Play Date

Daddy phone sexI’m so excited that you are coming over to play with me. I will keep my promise that nobody will ever know. I don’t want anyone to get mad at you for playing with your favorite girl. I’m wearing the cute pretty pink panties you got me and I look like a princess in my new dress. I can’t wait for all the fun we are going to have. My little cunnie is already wet thinking about you undressing me and touching me all over. I love when you bounce me up and down on top of that big dick  until you cum in me. You always make me feel so tingly when you do I wish we could play all the time.

Tiny Dinky Cuckold Dick

Hottest phone sex


He is a naughty fucking boy, and I’m going to teach him a lesson. And my husband is a fucking twat with a small beanie weenie cock that I get so fucking tired of. I told this 4-inch cock bastard to not annoy me so much about sex when he cannot satisfy me. He still wants to ask me for sex, so I’ve got a treat for him. If you wish to have a little sex darling, you’re going to get some sex all right. I am going to make my husband watch me fuck up big dick black guy. Yeah, I know this guy named Warren from the hood, and he has a big fucking dick at least 10 in and so satisfying. I’m going to make my husband suffer because he’s going to have to watch me fuck Warren ride warns cock and suck Warren’s cock like a pornstar. I hate when my husband asks me for sex because he cannot satisfy me but now I’m going to make him watch me get happy, so he knows what it looks like. My fucking pipsqueak of a husband has no cock it all he has a little bitty bird dick, and it’s stupid to try and stick it in my wet cunt. That little bitty Peter always slips out of my pussy, and that pisses me off. Fuck my tiny dick husband, he’s going to witness me get railed by a big dick in my asshole. I’ll punish my mother fucking husband because I deserve a real man. If my husband didn’t pay so much money to keep me happy, I would leave him. My stupid little dick husband cannot satisfy me I laugh whenever he takes that little thing out. I asked him what are you going to do with that little thing you can’t even tease anybody with it. He looks so sad whenever I degrade him and humiliate him. I don’t care how sorry he looks though he deserves rejection he deserves to be treated like a fucking small dick whore. But Warren, on the other hand, he’s impressive his cock is so fucking enormous and satisfying that I can’t get enough of him. My husband could never do what Warren does because his little bitty pipsqueak beanie weenie has no girth or worth. I need more, and tonight Warren is going to give me more right in front of my husband I might even make him slap my husband with his big fat cock right in his fucking pipsqueak face. Do you think I’m too mean because I think I’m not tough enough and I’m sure I can get much meaner?

Daddy’s Girl

Daddy phone sexDaddy you look so excited to see me. Don’t try to hide it from me you can trust me I won’t ever let you down. So come over here and lay down on my bed it’s time to relax. Let me help you remove the pesky pants they will only get in my way. I know you love watching me twirl in my pretty dress, but you get such a large boner when my clothes are off. So off with the dress. Wow, I still get surprised sometimes by how big and hard you get when you see me naked. Time for me to lay down next to you, I still giggle sometimes when I stroke your big hard dick in my hand. My hand is so tiny in comparison, and holding it makes my cunnie tingle. I don’t want to rush things Daddy but I really want to feel you inside of me.  Let me climb on top of you, let me ride you. Pretty please.

I orgasm while she sucks my clit

Kinky Phone SexMy little one latches onto my clit with her wet mouth while we have kinky phone sex. It’s so cute because she thinks that it’s my nipple that she is sucking on. Her lips are like a little fish just smacking up and down all over Mommy’s tasty preggo pussy. She doesn’t notice the difference and that it’s not my boobies in her mouth because there is so much milky cream oozing out of my cunt. Sweet little baby girl thinks that it’s Mommy’s delicious lactating juice when really it’s tons of loads of sloppy second cum. I’ve been fucking all day long and now her face is dug deep up in it. I tasted some of it for myself too and there’s hardly a difference between my titty milk and the sticky jizz streaming down between my thighs. Mommy can’t help it, I have to squirt all over her face while she’s slobbering all over my clit. It’s only right! She looks so good when she’s dripping in all of my bodily fluids.

Mean whores

Group sex

My boss had wanted to pay me to give him a performance. He loves sexy bitches and likes watching group sex with hot whores. I agreed that I would fulfill his fantasies if he came through with the amount that I deserved. I had hot friends stop by wearing cute outfits, and we all were there to make him be our little subby slave. We were all taking full advantage of him. He was paying us all to degrade him. My friend Denise and Hailey made sure to make fun of his small cock, and how he couldn’t pay us enough to jerk his cocktail, Weiner much less putting it in our mouths or any of our holes.

The meaner we were, the more money he gave us. Especially me I was able to make him cry practically. It’s a sick fetish, but I genuinely appreciate a short dick fucker who knows his place. I enjoy spending loser money. It’s his fantasy to have sexy whores be mean and degrading.


2 girl phone sex

Orgy Party Bus


Orgy fantasies


If you are like me, you get a great deal out of sex. I have done a shit load of nasty things, but this weekend my girlfriends let me know we were going to be getting fucked all through the city. I admit I have been on edge ever since these super sluts started talking about the upcoming weekend. Most guys say I’m a hot fun blonde slut, and they love my big innocent looking eyes too. I have been pestering my whorish slut-twat girlfriends begging them to tell me more about what we would be doing. I broke Chelsey down, and she spilled all the naughty hot sexy tea. I’m a whore who loves getting fuck, so when I found out we were going to be getting it on in a five-star party bus, I was elated. I couldn’t wait to fuck all the cocks on the bus my excitement was extream. Chelsey showed me pictures of the guys and the party bus, I was overly impressed. Oh my goodness, the party bus was equipped with a full bathroom including a shower. I felt dirty just looking at the pictures I imagined myself being railed in my pouty little asshole. My fucking cunt started to thump when I saw the guys pictures. I am such a trashy slut, and I can’t wait for this coming weekend. I need this so bad; I need to be multiple men fucked.

P-Mommy Phone Sex Whore



phone sex whore

Loving being your P-Mommy phone sex whore. I love being able to have my brats sexual adventures get you off. My Girl Is so sweet and pretty, and she takes cock like a fucking dirty slut. She is that tender age where her cunt can be abused and used for hours and she still wants more. I know she loves having her cunt ate by mommy after a long summer day of being stuffed full of hot creamy cum. Hell this last weekend we had our very own sex room installed so we can have even more clients for her cunny and ass hole. And don’t forget about my growing sissy boy. His P-cock is mommy’s addiction. I love being the meat in my P-sex sandwiches with them both. My strap fucking her twat and his cock in my ass. There’s nothing I love more than putting on a show for my P-daddies and getting paid to sell my offsprings asses to the highest bidder. A little coke and I’ll be your hot phonesex whore all night baby.

Country Boy is My New Phone Sex Addiction

phone sex addictionI think I just found my phone sex addiction. Being a mature woman, I rarely get calls from men close to my age. So, when I got a call from Country Boy I was excited to play with a peer. Honestly, I have always preferred men closer to my age because they know how to please a woman. Younger guys may have stamina, but what good is stamina if they have no skills yet? I had heard the rumors of his massive cock and excellent oral skills, but quite honestly, I thought a man my age who loves to eat pussy and ass and can fuck was too good to be true. I just had to take a ride to the country and find out for myself. If anything, those hot teen sluts undervalued his skills. The moment I saw him, it was animalistic attraction. I disrobed showing off my sexy mature body and my hairy playground. I bent over to show off my hairy pink asshole and my taint too. When his tongue hit my meaty pussy lips, I quivered. It was nice to be with a man and not a boy. My pussy and ass have never been eaten so well. I covered his face in my mature cunt juices. I guess you could say I marked him. I have a strong scent and it will linger. His cock was ample and thick, so as I was riding my Country Boy’s face, I showed off my big dick sucking skills. He throbbed in my mouth, which only made me cum harder on his face. Before long, I was like a dog in heat begging to be mounted by a real man. As his cock slid inside me, I moaned louder than I ever have before. That should be telling, because I have a high mileage pussy. I was so sloppy wet from his amazing cock that it was easy to slip into my ass too. Sometimes when you hear rumors about a man, you think they are too good to be true. But that it is not the case with Country Boy. The rumors don’t do him justice! This city girl will take a ride to the country any day now! OMG!

July fourth fun

bald shaved pussyThis naughty nanny scored some brownie points that for sure. One of the couples that I nanny for had help out with the tots for the July 4th get together. I knew what I wanted I was focused on that raise and I knew a blowy out in the backyard would have my boss willing to shell out. I put the ankle biters to sleep a little benadryl cocktail and they were knocked out cold. It was barely 7pm but everyone was buzzed. I got my boss to shy away from his party guest and brought him way out back where no onlookers could see I got him to drop his pants I wanted to show him what my mouth could do. I got to playing with my bald shaved pussy and rubbing it and by the sight of me being naughty his cock was twitching hard. I got him to cum and I swallowed like a good slut and even showed him. I didn’t have to wait for that raise I got it instantly.

Masturbating while breastfeeding

Mutual masturbationIt makes me so fuckin horny to have a mutual masturbation session with a filthy pervert over the phone while I nurse my sweet angels. To be honest, I am most turned on while breastfeeding. I can’t help but play with my wet ass mommy pussy and tickle my g-spot so that I can squirt out lots of preggo cum! The feeling of their little mouths wrapped around my lactating nipples is unexplainable! It’s amazing that I am giving them lots and lots of nutrition by feeding them with my huge pregnant jugs. I have to make sure that they’re nice and healthy and strong, my youngsters deserve only the best! My little boy loves to ejaculate all over my bulging swollen belly while I have two of my rugrats each latched onto a boobie. My little ones are so eager to learn new sexual skills, I love seeing their motivation to be the best cocksuckers that they could possibly be! Mommy knows best and in my opinion you can never start them too young!

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