The Bald Shaved Pussy Crew

The bald shaved pussy crew is a bunch of perverts that totally love jerking off to my munchkins and this mommy cunt. I have a little crew of boys and girls and all are exceptionally trained in being cocksuckers fuck dolls for that pervert crew. I had a party on Monday and invited like 20 fucking old perverted men that were middle aged and loved tight bald holes as well as little soft tinklers to play with and they blasted many loads over my little sex doll clan. I’m always getting some of the young gals over to play with this crew also and I had five sweet peaches show up to join my 2 sweet peach offspring and the two tinkler brothers. I think the best part was the nine young naked bodies exposed and standing in a circle with the backs to each other facing the pervs as they jerked off was an exceptionally great time. Twenty big pervert cocks stroking to nine tight hairless bodies and showering all of them with creamy bukkake.

Bald shaved pussy

I love older men so much

kinky phone sexI love older men so much, wanna know why? Because they fuck longer,give me more foreplay and lets face it, they have way more money than young guys do. So when this sexy older guy hit on me at the mall yesterday I was flirting back like crazy. He clearly had money he even took me shopping and let me pick out whatever I wanted! When he asked me to go for a ride with him I was all in, I hopped into his car and got right to business sucking his dick before we even left the parking lot. He was loving it but he was swerving all over the road it was so funny. Once we got to his place he was all over me, tearing off my clothes and carrying me to the bed he was so eager to fuck my young pussy. It was super hot and his cock was huge so I was cumming practically as soon as he put that cock in me! Now he’s my sugar daddy I get to have great sex whenever I want and he gives me money and takes me shopping and everything it is so awesome! I should have got a man like this forever ago!

Pervert Mommy Gets What She Deserves

submissive phone sex

This hot phonesex pervert mommy did get what she deserved last night. And now sitting on my nightstand is a picture of Mommy Marrisa from down the street dominating me. I never knew crack hoes invested money in fuck machines. I thought I was going to get high with her and suck some dick and rub some cum on my big ole titties and ass. Boy was I wrong! Her fuck machine and plug-in wand were fucking me before the crack had a chance to bring me to that high in the sky place. Laid on her dirty bed with crack rocks everywhere she was telling, me how much my brats could bring in for her. I know what those teen and little asses are worth but I let her torture me because it felt so fucking good! I saw a couple of my dealers wink at me because they know I sell twat and ass on the side. and then come to tell my dirty perverts here discreetly what I do! The life of a P-mommy whore! 

Let My Hairy Pussy be Your Phone Sex Addiction

phone sex addictionLet my hairy pussy be your phone sex addiction. I am proud to have a hairy cunt when most girls are bald. I dare to be different. I think a woman my age should have some hair on her cunt. That is a hallmark of being a mature sexy woman. Every now and then I find a guy who refuses to go down on me with a hairy muff but expects me to deepthroat his jungle dick. Not having it. I love sucking cock and I am good at it too but if you won’t go down on me because I have a hairy puss, you aren’t getting head until you manscape. Trust me, it is your loss. I can suck dick better than a gang of porn stars combined. I don’t mind if one of your nappy hairs gets stuck in my teeth, so I expect the same in return. I love oral sex. Hair or no hair. But let’s be real here. If hair is a deal breaker for you, then you have issues because a mature cunt should have some hair. I love flashing my hairy cunt because guys do a double take. I have a nice beaver and it needs to be stuffed with cock, fingers and tongues!

Naughty family

Mutual masturbationMutual masturbation started early on with a cousin I had. My cousin was a little older, with much more experience than me. My cousin Riley was a twin, and she did everything with her twin. Riley and Richie would show each other’s private parts as youngins, and they would play with each other. I had always heard that rumor from my other siblings and cousins but didn’t experience an incest slumber party with them a little later on,

I was amazed they knew how to do it all. I became obsessed with being a dirty whore at such a young age. Before I knew it, I was showing my cunny off to all my family members and all the neighborhood boys. I was an impressionable youngster and became obsessed with pleasure.

Little girls take cock deep

Phone sex milfI am such a naughty little phone sex milf and I have a very dirty habit of selling my youngest little ones for a lucrative profit to feed my coke addiction. My tiny whores snort down lines of blow and get all types of fucked up & twisted, lol it’s funny to see and makes Mommy very very horny! They talk like they’re on speed and beg for cum in all of their slutty little holes, just like how Mommy taught them to do. I’m such a fucked up Mama to even be doing this but oh well, this is exactly what my little whores were born to do and become! They are my fertile breeding sluts and will always be treated as such!

Gaped and Ready

anal phone sex

I love getting my asshole stretched and ready to be used by S. He loves when I prep to be used by his enormous yummy cock. He is lucky to be the only white cock that my holes enjoy. I am his little fuck slut and subby whore. S wants my holes wet, gaped and ready for him whenever he sees me. I get my fuck hole ready for him by wearing a big thick plug all day every day. Sometimes he teases me throughout the day and calls to get me all hot and bothered while I am working. His hot voice instructing me to wiggle around in my chair to feel that thick anal plug twisting inside my juicy rosebud. Once work is all done, I can’t wait for S to get his hands all over me and rip of my clothes. His meaty white cock gets my pussy so fucking creamy and tingly. I love having him ram my rosebud asshole with his juicy cock, filling me up with his thick cream.

My Pussy Melts

Mistress phone sexMy pussy melts as I watch him licking on that cream filled dick. He came to me a few years ago untrained, undisciplined, and not sure where he fits into the BDSM world. I met online he was a newbie at one of the sites. He was not sure if he was a sissy or a sub. He knew he was not dominating in any form. And he wished to have a woman dominate him rather than a man but he still wanted to serve cock. I brought him over to my house and kept him there for two weeks not allowing him to leave. I spent almost every hour with him finding out exactly what he was and exactly what he needed and what was lacking in his sex life. He needs a dominant Mistress to bring him to his sissy knees. He desires to worship one pussy and one pussy only and with that when we are in our sessions he holds nothing back from me. I take complete control and no is not a word he knows with me. And he is not one I need to keep under my thumb all the time. Once I broke him down he became more loyal than a dog. I make him get all my men hard with his mouth and clean my men and me up when we are all done fucking.

Discreet Phone Sex with a Young Girl

discreet phone sexDiscreet phone sex, I know. I’m having an affair with with a friend’s daughter. She is a school girl. Way younger than my daughter. She is the daughter of a close friend who would kill me if she knew I was molesting her young girl. I love teaching young girls how to eat pussy. If a girl can eat pussy or suck cock, she can go far in life. I can’t give the girl anything but money, but a girl her age wants money to buy clothes, purses and electronics. Her mom thinks she is helping me with some household projects. The truth is I have employed the girl for the summer as my cunt licker. She spends 5 hours a day with me eating and fingering my hairy twat. It is a great life I have, isn’t it? I wanted to keep her all to myself, but a girl her age needs to learn more than just cunt licking. I have a stud lover who paid me a surprise visit yesterday. He was hoping to fuck. He won the lottery because he got to fuck me and a young girl. He gave her the first cock of her life. Popped her cherry right in front of me. I licked her pussy clean afterwards. Cherry pie tastes extra sweet. She likes being a dirty slut. I am happy to pay any young girl to me my summer sex slave.

SEX Mood


Hottest phone sex

I’m in the mood to do drugs and fuck like a fucking slut. There is just no reason for me to calm down and stop thinking about wretched destructive sex some random stranger. I’m always horny my mother knows that about me she knows I am a hot fucking cunt bitch. My mother also knows that I have a taste for her boyfriends, but today I don’t want one of her boyfriends I just want a random stranger to come and fuck me with his abusive crazy huge cock. I love fucking I love getting my pussy eaten, and I love sucking dick so much. I am a whore a fucking nasty uncontrollable piece of whore trash. Have you ever wanted a truly nasty girl? Have you ever thought about all the Despicable destructive, disturbing things that you can do with a woman who doesn’t give a fuck about taboos at all? It’s up to you let’s make this happen we could do whatever you want I won’t hold back if you don’t. Being with a nasty motherfucker like me you can do it, babe, you can do it really fucking crazy if you want to you don’t have to hold back you know I want you. I want to suck your cock have your cock in my mouth all night long going hard going strong I need your cock babe. You are the one if you like being nasty I don’t give a fuck about your name I just want a stranger to go deep inside of my hot wet cunt. Call me Juicy Fruit because my fruit is very juicy and it wants to be some nasty fucking terrible I can’t help myself at all. Help me now you can ease my pain; I just want to give you head. Let’s get busy. I know you want to.

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