace! Daddy tell me all the dirty little secrets you’ve done or want to do to me. You know I’m just a young little slut that loves being a good girl for daddy. I love daddy’s dick in my mouth in my little tight tucci. Just love your big dick in all my little fuck holes daddy. Imagine your big huge cock penetrating my tight little holes! I could already hear my holes pop wide open as you stretch my pussy hole out. That’s not the only hole I want you to stretch out daddy. I want you to penetrate your dick in my ass and stretch it wide open. I want to then get on my knees and for you to gag me with your huge cock! Fuck daddy I love your big fat cock with that fat mushroom head!

Boys are toys

Submissive phone sexWhere are all my panty sniffers at? I want you to watch me take a big thick dick while you’re over there stroking your little one with my sexy smelling g-string. I love laughing at your super teenie weenie, it honestly cracks me up how pathetic it really is. Your nasty fetish is my gain, I love making you squirm. Licking pussy and sucking dick both equally make me wet, especially when I deepthroat that cock straight out of my girlfriends fuck holes. When you see my slutty ass walking down the street, I know that you would do anything just to get a taste of my sweet and perfect pussy. Some may call me a tease but I love it when you watch me, gawking and staring at my sexy booty as it hangs out of my tiny shorts. I know how bad you want me, I do so many things that drive you crazy! You’re just my panty sniffing jerk off boy, aren’t you?! Sniff and lick all over my hott little garments while you jack-off your microscopic dick. You better pay up to taste this delicious cunt… I’m gonna have you licking my naughty slit clean! With a hott ass bitch like me, you always get the hardcore mind-blowing fuck that you want and deserve. Cum have some fun with me, my pussy is so warm and wet. I’m eagerly waiting to be your little dirty whore. I love playing with men… boys are toys and I love forcing them into submissive phone sex!

Testing temptations

  2 girl phone sex

I’m pretty much a genius when it comes to plans. I like to set up a bait and see what ends up happening. I have this drop-dead gorgeous friend who is always about that scheming lifestyle. Complete gold-digger turned trophy wife. Denise helps me out when I’m in a rut or when I’m testing out a situation. I had her come in to help out with a party they were having for the tots.  Mr. Miller couldn’t keep his eyes of d both of us. The thing with that is simple. Many can admire a view, but not many will go and explore it. This is where the beautiful Denise and Nann dynamic comes to play. I help her test the waters she helps me test mines out. Friendship goals to the max.
   My girl Denise was going to seduce the fuck out of him.  How things went down were pretty natural. We were setting up decorations when Mr.miller asked if we needed help. We accepted the help. Mr. Miller helped with the supply boxes because they were heavy, and we needed a hand. I disappeared and let Denise work her magic. 
I watched from a distance, and my girl is a total pro. Loved watching her rub against him. Mr. Miller took the bait because he was working with his hands up her skirt. Things escalated so quickly that even I was shooked. Things went from zero to sixty real quick. I was amazed but not so beyond shocked that Denise was able to make him finger fuck her within mere seconds.
Poor boss man he is probably wondering why Denise never called after that fingering session. It was all a simple test of temptations. I already knew the man was weak. I just loved making his sexual interest peak. The more he is teased, the more of a victim becomes Men are impulsive sexual creatures when there are women like Denise and I

Phone perverts Paradise













Good Old Fashioned Orgy

Orgy FantasiesI have a very tight hot little teen body that makes guys super hard. I have been having these fantasies about being in an orgy. I want to be the only female because I love to be the center of attention and don’t like to share cock with any bitch. I want to be used in the most morbid ways possible. I want at least 15 guys ready to fuck and abuse me, I want to see how many dicks you can fit in my mouth as it stretches open almost tearing my skin. I want to be fisted and have my ass gaping. I want someone or many men who want to be involved my in fantasy of being barebacked all night and pissed on. I want to have two cocks in my pussy riding them while your balls touch bouncing together. Grab me by the back of my hair and come all over my face while making me take even more jizz down my throat, I want to see an impression of cocks up against my throat.

Discreet Phone Sex with a Dirty MILF

discreet phone sexDiscreet phone sex is a concern for many men. I understand that. My husband prefers that I have discreet hook ups as not to embarrass him professionally. I can fuck anyone I want if I don’t embarrass him. When I met this hot young stud at a swank NYC martini bar, I had no clue he was the son of one of my husband’s biggest clients. I also had no clue he was not 21. Either his daddy’s money got him in the club or he had a great fake ID. He was confident and bold; he didn’t act like he wasn’t old enough to be in the place. When we locked eyes from across the bar, there were sparks. I knew he wanted to fuck a milf and he knew I wanted to fuck a younger guy. He bought me several drinks, but he didn’t need to liquor me up. I fuck my own sons. I had no problem fucking some random young stud in a bar. We had a dirty fuck in the alley. My dress went up and his cock went in my pussy as we fucked up against a brick wall like I was a cheap hooker, not a Manhattan socialite. I was shocked when I met him at a party weeks later at my husband’s client’s house. I was more shocked to discover that he was still in high school. Even if I knew that then, I still would have fucked him. My husband knew I fucked him the moment the boy introduced himself to me. It was either the smell of my aroused hairy pussy or the look on our faces. Maybe it was both. My husband told me to behave. I went into the boy’s room and fucked him against his bedroom wall while the party continued.  I am such a dirty phone sex MILF.

Hott girl next door

Discreet phone sexI’m way hotter than my neighbor’s wife, that’s why he invited me over to have some lunch while my man was at work. I expected her to be there to join us but much to my surprise she wasn’t! When he told me that she was gonna be gone for the rest of the day, I had an overwhelming sense of horny friskiness come over me. I felt a little shy and prude as he was boasting about how fucking sexy I am, soooo much hotter than the ugly wife that he has to sleep with every night! I didn’t want my man to find out about this secret little rendezvous that we were having but he promised to not say a word… mmmm I love discreet phone sex! His hard dick was aching to be inside of my tight little slit, I tried to resist at first but I couldn’t ignore my craving for his cock any longer. As he took control of my body, he penetrated me deep and gave me the most mind-blowing orgasms. He filled me up way more than my man ever could, my fuck holes were oozing out with his fresh cum. I gave him a kiss on the cheek and thanked him for the delicious lunch. 😉

Best NAsty Phone Sex

Best Phone Sex LInes

The best phone sex lines are the ones where you can call a nasty P-mommy like me. I am that high slut that gets off on giving my two brats the sexual attention they need. I love licking my sweet little ones cunny right after I snort a line. I love having my sexy little man Play in my pussy at the same time. I love to let the guys at the trailer park jack off onto both those sweet innocent faces while I am getting my ass pounded in exchange for a rock. I need to tell you all about our sex escapades. I am sitting her fingering my pussy thinking about you jacking off to my sweet ones or the nasty slutty things I get into.  I am that fuckslut that knows how to make you cum for her. My life is a nasty wild fuck party cum have some fun with me. My Bald pussy matches my brats and we can give you that ball draining fun time. Two cunts and a cocklett and three tight ass holes await you.

Fetish Phone Sex

Fetish Phone SexI have always had a way with men and getting them to do anything I want them to. I love degrading men and blackmailing, there is nothing that gets my pussy more wet than a stupid cuckold begging for me not to tell on them. I know this man that has this “P” fetish and I make him look at the little ones pictures, pictures he would not want his wife to know he is looking at. I usually build up slow with him and while he is looking at those pictures I make him touch that excuse he calls a dick. It’s a pin prick he is a loser and he knows it, I love teasing him and touching my pussy exposing it to him. While he is looking at those photos I start stroking him and making him super hard. I build him up and i can feel his balls about to explode and then I back off and tell him he is a sicko and should be ashamed and again his prick twitches. I am going to build him up so far this time, I rub my pussy and fuck it with my fingers making him watch. He can hear how wet I am, I am sucking on the head of his dick while he is stroking and I come all over my fingers and then shove them in his mouth while he is coming in my mouth. I get up and hold his head and he opens his mouth and I spit his jizz in his mouth and made him swallow.

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