I love our Dirty Games

Kinky phone sexI love it when we play our little games. Like the one where we time how many times I can make your dick explode in a matter of ten minutes. I do whatever and I mean whatever I can to make that big thick fat dick stand at attention. We measure how much of your sexy sperm flew out of your dick hole. I love to take cum shots and let your watch it slide right down my throat. you love it when I get real nasty with you. Begging you to let me be your cum slut and a dirty whore only for you. You know when I am about to get very naughty, you will hear it in my voice. Then you will say, “Oh there is my dirty girl coming out to play with her dirty dirty man. I cannot get enough of all the fun and dirty times we share and have together. I know for sure there will be so much more to come.

P- Mommy W/ Bald Shaved Pussy

If it’s bald shaved pussy for you, then you will enjoy how we play at my house. Three pink bald shaved pussies here and a couple of sweet young tinklers also at my house and we all play together. I love to keep my pussy nice and shaved like my two little ones. The young males in my house have soft pee-pees that are so smooth and hairless, just like their sister’s tight little twats are… smooth and hairless. I know you will enjoy sucking those young dicks and licking that bald sweet cuny and you know I love to suck and lick young sexes. Having sex with my offspring and their little friends is such a wonderful time and it gets my mommy pussy super wet. I know you can enjoy the finer things in life that aren’t quite politically correct and that’s when you call me to get off with all kinds of taboo fun.

Bald shaved pussy

Stuff My Fuck Holes

Anal Phone Sex

I cannot even get off without having both fuck holes savagely stuffed with juicy black cocks! I thought I hit the jackpot when I got new neighbors across the street! A yummy dark chocolate daddy and his hot light skin friend. I just couldn’t help myself, I needed those thick cocks inside of me immediately! I invited them over for some cake and soon enough, they had me completely naked and sliding up and down on their thick fucking cocks. My holes needed a good stretching. These big black horn dogs had my little body thrown about, they made me their personal fuck doll. They used my throat to force their juicy anaconda cocks down until I gagged and slobbered all over their cocks and balls. After all, sluts like me love hardcore double penetration! Nothing is better than getting spit roasted by a couple of hot negroes on a friday night! Not even my husband gets my pussy gushing this much!

You Need More

Discreet phone sex


I was hoping you came over to see me. I know it takes a lot for you to sneak away from your girl. You should know that I’m worth cheating with because I’ll give you precisely what you dreamed up all of your life. I want to get down on my knees, I want to suck your cock for you. Let me take your big beautiful cock out of those jeans I want to put my hand around your shaft then I want to wrap my lips on your head and suck down until I get to your balls. I love you baby, and you know it better than I can tell you I’m not the average slut you will meet. You are always bound to have an Immaculate time with me. I am so deeply into all that you do when you raise my legs up and put your cock into me makes me scream. Feel you everywhere, and I love the way you smell because I smell like you when you leave. Your girlfriend doesn’t know that I bought that cologne for you. I bet she thought you were crazy when you said that you got it from work. I don’t care what she thinks I want her to know how I like you to smell for me. Babe, you’ve got everything that I need, and you’re no joke you’re entirely everything. I get wet and hot whenever I think of you I know you make my pussy squirt. I am in love with you. I hope you are in love with me too. Come over right now let’s have hot sex I’ll suck your cock so sloppy you won’t be able to move I’ll swallow every bit of your cock juice.

Mutual masturbation with my uncle

Mutual masturbation

My family has family reunion trips. This year we went off to a beachfront resort with all our family. My uncle couldn’t believe how grown I got. I kept hearing all his compliments, and I knew he was pervy. I heard him comment on my tight bum and my pretty lips looking great with gloss. I didn’t think that was appropriate. What he said next was clear he was a pcock pervert. My uncle told me my lips look good with glaze, especially his jizz. He said it so fast that he thought I might not have caught it, but when he saw, I did, he tried to smooth it over. Instead, I sat on his lap and rubbed his cock from the outside of his pants. I was reassuring him I am a secret keeper, and within moments we had mutual masturbation, and he tasted my pretty pink kitty. No one caught us, but the fact that it could have happened was hot.

Get Naughty And Nasty With Me

The only thing that turns me on more than a man with a big fat thick cock, is a man who knows how to get nasty and aggressive with that big thick cock of his. If you had me alone in a room for a whole 24 hours. What would you really do to me? No limits and anything goes!!! I would love for you to show me your nasty side, baby the nastier you get the more you will make me and my naughty pussy want you. When you’re deep inside my naughty dripping pussy I want you to growl at me and tell me how good this pussy feels on your hard thick dick. Once my pussy juices are dripping down your hard throbbing shaft down to those cum filled balls, grab me by my hair and make me lick all of my juices up. Then give me some of your good warm lemonade, let it shoot deep inside my throat, forcing my juices down with it. I want my throat to be clean and ready for that big load you have coming my way. I’m ready when you are baby!

Bad girls get the belt

Hot phonesex

I had an arrangement with a client to pimp out this little blonde cutie next time her parents asked me to babysit her. She was totally untouched, a little virgin I had been saving for the right buyer to come along. She was a stubborn little brat and didn’t want to put out for my client though. She threw a royal tantrum and needed to be punished. I pulled her panties and skirt down and belted her little ass until her cheeks were bright red. Every time I smacked her, I asked her if she was ready to be my slut and cooperate. I beat her until she was in tears and promising to do whatever I told her to do. She sucked his cock and let him fuck her tight little pink pussy without so much as a defiant glance while I stood behind her, belt in hand and ready to punish her some more if she got sassy again.

May I Mistress

Mistress phone sexLook at him on his knees so fucking sexy all naked and buffed. Today he was such a good boy sucking at my pussy making me squirt all over his face several times. He started kissing my heels and then slipped them off giving all his attention to my feet. He bathed each foot with his tongue before sliding up my leg kissing me and softly tickling me. I giggle softly and gasped as made his way to my inner thigh. My legs slowly spread open and he could see I was not wearing any panties. But like the good boy, he is he did not touch my pussy without permission from me. He swapped between my thighs kissing me ever so softly. He was looking up straight at my pussy never taking his eyes off of it. His tongue almost to my pussy and I hear his words. “May I Mistress?” I smiled down on him and pushed the back of his head between my pussy lips.

Submissive P-mom Loves Group Sex

group sex

I fucking love getting myself into some kinky group sex. I took my fuck slut brats to see my brother and dad this last weekend. Upon seeing my Tranny slut son they knew they had to celebrate him with a cum festival. They called in masters and doms who would love to use my daughter, son in me in some kinky nasty cum showers. Whips and leashes, duct tape and rope were my weekend. Being bound and gagged as Men and women used my tranny son and my sweet blonde fuck slut bebe. I love coming from a family who makes sure my holes and my little holes and tummies are filled with cum.  Brought me back to the days of being a little girl whore! Whether I am tied to a chair or bound on a dirty mattress I will always know my place as a submissive whore P-mommy.  Don’t worry next weekend I will go back to making money on my brats holes!

Caught you stroking

Bald shaved pussyYou didn’t realize that I was gonna be home so early from shopping with my friends, and it’s evident! When I walked into my bedroom to find you jerking your cock into my laundry hamper full of dirty panties, I just knew that you didn’t expect me to barge in and catch you red handed! The look on your face was priceless! I always suspected something was going on while I wasn’t home, my panties have been mysteriously diappearing little by little and I noticed that they were way more filled with crusted bodily fluids than how I had originally left them in the hamper. You sure do have a whole bunch of cum that you seem to enjoy dumping into my sexy undergarments! No worries though, it turns me on just as much! Let me get out my camera phone and film you so that I can show all of my girlfriends and laugh at you with them! Once we’re done laughing you can shove your dick in my mouth and i’ll clean you up after you explode lots of loads all up in my already dirty panties.

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