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Horny single Mom needs help

Phone sex milfBeing a single Mom definitely has it’s perks but at the same time it’s very nice to have an extra set of helping hands to aid with this fast growing pregnant body of mine! My tits are so swollen and full of milk, more so than ever with all of my other pregnancies. A man that wants and knows how to explore a woman’s body is such a turn on. There are so many curves and twists & turns to the female anatomy, it’s like a playground that you get to have endless fun on! Being a pregnant whore is such a blessing and it excites me when a horny bastard is more than willing to take his time on me! After I pop this little rugrat out of my cunt, I will have to wait a bit before I can have intercourse again, although I never listen to the doctor’s orders! I’m way too horny and crave sex all the time for me to go that long without being pounded out! Although there are plenty of other things that can be done in the meantime, it makes me excited to think about! Stick your fingers inside of me and relieve the tension that’s being put on my insides from this rapidly growing young one in my womb. It’s like a double whammy because it’s also introducing her to what her life is going to be like a soon as she pops out, one big ball of sexual deviancy and fun! Being a preggo phone sex milf is such a beautiful experience from start to finish! All the rounds of bodily changes and hormonal surges are incredible!

Group sex orgy Mommy

Group sexMy little ones have been begging Mommy to have all of their young friends over for a group sex slumber party and I figured what better time than over the long Memorial Day weekend. I know that my sweet angels are more than capable of being able to handle a kinky orgy but their virginal friends, not so much. Their Mommies and Daddies have told me that I better not put my dirty paws on their youngsters but what the fuck do they expect is gonna happen when their rugrats come over to my house for a playdate?! Lol, they know exactly what goes on in our household and I have absolutely zero apologies about it! Obviously their little ones are eager to learn more about their growing bodies and explore their sexual energy. I am more than happy to be the Mommy to show them the ropes, especially since their boring parents refuse to! You can never start them off too early or too young, that’s my motto! By the time they left my house, all of their cherries were popped and their tiny cunts were overflowing with fertile cum, all thanks to my big black cock fuck buddies who came over to join in on the fun. They are probably all impregnated now and I really don’t give a fuck. I can’t wait to see their big swollen bellies grow larger by the day. Even better will be the looks on their parent’s faces when they realize they are going to be grandparents for the first time. 😉

Mother’s Day Whore

Little girl phone sexWhat better day to have little girl phone sex than on Mother’s Day?! I know that it’s my personal favorite day of the year and by far my favorite holiday. Even better is the fact that I am currently pregnant with my own little special girl at the moment so it makes it all the more fun! Thankfully I also have my other living youngsters who I can enjoy such a fun day with and they are soooo excited to see what kinky sexual activities we have in store! Mother’s Day is always one for the books in our household. My Mom has been passing down erotic traditions since before I can even remember! We love to milk our tits together, yes my Mom still has boobie juice that loves to secrete out of her nipple!!. Obviously my preggo jugs are massive at the moment and lactating too so it really is a double whammy! All the Dads get together and watch us as we jerk our milky goodness into a big tall glass, it looks just like normal milk but tastes so much better! I pour my lactation cream all over my Mommy’s pussy and make my little ones clean her up with their tongues! She does the same for me and they absolutely love it. They look sooo adorable when their heads are on a swivel going back and forth between mine and my Mom’s slutty cunts. I know that they have some other presents that await me and I can’t wait to se what they have in store! My sweet angels are the best and they love being erotic and naughty for Mommy, especially on Mother’s Day!

Microscopic cunt slits

Phone sex hotlineAll of my sweet little angles are so petite & young, their smooth bodies and hairless fuck holes are perfect to play with. I love how flat their chests are and that their microscopic cunt slits get wet as fuck for me and Daddy. Thankfully, Daddy is a youngster molester and he can never get enough of our sweet angels! It’s all he can think about, it consumes his whole entire mind! He loves feeling them up and making them into his personal little sex dolls like how they were born to be. That’s their sole purpose is to be our containers that we deposit Daddy’s cum into. It makes me so turned on to see how rock hard his cock becomes while his tongue is shoved deep inside of their juicy little vagina gashes. He gets even hornier knowing that I am watching him while he very inappropriately plays with our offspring. I can feel my fetus jumping around inside of my womb from all of the excitement! I help Daddy by keeping her legs spread open wide so that he can really dig deep up into those super tight slits of theirs! I swear, they look their best when their bodies are covered and filled with cum! Daddy trains them so well to be future kinky phone sex hotline whores!

Mommy matches the little ones

Tight shaved pussyMommy’s tight shaved pussy matches her little ones’ as well! There is not a single hair on their bodies and neither is there one on Mommy’s body either! Those tiny youngster cunts are so bald and bare, they are absolutely adorable! Mommy loves how she completely looks and feels the same as her little ones. If you were to close your eyes and shove your fingers deep up inside of those tiny holes of Mommy’s and also into the slutty little holes of the barely legal youngsters, you would seriously not be able to tell the difference of who is who! It’s always funny every time their little virginal friends come over to have slumber party sleepovers. They’re all such barely legal girlies that need their cherries popped! They’re soooo eager to have a very naughty time with Mommy and her little ones….. as you can imagine! 😉

My youngsters love to watch

Tight shaved pussyMy sweet little youngsters love to watch me use my dildo as I fuck my tight shaved pussy with it. I’m such a naughty Mommy, I swear there is literally nothing better that knowing that my rugrats are getting off while enjoying the hott & kinky show that I put on for them with my sex toys. I’m dripping wet and have them crawl over & lick me clean while I fuck my slutty pregnant hole. My vagina lips flap open so beautifully, it’s like a flower blossoming right before their eyes! I always make sure to take pics and videos of their tiny cunts so that I use them later on to masturbate! Whenever I need to pump my breasts I just take all of my titty milk and store it in the fridge so that we can use it at our discretion. We enjoy putting it in and on everything that we eat and drink, it’s the perfect addition! Whenever my girlies have their friends over we always bake up some goodies using my tasty boobie milk, it’s so delicious and nutritious!

Pimped out pussy

Phone sex milfAll the horny men love calling my phone sex line because they know that I have an arsenal of tight little pussies that are ready to be played with and fucked! Now, as a naughty phone sex milf, you would expect me to be preventing this type of thing happening to them, right?! Well not this Mommy hoe! I’m so kinky and so fuckin bad, but that can be our dirty little secret, babe! What better way to make some cash than to profit off of my youngsters?! I love having control over their little bodies and doing as I please with them! It sure does make me so proud to see their petite bodies being touched inappropriately with like the dirty angels that they are!

Panty wetting princess

Fetish phone sexMy youngest little angel is such a panty wetting princess, she’s my ultimate accessory while having super nasty fetish phone sex with all of my horny callers. I take off her piss-filled panties and shove them deep down her throat so that she knows what it’s like to gag on her own vaginal fluids. I’m the urine queen and she’s my young little pee pee princess! She is constantly begging me to drink my piss, she loves the way my pregnant cunt tastes. My hormones have been raging and my body has been excreting lots of yummy juices that come out of me when I pee. I squat over a big bowl and aim it inside so that we can have a whole bunch to play with and drink down. My sweet girl knows that it’s okay to pee in her panties at any given time no matter where she’s at! Whether it be at school, a friend’s house, the playground or the shopping mall, my youngster is a wet little mess and loves when she causes a scene. All of the horny men out in public are always enamored by the sight of her petite barely legal body unleashing pee pee all over!

Potty in front of my daughters

Bald shaved pussyI love going potty in front of my daughters and giving them the perfect view of my bald shaved pussy while the urine oozes out of my pee hole. The bathroom is directly across from their bedroom door so I am able to perfectly position myself while I sit on the toilet and urinate as they have a front row view while I urinate. They’re so sweet and angelic, I love how they giggle while they watch Mommy’s pregnant cunt go pee pee. I tell my little angels that it’s okay to masturbate and play with themselves while I relieve myself in front of them. They run their tongues all over one another and lick each other’s petite vaginas. We love giving golden showers in our family and my daughters are being raised to give and receive the best ones ever!

Big black cock group sex

Group sexMy little ones have been trained to be big black cock sucking whores since the day that I popped them out of my pregnant cunt. Who better than my virginal angels to be the stars of the show when we get nasty with massive chocolate dicks. Mommy is so naughty, they think that a throbbing black shaft is a candy bar, lol. It cracks me up when I watch them devour boner after boner. We have a whole bunch of group sex all day long and well into the night. My sweet little girls can never get enough! They literally beg me for cum, they are fuckin addicted. Of course I have my phone out and i’m recording the whole entire fuck session while my youngsters get pounded out. Mommy is such a size queen, it’s no wonder my horny mini whores love to have sex with really well-hung men that gape them open. My two oldest girlies always have a competition to see who can guzzle more cum. Nigger jizz sure does have a sweet taste to it, it’s just as good as frosting out of the can! Yummy, my pregnancy cravings are out of control. Bring us those monster anaconda cocks right fuckin now so that we can have our way with them!

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