Phone Sex Addiction to Anal Sex

phone sex addictonI love it when men tell me I am their phone sex addiction. Every guy I fuck becomes addicted to me too. It is not my looks. It is not my body. It is not my hairy muff. It is my willingness to try anything, do anything. I am a freak in the sheets. I love doing the things wives and girlfriends won’t do. Yesterday, I was taking a walk in Central Park. It was cold and snowy, but there were still plenty of people in the park. I knew even bundled up, I could attract someone, and I did. He was older than me, but sexy as fuck. By the way he was dressed, I knew he had a good job and money. We talked for a little bit, then shortly after we were at my place ass fucking. I asked him what he wanted to do. I encouraged him to tell me something he has never been able to do with his wife. He acted surprised that I knew he was married. I assume any man willing to fuck a woman on a random encounter is married or has a significant other. They are the sex starved ones that leap at the chance to fuck a sexy phone sex milf. He told me his wife will never let him fuck her ass, even with lube and even if he is gentle. I told him I love anal sex. Next thing you know, I am bent over my couch with a hot 60-year-old married man’s cock up my ass. He felt amazing in my pretty asshole. He wasn’t extremely big, but he wasn’t small either. I could tell my ass felt like heaven to him. He rubbed my clit, so I could cum with him. We had some coffee afterwards and talked about when we could get together again. He tried to pay me. I told him to look around my place because I was not hard up for money. I am only ever hard up for a good ass fucking.

Let Me Take Care Of You

Hot Phonesex

You come home from work to find me by the door with your favorite drink.  I put it down momentarily to help you out of your coat, hat, gloves and shoes.  I give you a sweet kiss, then hand you the drink.  You follow me into the living room where I light the fireplace, then hand you the remote so you can just relax while I make dinner.  We sit down to a nice meal and you tell me all about your day.  I listen intently as you speak to me.

After dinner I run you a bath so that you can soak while I clean up the dishes.  Afterward I wait for you in our bedroom.  You emerge from the bathroom still warm and slightly wet from your bath.  You lay down on the bed, and I proceed to give you a massage.  I start to kiss down your back and you tell me to lay next to you.  You pull me too you so that you can kiss me.  Your hand goes between my legs, wiggling your fingers into my panties as my hand goes to your cock.

You bring your hand to my lips so that I can taste myself on you.  You tell me to get undressed, you prop yourself up on your elbow to watch me.  I climb back onto the bed, positioning myself so that I have easy access to your cock.  I slip you into my mouth to tease, and suck on your swelling head.  I look up at you to see you looking down at me, watching, you smile.  You motion for me to make my way up your body.  I kiss my way up to your mouth.  You roll me over onto my back, my legs spread as you get onto your knees to push my legs back.  I am pretty sure you all know what happens next.

Breeding babysitter

Hottest phone sex

I had the cutest little one to babysit this week. She was still young, but the perfect age for breeding. My clients just love breeding a tiny pussy for the first time. I had her lay down on the bed and I slowly slid her panties down and exposed her pink bald pussy for him. She wasn’t afraid at all. I could tell she would be a perfect little cock whore. He slid his cock into her and popper her little cherry while I held her legs in the air. He pumped in and out of her tiny tight little cunnie as she squealed and moaned underneath him. I rubbed her little pink clit and she started moaning and panting and had her very first orgasm. I urged him on and commanded him to breed her little virgin pussy and knock her up. With a grunt he squirted his load of cum into her and filled her little twat up. Her cream filled pussy looked so yummy when he was done, I just had to have a taste and gave it a quick lick. I just love licking teeny little pussies!

Small Dick Faggot Loser

Best phone sex linesMy Small Dick Faggot loser loves calling me up and telling me what a fat & slutty whore I am while I tell him to hurry up and masturbate his tiny penis harder and faster. Small Dick Faggot Loser loves big tits and asses, that’s why his coked out cock is so fucking horny for me all the damn time. His cum-filled testicles are pulsating and dying to erupt for me and quite frankly it’s fucking hilarious! The best part is when his tiny penis shaft attempts to explode a big load of cum but his little boner is way too pathetic and only squirts out a droplet of semen. I tell him to rub his sperm all over his sad excuse of manhood while he hurries and jerks himself even more quickly than before! Mind you, the entire time Small Dick Faggot Loser is attempting to orgasm, i’m on all fours with my face down and ass up high in the air taking nigger dick deep inside of my skanky cunt! I’m a mean bitch and I have no problem telling Small Dick Fagot Loser that he will never be worthy of this chubby twat of mine, and he knows it!

Good Clean Fun!

Kinky phone sex

I love taking hot soapy baths. My nice round tits look so sexy covered in soapy suds! The best thing about my bathroom is that my bathtub is seated right next to my huge picture window! That’s right, a perfect view for all the neighborhood boys! I get so hot and turned on knowing that they eagerly anticipate the moment that I step into my bathroom! Sometimes the teen boys in the neighborhood gather around in my neighbor’s backyard to catch a glimpse of me undressing. I make sure to put a good clean show for them while they stroke their cocks. I love soaping up my big perky ass and bend over for them! I sometimes bring my toys in with me and have them suctioned to the window, so I can fuck myself for them! Today, I decided to give them an even steamier performance and I suctioned two huge dildos onto the window! I made sure to double fuck my pussy and ass extra hard for those boys!

Bird box challenge with my youngsters

Bald shaved pussySo I recently watched that crazy ass movie Bird Box and got inspired to partake in the highly talked-about Bird Box challenge. It’s kinda dumb but you’re supposed to be blindfolded while you do certain things and see how well you can do them without any sight. I thought what better way to have some fun with this challenge than with my horny little youngsters. I invited over one of my nigger fuck buddies because I was totally in the mood for his python cock in my pregnant bald shaved pussy! I have had a serious case of jungle fever & an insatiable appetite for big black dick.  I wrapped a blindfold around his eyes and lined up my little ones in a single file line. Mommy went over to each and every one of them and had them spread their ass & pussy cheeks open wide so that my BBC fuck buddy could lick on each of their clits to determine how young they are in age. I fluffed up their assholes with my saliva and let him insert his fingers inside of them so that he could feel around to get a better determination. His chocolate cock was fucking throbbing as my young ones giggled while his tongue tickles their tiny genitals. Just when he thought he had them all figured out, I brought my little boy in to the lineup so that he could feel on his beautiful penis shaft. He has such a big boy pee pee and my nigger boy toy loved jerking it into his mouth. My sweet boy’s cummies were splooged all over and Mommy was so turned on by it all!

Kinky Daddy

little gir phone sexLittle girl phone sex is always so much fun for guys with big p-cocks. I think a Daddy daughter relationship is like no other. I often spend winter break at my Dads neck of the woods. Coming from divorcee parents its hard to balance time with my dad especially since he moved to the middle of nowhere. I spent the holidays home in Colorado then I ended up in Montana of all places. I met my Dads new girlfriend she was prim and proper and completely vanilla. I knew My dad had freak tendencies. I found that out when may parents were together. I not only found a slew of hardcore porn but I also would constantly hear my mom chew him out about his kinks.

I always wondered what it was that made my pops such a freak in my moms eyes. I got to find out this winter. My dad and I were home alone watching a movie. I made a comment about how I was peeing like a horse. I didn’t think much of it and went off to go pee again. I felt my Daddy follow me. I went about my buisness and started to pee. Before I new it my sick pops was on his knees trying to lick my pissy pussy. It felt so good that I didn’t rationalize what was happening. I was climaxing and filling my Daddy mouth with my golden fluids.

Coked out whores

Hot PhonesexMy younger sister and her equally slutty friend have been begging to party with me and have hot phonesex all night long. They wanna get fucked up and be used like the naughty little cum dump rag dolls that they are. I called up my dealer and told him to come over to my house because I had two very special little cunts that need to be turned out! Thankfully my dealer always hooks it up and pretty much brought over a fuckin kilo for us to chow down on, hehe. He was so happy to see his special surprise, a couple of young skanks that looked like total fresh meat for him to dig his teeth into. We racked up a bunch of lines of blow for all of us to enjoy and boy did we ever! It was so fun and funny to watch my sister and her friend get coked up out of their minds! Those little bitches became so fuckin horny, they couldn’t keep their hands off of one another and neither could I! They were literally begging for more coke so I lined it up on my dealer’s dick and had them snort it off! I pushed their heads back down on to his shaft and told them to give him a sloppy wet tongue bath. They cleaned him up of all the coke crumbs that were lingering on his horny penis. I was laughing while they choked on his coke-covered cock and tears streamed down their eyes. Those little skanks better be careful what they wish for, partying with me is no joke! 😉

By Candlelight

Hottest phone sex

The date went wonderfully.  It was a blind date, and to be honest I really wanted to cancel, but I am so glad that I didn’t.  I was the first one at the restaurant.  I wanted to be able to see you before you saw me.  I sat facing the door.  When you walked in, I was very much impressed.  You looked so very handsome.  However, just having looks does not mean you have a brain.  I didn’t want eye candy, I wanted someone that I could possibly form a relationship with.  As the Hostess lead you to the table you began to smile, the closer you came to the table the bigger your smile became.

The dinner was magnificent. You were funny, kind, sweet, but there was a hint of mischief in your eyes.  After we had our meal, you asked me if I would like to go on a walk.  I told you I would love too.  We walked in the cool night air, stopped for a coffee, then you walked me back to my car.  You gave me a kiss on the cheek and asked if you could call me for another date.  I told you yes.  When I got home my phone was ringing.  It was you.  You said you couldn’t stop thinking about me.

I admitted that I couldn’t stop thinking about you either.  I am not sure if it was the wine, or the coffee or just the fact that I was horny, I invited you over to spend the night.  You didn’t speak for a few minutes, and I thought I had ruined it.  You then said you would be right over.  We hung up, then five minutes later you were calling again, I forgot to give you my address.  I laughed and gave it to you, then got ready.  I lit the candles and put on some of my expensive lingerie. 

I heard you ring the doorbell.  I told you to come in, I was standing in my living room with the candlelight sending it’s flickering light cascading over my body.  You stopped dead in your tracks, smiled, then came to me.  We kissed, then moved on to having the most incredible fuck session.  You were passionate, attentive, and your cock felt so good.  When we woke up in the morning, we fucked again, then you had to leave for work, and I too had to get ready for a meeting.  You texted me later on asking if I would like to meet for drinks tonight, my answer was Yes.

I Deserve Your Submissive P-whore Phone Sex Humiliation

phone sex humiliation

Porn won’t let you give me the phone sex humiliation I deserve. Its what I can’t show you in my bound pictures that you want. It’s my tranny son getting fucked in the ass because this dumb mommy got herself in a bind. Wink, a real bondage bind. All he wanted was my son’s creamy smooth ass under him. I am wet as I try to struggle free. You tell me what a fucking disgusting mommy whore I am for letting that man fuck my beautiful brat son. It turns me on, I can’t help it. You love telling me what a toilet whore I am because I let my sweet Girl piss in her panties for you and then drink her piss right from the crotch of those little girl panties.  Maybe I like crawling on the floor helpless begging you to fuck me instead of my sweet offspring. I know that won’t stop any pervert who wants tight ass and cunny. But the way you make me them down to avoid any punishment I may get makes me cum down my thighs. Its what you can do to me here and the forbidden things we talk about that brings you back to this submissive P-mommy whore. I am the phone sex milf that never stops wanting you to degrade me. I want my sweet youngins on your lap bouncing on your cock. Gaping those holes as you tell me how fucked up it is that I cum for you. I was always a whore and having littles’ makes it all the more enticing for you to cum and fuck my holes. You can be my grown son and make me your number one whore. All you ask is for those two sweet mouths to get you hard each time. I will never tell you no.

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