Cocksucking contest

Phone sex whoreI love being known as a dirty phone sex whore and so does my best friend! The two of us together are an unstoppable sexual force to be reckoned with. We are very competitive with one another and that makes for a whole lot of fun as you can imagine! We decided to see who could gag on a cock deeper, she said that she would win but I knew that I would for sure out-suck her! We each put on a different color lipstick so that we could mark our territory while we deepthroated. I strapped my big dick onto my sexy waist and shoved her down to her knees while she opened her mouth wide for me. She looked so fucking sexy while I gripped onto her hair and pushed her nose-deep onto my shaft. It felt so good to fuck her throat! She was slobbering all over me and was able to suck me pretty deep but now it was my turn! We switched places and I slipped that dick into my slutty mouth like it was nothing. I went deeper than her by at least two inches and yes I am super fucking proud! It’s finally been put to rest who the better cocksucker really is!

Picking Up The Czech

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A couple of friends and I were at dinner the other night when I noticed a very nicely dressed man sitting alone a few tables over from us.  His clothing were impeccable, his grooming was on point, and he was extremely handsome.  Our main course came and I turned my attention back to my friends.  It wasn’t until after dessert that I glanced back over to where he had been sitting.  He kept looking at the door and checking his phone.  The look on his face was one of pure disappointment.  I instantly knew this man had been stood up.  My one friend asked me what I was looking at so intently, I pointed to the man sitting alone.

She looked at me and smiled, she said, “Why don’t you go over there and cheer him up a bit.  I know you would love too, he looks just like your type.” Then she laughed.  My friends think it is funny that I gravitate to older men.  All joking aside, I grabbed my purse, coat and glass of wine and made my way over to him.  I startled him a bit but I asked him if I could sit down.  He said that someone was supposed be joining him but he didn’t think they would show up and that I could.  I asked him if it was a date, he said yes, a blind date.  I told him that I was sorry that she didn’t show.  He looked at me and said, “I’m not.”  He had the most wonderful accent, he was Czech, and I was enthralled.

Him and I sat and chatted for a long time.  He ate while I drank wine and chatted.  He did offer to buy me food but I explained to him that I had already eaten and wasn’t the least bit hungry, at least not for food.  He just grinned at me.  I asked him how old he was and he said he was fifty. Perfect.  We stayed a little longer but then I really had to get going.  He offered me a ride home, I explained to him that I already had one and I motioned toward the table my friends were sitting at only to discover that those bitches left me.

I accepted the ride.  He said he had to stop at his place first to let his pet out and it would only be a moment.  I sat in the car and waited, then I decided that I would just go into his house.  He was just closing his back door to let his pet back in when he saw me.  His pet came over to me, wagging his tail in greeting.  He told him to go and lay down.  One thing lead to another and before long we were on his sofa naked.   That man knew exactly what to do.

He worked my pussy like a master.  His tongue movements had me cumming in no time at all.  The way he caressed me, kissed me, sunk his lovely cock into me was just heaven.  I came three times all in all, he came twice, once on my face, which I didn’t mind at all.  He took me home in the morning after we had one more quicky on his kitchen counter.  We will be spending more time together tonight, and I have to say that I am so glad that that dumb bitch stood him up.  She doesn’t know what she is missing.

Hottest Phone Sex MILF

hottest phone sexThe hottest phone sex starts here. I am the naughty milf of your wet dreams when you were younger. I was out of town over the weekend visiting my step-sister. She is younger than me. We weren’t raised together, but we have always been close. When I was in college and she was in high school still, we played doctor. School girl curiosity. I made sure to take advantage of her curiosity. She has two sons now, twins, who are in high school. So, when she invited me to visit, I hopped on the plane with the hopes I could seduce my step nephews. The way they waited on me hand and foot when I arrived, told me I would have no problem. I wasn’t sure how my stepsister would handle me fucking her teen boys. It was one thing to play doctor with me when she was younger, quite a different thing to get tag teamed by her sons. When she fell asleep the first night of my trip, I snuck into their room. They were expecting me. They were on the edge of their beds stroking their cocks with a furry. I didn’t know where to begin. I tossed a coin. I hopped on the cock of Zach first. Trevor couldn’t wait, so he slipped his dick in my ass. I was trying to be quiet as not to wake my stepsister. I didn’t wake her. I did, however, wake up her husband. He busted me. I thought I was in deep trouble. I mean he caught me with both of his sons in me at once. He said he could keep a secret if he could join. I sucked his cock while his sons fucked me. We played musical holes, so each one of them could fuck every one of my holes. My stepsister never found out. Her husband and her two sons have been sending me naked selfies ever since I left. I told my husband we were going to visit them for Thanksgiving. I need more three hole action.

Older Men Get Me Hot

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I have always had a thing for older men.  My Mom thinks it is because of my Aunt Kennedy, or as we call her: Aunt Kenni. I love my Aunt.  She used to watch me all the time when I was younger and now I go over to her house at least once a week just to hang out, drink wine, and gossip.  I was a flower girl at her wedding, her second wedding, and her third.  Her forth I was a bride’s maid.  I was too old to be a flower girl by that time.

The first time she was married she was twenty-one.  He was in his forties.  He wasn’t like super rich or anything like that, my Aunt really loved him, so she married him.  He treated her so well, he did every thing for her that she wanted.  She worked and he supported her in what she was doing.  When she decided to go to college he helped her with her classes.  He was a super nice guy.  After she was done with college he became seriously ill and that all ended, sadly.

Every time she has married it is always with someone older.  This last time I noticed the groom’s Brother looking at me off and on.  Yes he was way older than me but he was so handsome.  We slow danced together and the way he lead, the way he smelled, his deep voice.  I was in lust.  I told him too.  He said that he was married, I told him that I didn’t really care.  He introduced me to his wife, she was lovely, so friendly, little did she know that I was working out a way to fuck her husband.

A week after the wedding I went to his office.  He looked happy to see me, so did his cock.  He asked me if I wanted to go to lunch.  His assistant asked him if his wife was aware that he was taking me to lunch.  He called his wife in front of his assistant and told her that he was taking his Brother’s new Step-Niece to lunch and then would bring me home for dinner so I could get to know my new Uncle’s side of the family.  His wife was elated and told him to have a good time.  With his assistant satisfied we left.

We never made it to lunch.  As soon as we got into his car I told him that I was there to fuck him, not eat a Hamburger. He kept saying no, but I wore him down.  We went back to my apartment, I kissed him deeply while rubbing his cock through his pants.  He was unsure, I think he was feeling guilty, but by the time we were done, and I was lying there, feeling his cum drip out of my pussy, he wasn’t feeling guilty any more.  This went on for a very long time, and ever since then I have been enamored with Older Men and I fuck them whenever I can.

More Fun to be the Mistress

I know you would give me your rent money for just one night of this tight wet pussy, and don’t worry I will not tell your wife that you told me my cunt was so much better than hers. For the right amount of money this sexy little vixen will do anything, any where. This week you told your wife you were out of state on business. I mean it wasn’t a complete lie, you were out of state, and you could nickname me business. You took me on a luxury vacation using your family vacation money, and bought me all new clothes for the trip. It was so beautiful I wanted to give you a big thank you daddy, so during a tour, I pulled you aside into a wooded area. It was such a rush kneeling on the grass sucking your cock out in public. It was even more of a rush when I got on all fours, and you slammed it in my ass. I am sure the rest of the group probably heard my moans and were jealous of you. As a wise woman once said I’m not gonna be a wifey, and I am not gonna hold you down. It is way more fun to be the mistress!

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Cuckold couple

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I have had my fair share of crazy families. I have done it all. I have been the naughty nanny seducing the old pervert. I have slept with the mistress and had a threesome with the hubby while the poor wife is sound asleep. I have even banged the youngin boys. The oddest couple by far is a older couple who I nannied for. They loved how sexy I was and wanted to know more about my personal life. They knew I was a party slut outside of work.

I had my fair share of big black cocks and when they found out they wanted in on the action packed fun. I agreed to show them the ropes. I met all these fine chocolate men in campus and had connection to some college boys wanting to earn extra income for school. I set the whole thing up. I had the wife come over while the husband watched us get pleasured by young college football playing studs. They paid top dollar to each one of us. The husband was on the edge of his seat with excitement. The wife was losing her mind getting all her holes penetrated and stretched. I made their cuck fantasies reality. All the big black cocks were circling around her and cumming all over her body. They were hooked and wanted to make this a regular thing. I can’t turn down fun especially when there’s a pretty penny attached to it, Big black cock is one of the rare things that I like more than money. Orgasms rule!

My uterus wants your cock

Hottest phone sexI always have the hottest phone sex and this mommy is horny as fuck! I want my uterus to get fucked up by a thick monster cock! Goddamn I feel this little brat inside of me dancing around, tossing & turning and making me feel all sorts of sexually charged. There’s something so erotic about feeling a tiny cunt rolling around inside of your body. That’s why the hell I continue to get pregnant back to back, I just love the whole entire experience from start to finish of having a little one cooking up in my womb! Whether I decide to abort at almost full term or not is solely based upon my mood! Sometimes I think i’m gonna give birth and then my twisted urge kicks in to wanna have fun with it’s corpse instead. Am I depraved or what?! I definitely have quite a few little angels up in heaven smiling down on Mommy, to say the least. They have to understand that Mommy is just a crazy bitch that needs her fix of deceased fuck holes! Tear my shit up and remind me why i’m such a filthy Mommy cunt!

P-Mommy Pussy Abuse

kinky phone sex

He wanted to show me how much pain this stupid whore deserves. I just wanted to get some cum inside of me. I showed up at the local bar flirting and trying to be a sweet whore to get his dick. I had heard rumors about how he gifted his whores in money and a little nose candy. Mr. J as they called him had an abusive side, I knew he liked to fuck girls rough and leave bruises on his whores. I can take the pain and I can take a little abuse. But as he is fucking me with a broomstick as my lips are pinned back I realize I got in too deep. I am crying and begging to be let go. I offered my brats up to him to be released but all he wanted was to see my son fuck his Mommy. So I took my son into my Vagina and took my sons cum so I may be released from my bondage. My only girt from him was being praised as a good pain slut for him.

Your Mommy Phone Sex Addiction

phone sex addictionHe told me I was his phone sex addiction. He has been calling me several times a week since I started. He has mommy fantasies and I look like his mother did when he was younger. She even had a full bush like I did. Most women did when he was growing up. I have no problem playing mommy. I have been playing mommy at home for years now. Everyone has left me. Well, they still visit, but no one lives at home full time anymore. This weekend, I got a surprise. My oldest son who is in the military got a 3 day leave. He came straight home to see his mommy. We skype and talk dirty, but it has been almost a year since I have fucked him. I can get 100 dicks in a month, but all those cocks don’t make up for a son’s cock. There is something extra taboo about taking your sons’ cocks in your mommy fuck holes. Anyway, when he came home, we fucked like bunnies. He has been undersexed in the Middle East. He can’t fuck any of the females in the military with him because of the rules. He told me the prostitutes in the Middle East are not his type. He likes a hairy pussy, but he doesn’t like hairy legs and underarms. I laughed when he told me that. Because as soon as he said Middle Eastern women were too hairy for him, he went down and ate my hairy pussy. He has always been a great cunt licker. We fucked for three days solid. I didn’t fuck anyone else, but I didn’t need any one else. I never need anyone else but my sons and stepsons. All the other men I fuck, are just temporary replacements. Do you need mommy phone sex too?

Sexual deviant loves to fuck

Tight shaved pussyHoly shit…. i’m back lol. Wow I went on a little too crazy of a bender for the past few days and i’ve been having to take the time to come back to life, plus my escorting clients on the side have been demanding so much of my time too! Ugh this slutty & perfectly tight shaved pussy of mine sure does keep me a busy girl! I’m quite the whore, this I know. It all started when this horny pervert picked me up after my shift at the strip club with promises that he would cash me out and we would go back to his house & do drugs together all night long. You know me, of course i’ll never say no to a good time! Everything was fine between him and I until all of a sudden a gang of his friends showed up to the house to play with us too. Little did I know the ulterior motives of those black men. They all popped some viagra and I snorted down the rest of my eight ball of blow. I couldn’t fuckin feel my face or my pussy, I was literally numb! Of course once I start I can’t stop, we had the dealer come over and bring more blow while I got gangbanged by those well hung chocolate cocks! My jungle fever has been insane lately and my thirst was definitely quenched with lots of nigger sperm. Holy fuck i’m still recovering lol. I’m an addict for that dick juice and tasty cocaine. Can’t believe I fell off the wagon and went on such a twisted & drug-fueled sexual adventure, actually yes I can lol. Whatever, i’m here i’m alive and i’m ready to do it all over again!

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