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I live to be a cock tease! It is my soul purpose in life. To keep those aching, desperate cocks of yours throbbing in your trousers.

I pick every little slutty outfit very meticulously, knowing I can go out to do something as simple as take out the trash and get a man to cum in his pants.

You saw me walking my dog out on the boardwalk this afternoon. You stopped to compliment my insanely skintight,  booty shorts. I giggled as you suggested taking me out for drinks.

‘Only if you take me to the hottest spot and buy me a really sexy outfit beforehand’ I said.

You love knowing that I’ll be your hot piece of arm candy for the night. Knowing that you can parade me around as you’re the envy of every man in the club. All their cock’s rock hard as they rush to buy me drinks all night. Watching them all compete for what you brought.

You get so excited watching this primal display of testosterone driven horn dogs that you even suggest me doing something incredibly slutty with one over in the private VIP booth *giggles*.

Phone sex humiliation is what he got

phone sex humiliationMy latest sugar daddy has a really little dick but a big fat wallet so I make him call me for phone sex humiliation all the time. It’s one of the ways he pays me for my time. Of course I make him take me to fancy restaurants and we go shopping, he also pays for my hair and my nails too, he even pays for my dog to get groomed cus he is totally whipped. One thing he doesn’t get to do tho is fuck me. He has a tiny little dick why would I want to fuck that? I do tell him all about my sex life tho, sometimes I even send him pictures of my lovers and pics of us fucking just to make him insanely jealous. He cries and tells me how much he loves me and throws money at me in the hopes that I will stay faithful to him but we both know that will never happen. Besides I like things the way they are, I get to fuck anyone I want to fuck and I get to spend all his money while I’m at it. It’s a win win for me so why would I ever give that up for unsatisfying sex?

Mommy Phone Sex Humiliation

phone sex humiliation

This was my mommy phone sex humiliation moment of all time. The guy I had been seeing had three beautiful big titted daughters. I thought I had come over to show case my skills at getting them all to fuck daddy. Boy was I wrong. The house was dimly lit, and the door creaked open. Three magnificent teen girls stood naked and grinning. I thought my job would be easy. A tray of cocaine was handed to me as they undressed me and let me have a couple of lines.  I was feeling good my pussy wet as I finger slipped inside me. I was wondering where big daddy was when I was gagged with a red ball gag and thrown on the floor. Daddy appeared standing over us passing out three of the biggest strap-ons I had ever seen. He was laughing and making fun of my mommy whore submissive ways.  He is a kinky motherfucker who wanted me to submit to his teen girls. He gets off on humiliating milf phone sex whores with his petite darlings. He let me moan around my ball gag as I was jus a player in his rape fantasies. Every time I came he laughed and asked me if I was ready for a real dick. I would nod and one of the girls would force me to suck strap. At one point he directed his nymphos to piss on me one by one. They then took my gag out and rode my face with big fake balls from the dildos slapping my chin. I just wanted to fuck each of them and have them ride big daddy cock. But I was the submissive mommy in his sex game. He finally gave me his dick as he stacked each girl and fuck my ass hole. Just goes to show you p-men can be freaky just like me!

Phone Sex Granny Now

phone sex grannyI can now call myself a phone sex granny! My eldest son is now a father to a beautiful baby girl. I have been consumed with dirty thoughts. I think you are never too young for grooming. Girls raised on a healthy diet of cum grow up to be whores like me. Technically, I am just a slut because I fuck for free, expect for on the phone! I have been offered money to fuck, but I am a sex addict. I fuck for free. I am trying to convince my son to put some cum in his daughter’s bottle daily. She will still get nourishment from the formula, but a little extra protein never hurt anyone, right? Plus, it will help her grow into a cum slut. He can also, let her suck on the tip of his dick. It is better than a pacifier. Few sucks on a throbbing purple cock head, she is consoled, and my son gets release too. I know this phone sex whore can’t wait to lick her sweet bald slit. The younger the cunnie, the yummier the cunnie tastes. I am going to be a hands-on grandma. I will babysit often. I want to watch her grow. I want to help her become a family slut. Maybe you might want to help too?

Discrete Phone Sex Kinks

Discrete phone sex is the perfect opportunity to get off in a way you won’t be judged and we can discuss anything, and I do mean anything. I’m a nasty pervy milf and I love to expose dirty Sissy’s that want a young hot back door access to the sweetest jerk off time evah. You should not be embarrassed to express your desires with me, I am so fucking inappropriate that it’s a turn on my p friends. If we are able to click well in the start then this will be the hottest fucking session or hopefully sessions you will have. I never hold back how nasty a p mommy I can be and the idea of a little soul drainer suckling on my milky mommy breasts while I am getting my pervert holes fucked is down right fucking hot. You want to put your small dick in a hot hole that you can really feel and enjoy, then you certainly have that p-daddy  dicklet that is meant for small tight holes. My sons can be dressed up as sissies and be your p sissy fuck dolls. I raise my little brats to be open minded and very sexual.

What do you think of when you hear young bald pussy or that bald shave pussy? I wonder where that pervert mind goes to thinking about such a sweet treat, a forbidden fantasy maybe? I’m a perverted p mommy and totally understand.

Discrete phone sex

Emema Phone Sex SubSlut ANd A Sadistic Domme’

enema phone sex

I was out of options. My pussy had been exhausted. Mistresses men now wanted a clean sweet ass hole. She shoved a big metal tube in my ass and drained me asss and gave me a nice ass hole bath. This body cage barely left my room to breathe. I had chafed against the metal as I was fucked violently. My screams were nothing tp any of them. I for sure thought I would die tonight. My ultimate punishment for being a pain slut P-mommy. These men and women knew nothing of my secret life. All they knew was that I was a coked-out pain whore. I came of my own accord to be tested and used by the Masters and mistresses who would push me to my limits. Maybe part of me felt guilty, but more of me felt orgasm after orgasm as I was fed my sweet white lines and used as a torture slut. Mistress even dipped her strap-on into coke and fucked me as a reward for being a good submissive slut! I have so much new sexual kinks that my little will enjoy under the hands of their phonesex mommy when I get home! phonesex


The brats paid for mommy’s party

kinky phone sexI had to party last night, you know how it is when you just have that itch you gotta scratch no matter what right? Well I was broke as fuck and out of crystal so I did what any bitch in my position would do, I rented the brats out to make so party money. It was easy there’s lots of guys out there that wanna play with the little ones and they know better than to refuse me. If they did I would just hold them down and make them do it anyway and they know that. So they do it even tho they don’t wanna and I get to get high all night long it’s what I call a win win right? Anyways, there were tons of guys interested in fucking my brats so I’m gonna have another party tonight I wanna make as much money as I can so I can get lots and lots of dope. Wanna come join us? It will be fun!

Rough and Kinky Phone Sex

kinky phone sexI have a new sugar daddy in my life. He is my best friend’s dad. He used a fake name on this special arrangements site, so I didn’t know it was him. He knew it was me though. When I arrived at his hotel, I was shocked to see him. It was a good kind of shock because I always had a crush on him. He seemed impervious to my charms when I was a schoolgirl. I tried my best to get him to make a move, but he never did. Now, here he was waiting for his date with me. I was nervous. I had no clue what was going on. He could tell I was nervous. He gave me a shot of whiskey and told me now that I was legal age, there was no reason he couldn’t fuck me. He pulled out a big stack of $100 dollar bills and told me he couldn’t wait to be inside me.  I sucked his cock and it was as big as I had always imagined it would be. He started to skull fuck me. He got rough and I was struggling to breath. He nutted down my throat quickly. It was a ton of cum. I was glad he came quickly because he was throat fucking me aggressively. That was nothing compared to what he did to my ass. Turns out he thought I was a naughty cock tease who needed but in her place. He did that. I can barely walk today!

Phone sex humiliation

Phone sex humiliation“I’m scared to tell you what I want I just don’t know if I can say it.” He was whining on the phone with me, and I couldn’t help but let out a huge annoyed sigh reminding him “But you don’t have a choice so spit it out.” Eventually, he mumbled he was here for some Phone sex humiliation, causing me to snicker loudly. Like I didn’t actually already know why he was here! Why else would he pick me unless he was a submissive man, looking to be dominated and controlled by a queen? I just wanted to make him suffer by saying it! Asking, or rather begging to be humiliated? Now that’s degrading! I can already tell that this one is a cuck instead of a sissy, and it isn’t long before he’s telling me about how his cock is so small that he’s never made a woman cum in his life and how he is so embarrassed by that! I had all the dirt I needed to get fucked right in front of him laughing about how this man makes me cum and how he never could. Laughing in his face, making him be literally right next to me so he can feel how turned on I am and knowing he could never be the one to do that to me. Or any woman. He was so humiliated, I thought he might cry but instead, he came!

Traveling with Trailer Trash

No limits phone sex

Would you like to go with me somewhere where you never been before? Would you like to see something that shakes you to the Core? You can have my body my mind, and my soul all you have to do is travel with me on this road. I’m a vixen for sure I’m the kind of whore that you know you are always going to love. Let me give you a taste of my sweet pussy. I will share with you all of my sexy cunt. I took my friend with me on this ride down the road shes’ a sexy little vixen. She is a hot twisted motherfucking bitch, and she’s a nasty girl. I like her so much she’s my favorite cum-slut of them all. My sexy slutty girlfriend had been asking me to take her with me on the road where guys dump all of their big old cum loads right on our faces. I love creampie it’s my favorite pie, and any man can give me a nice hot creampie whenever that he wants. Call me a little nasty fucking nymphomaniac free I don’t care I don’t have any shame at all. My body was made to be fucked in all kinds of positions; I love my ass up in the air and my head down low. Slap me with your big old fat cock, crash your big dick deep inside of my asshole. I love every bit of it it can be the best time of my life if you’ve got a big old dick and a big dick friend too. And I can get that on the road when I’m a fucking cunt slut loving bitch. I can help you if you want to come with me and we can be little sluts and fucking whores we’ll have a good time I know we will. Call me sweet pussy Faye because I’ve got a sweet pussy for you now. You can eat this cowgirl out make me feel like Southern sunshine. Let me know when you’re ready to go wild I know this will be the best.

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