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Naughty family

Mutual masturbationMutual masturbation started early on with a cousin I had. My cousin was a little older, with much more experience than me. My cousin Riley was a twin, and she did everything with her twin. Riley and Richie would show each other’s private parts as youngins, and they would play with each other. I had always heard that rumor from my other siblings and cousins but didn’t experience an incest slumber party with them a little later on,

I was amazed they knew how to do it all. I became obsessed with being a dirty whore at such a young age. Before I knew it, I was showing my cunny off to all my family members and all the neighborhood boys. I was an impressionable youngster and became obsessed with pleasure.

group sex whore

group sexDaddy invites me to hangout with all his golfing buddies. I am such a treat to all of them and they literally can’t help but stare at me. Daddy has raved all about my young cunt and how I am the best fuck ever. I know he loves my pussy and has to brag. Group sex wasn’t the plan but one thing led to another and before I knew it I had all my holes fucked by old horny men. Daddy was sure to take my cunt and ass first then followed by locking lips with me and giving me some precum glaze lipgloss. I smack my lips together and rub it in front of the horny men. I lick my lips and begin to take them all in me one by one. I am a freak by nature thanks to my daddy.

Daddy vs Boys

impregnation phone sexMy daddy is so overprotective of me and my hot body. I think he dies a little every time he finds me used up by a boy. My sweet pussy is like bees to honey. Daddy has done everything in his power to make sure he gets my prized pussy pregnant first. We use to have a ton of impregnation phone sex but now that I am ready and I am begging for cream he wants to give it to me. My cunt needs fresh sperm and needs to be knocked up. It could be daddy, or it could be one of my fun boy toys. Daddy is pounding me extra hard and much more than ever. Daddy will be damned before some other knucklehead impregnates his princess. I belong to him and he’s going to do the honors in putting a bun in my oven first.

Bad influences



blonde phone sex

Blonde phone sex whores are the best. Sluts that happen to get in trouble when their parents are away can get their hands dirty. I took advantage of the fact that my parents were away at a destination getaway. My parents were going to be gone for five full days in Cancun. I knew I could drive their car and use my fake I.D. I got ready for a night out and was enjoying my freedom. I knew I had a ton of days to act wild and have fun. After hanging out at a college party, I was not allowed to be at I got so drunk and fucked up. The guys knew I wasn’t in college; they made me their little slut and had fun knowing I was breaking some rules. After plenty of gangbangs that night, I sprinted home. My mom was asking why the alarm was never activated. On my way, I was frazzled and hit a mailbox. I totaled the bumper of my dads new Mercedes.

One of the girls saw me upset and told me she had an offer for me. She knew I need cash asap and said she could help me. The sorority girls were all whores who I aspired to be like; I couldn’t wait till I was old enough to attend college and be like them. They had side gigs, and one of them was selling their used panties on social media. They set me right up, and I made a little fortune in less than a day. Old perverts loved my bald shaved pussy and all my used up panties. I was able to fix the car and also enjoy an encore of orgy fun. Who knew guys buy panties from girls with itty bitty titties. They loved youngsters like me.

bald shaved pussy

Schools out for summer

anal phone sexI pouted and beg, and daddy looked at me and wasn’t budging. I was asking him to let me throw the summer party of the year. My friends have been competing for weeks now. I knew our pool was perfect, and daddy and mommy would be gone the weekend, so I did not doubt in my mind that I would be able to bring in some booze and pot. I wanted to be the one who would end up throwing the best summer bash. I wanted a full-on orgy and lots of fun. My daddy is very protective, so I knew he wouldn’t be persuaded. I had to promise some anal phone sex fun and eventually ease into letting him pound my cute teen ass. I was so excited. I love being his princess. There is nothing like being a sweet daddies girl. I got daddy to say yes, and I had an epic pool party. My orgy dreams were turned to reality. When daddy came back home, I gave him my tight ass, and all was well.

Seducing my brother in law

little girl phone sexMy sister has the cutest fiance. I cream my panties around him. It was two summers ago I realized how perfect he was after all. I noticed in our backyard pool his dick imprint in his swim trunks. I was hooked and wanted him to thrust in me with every inch of his solid dick. I was a little girl phone sex slut in the making ready for big things.

I played around with him in the pool but was so shy and coy. I didn’t make it clear. This summer, however, is quite different. I was visiting my sister and brother in law. I was a bit older and more adventorus. My shy streak was gone, and I was daring as can be. I knew what I wanted, and I was going to get his dick if it was the last thing I did. No man can resist a young whore.

Little daredevil

little girl phone sexI hate sharing daddy with mommy. I have gotten so bold with our little girl phone sex. I make daddy buy me gifts that he usually buys mommy. Now I am getting the hot lingerie and wearing it for him. Whenever it’s about to be time for mommy to get home, I start plotting. I dream about getting caught riding my papa’s cock. I know mommy would have a raging fit. I get slippery wet thinking about that honestly. I make daddy cum, and I think she should know there is a new queen. I think it’s safe to say daddy enjoys his baby girl more than mommy. I am a breath of fresh air, and I keep things exciting. Mommy barely fucks daddy. It is time for me to have daddies dick twenty-four-seven.

My new stepbrother

anal phone sexMy new stepbrother is much older than me. I  like that he likes control. At first, I wasn’t feeling the constant dominance from him. I realized he wanted me wrong. Once I saw I was making him weak, I had no problem with him being rough with me. I got so turned on whenever he would try to tickle torture me and slap my ass. I knew it turned him on, and in return, it got me wet. One day I could hear him up in the middle of the night. I could see him looking up anal phone sex and porn. Something came over me, and I took the initiative. I went over to my stepbrother and started to suck his dick. I could tell he was shocked because he kept rubbing his eyes, thinking he imagined it all, I eventually let him take my rosebud asshole. Our little secret is our fun together now.

Blackmail blowjob

Little girl phone sexI am such a little slut I can’t help it; I sneak out for the cock, and I was caught redhanded. My cousin was staying over, and he has always had a thing for me. I have never paid much attention to him and have been repulsed by him ever since I could remember. Little girl phone sex was his thing even back when I was a thot. Also though we are only merely six years apart, he surely had enough knowledge about porn before I even dabbled into that.

One night got exciting between the both of us. I was caught by him sneaking out, and he waited for me to come on home. My cousin made me suck his cock and give him the best blowjob if not, he was going to sing like a canary. I learned blackmail was a form of a way for sleazeball to get what he desires most. The whole thing got me horny, after all. My cousin got what he wanted, and so did I.

Daddy’s perverted princess

blonde phone sexOnce daddy goes on a binge, I’m right there ready to take his load. Load after load I make daddy feel like the king he is to me. I love that he spends time having blonde phone sex and enjoying porn movies with blonde whores like me. I was born with strawberry blonde hair, believe it or not. Daddy made sure I died it for him to get his cock rock hard. I am his favorite little blondie. I have no limits, and I will go above and beyond to work out some jizz sauce from my father. Together we have crazy incest fun, and I can’t get enough of him. My pops is a pro, and he has made me his mini perverted princess. We are a dynamic duo.

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