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Mutual masturbation with my uncle

Mutual masturbation

My family has family reunion trips. This year we went off to a beachfront resort with all our family. My uncle couldn’t believe how grown I got. I kept hearing all his compliments, and I knew he was pervy. I heard him comment on my tight bum and my pretty lips looking great with gloss. I didn’t think that was appropriate. What he said next was clear he was a pcock pervert. My uncle told me my lips look good with glaze, especially his jizz. He said it so fast that he thought I might not have caught it, but when he saw, I did, he tried to smooth it over. Instead, I sat on his lap and rubbed his cock from the outside of his pants. I was reassuring him I am a secret keeper, and within moments we had mutual masturbation, and he tasted my pretty pink kitty. No one caught us, but the fact that it could have happened was hot.

Group sex with my daddy

group sex

All of daddies friends are all fond of me. They love the way I am so flirty and fun. I like attention from grown men because they give the best compliments and tightest hugs. Daddy has a poker night, and I always watch from the side. This week however I am going to be able to partake in all of the fun. I can’t wait to have group sex with old men. I know they will love my tight slot holes and will jizz good old fashion cream deep within me. I can’t wait to be a little princess for them all. Daddy is sharing me, and I can’t deny how excited my little twat is just thinking about all the fun we are about to have. 

They want to see my butterfly

little girl phone sex

My dad’s friends are all perverts like him. They enjoy little girl phone sex and playing with young bald cunts. I have no issue being a show and tell slut. My little pussy is insanely addicting. I can spread it for you and show it to you if you like. How did I get so comfortable being such a show off with my private parts? Daddy and his friends of course! They wanted my young little lips more than anything and begged for me to spread my butterfly for them. I giggled and smiled. I bust it wide and made them admire all of me. They wanted a piece of me. Daddy said no! My cunny belongs to him only. They can all look, but they can’t touch.

Bald shaved pussy for anybody

bald shaved pussyBald shaved pussy for anybody well anybody with a big dick. You never know when you get the urge to fuck. I happen to get that urge no too long ago. I was on vacation and found someone I wanted to fuck. My ass mouth and cunt were about to be used by a stranger. The best fucks happen to be those from people you meet out of nowhere. A good vacation dick down is all I need for my spring getaway. I enjoy being thrust and fucked. My tender ass being shot up with warm cum is so hot. I like being subjected to hard ass poundings. An excellent facial is a great way to end a fun fucking hookup.

Spread them for daddy

bald shaved pussyMy bald shaved pussy wasn’t the main attraction for daddy on this particular night. Daddy wanted me to let him spank my tight young bum. I had a pretty lousy progress report, and daddy had to show me who was boss. I had no say so in the matter. I assumed the position and let daddy turn my bum bright red. My tight ass couldn’t take the leather belt beatings. I was trying so hard to focus, but my daddy was going even harder. I could tell he was so turned on by whipping my cheeks. I felt his fingers enter my ass and he started fingering me. I could explore the pressure build and instantly started getting wet. Daddies beatings were turning me on so much. I eventually got his cock deep in my shithole. After he finished, I had to lick it like a good slut.

Daddy tossed my salad then tore it up

anal phone sexAnal phone sex with my daddy is the best. I love to be his good anal whore. I knew daddy had an ass fetish because he couldn’t keep his hands away from my hiney. It drove him crazy to be around me and my perfect buns. One day, while mommy was out with my sister daddy, decided to have my bum once and for all. At first, it started with booty rubs and gentle caresses then it ended with daddy tearing my asshole apart. First I was his soft tiny princess. Then I was his asswhore. Daddy began by rubbing my bum and massaging me. I could feel his hard dick bust thru his boxers. Then daddy got a little rough and started smacking my ass and spreading my cheeks. Daddy wanted to give me a rim job and toss my salad. I eventually learned all about assplay thru him. I loved being his anal slut.

Cream in me

I have a special night planned out for my stepdad and me. I have forever been having nasty thoughts about him knocking me up. My fantasy is sick but gets me off each time I rub my cunny thinking about it late at night. I have been fond of impregnation phone sex because I want my daddy to knock me up. I have even whispered it in his ear. I told him to cream in me. I know he is worried I am playing but I am serious. I want my stepdad to breed me and fill me up with his cream. My perfect fantasy would be him knocking me up in the same bed he sleeps with my mom. I am a filthy teen slut who has a fantasy she’s going to make happen.

impregnation phone sex

Blackmailing Daddy

college girls phone sexMy new step daddy is all kinds of yumminess. I knew that he was scrolling through some naughty sights. My stepdaddy had his views on porn, also into some college girls phone sex. I was looking for reasons to get him into my trap. It was awesome he kind put himself right in, and that was that. I told him I would tell my mom about his extracurricular activities. I had no desire to sell him down the river. I wanted to see him desperate and willing. I love watching him stress out and wonder what he could do. I sat on his lap and began to tease him. I kissed him and rubbed his groin area. After that, he was keeping my lips sealed by kissing both sets of lips.

Sleepover at my house

blonde phone sexYay, my daddy is letting me have a sleepover. I get to invite all my cute friends. Daddy has one rule. See daddy loves all cute girls redhead, brunettes and everything in between. Daddy does, however, enjoy blonde phone sex since he thinks blondes are the best. Daddy told me to have the blonde ratio high. I had to Invite more cute blondes and a couple of brunettes. Daddy loves watching us dress up in pink, and our locks let down. Our cute faces and our sweet PJs look amazing on us. Daddy has a cum fetish. There is nothing in this world that will get him off more than a couple of cute young sluts like me bobbing for cocks. He loves angel faces and hair drenched in jizz. Three hot blondes two brunettes and a sexy redheaded whore getting painted with fresh cream on slumber night. 

Truth or dare

blonde phone sexI like playing truth or dare because I am a girl that doesn’t want to pussy out. I mean I love to have my pussy out, but I won’t quit A dare. Call it cockiness I always come thru and end up with a win when I play truth or dare things to get naughty. I have always been one to do it with my cousins and sisters. This time I wanted to have it in school. I knew some of the girls would chicken out and not do the things I would tell them to do. The main thing I wanted was to suck off our physical ed instructor. I needed a partner in crime. I got lucky my friend Lara was okay with it. We both went after school and had Mr. Calloway where we wanted. Mr. C was weak for us. It was written all on his face. Both of us didn’t leave until the dare was complete. We ended it with cum shot faces.

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