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I live to be a cock tease! It is my soul purpose in life. To keep those aching, desperate cocks of yours throbbing in your trousers.

I pick every little slutty outfit very meticulously, knowing I can go out to do something as simple as take out the trash and get a man to cum in his pants.

You saw me walking my dog out on the boardwalk this afternoon. You stopped to compliment my insanely skintight,  booty shorts. I giggled as you suggested taking me out for drinks.

‘Only if you take me to the hottest spot and buy me a really sexy outfit beforehand’ I said.

You love knowing that I’ll be your hot piece of arm candy for the night. Knowing that you can parade me around as you’re the envy of every man in the club. All their cock’s rock hard as they rush to buy me drinks all night. Watching them all compete for what you brought.

You get so excited watching this primal display of testosterone driven horn dogs that you even suggest me doing something incredibly slutty with one over in the private VIP booth *giggles*.

Phone sex humiliation is what he got

phone sex humiliationMy latest sugar daddy has a really little dick but a big fat wallet so I make him call me for phone sex humiliation all the time. It’s one of the ways he pays me for my time. Of course I make him take me to fancy restaurants and we go shopping, he also pays for my hair and my nails too, he even pays for my dog to get groomed cus he is totally whipped. One thing he doesn’t get to do tho is fuck me. He has a tiny little dick why would I want to fuck that? I do tell him all about my sex life tho, sometimes I even send him pictures of my lovers and pics of us fucking just to make him insanely jealous. He cries and tells me how much he loves me and throws money at me in the hopes that I will stay faithful to him but we both know that will never happen. Besides I like things the way they are, I get to fuck anyone I want to fuck and I get to spend all his money while I’m at it. It’s a win win for me so why would I ever give that up for unsatisfying sex?

Rough and Kinky Phone Sex

kinky phone sexI have a new sugar daddy in my life. He is my best friend’s dad. He used a fake name on this special arrangements site, so I didn’t know it was him. He knew it was me though. When I arrived at his hotel, I was shocked to see him. It was a good kind of shock because I always had a crush on him. He seemed impervious to my charms when I was a schoolgirl. I tried my best to get him to make a move, but he never did. Now, here he was waiting for his date with me. I was nervous. I had no clue what was going on. He could tell I was nervous. He gave me a shot of whiskey and told me now that I was legal age, there was no reason he couldn’t fuck me. He pulled out a big stack of $100 dollar bills and told me he couldn’t wait to be inside me.  I sucked his cock and it was as big as I had always imagined it would be. He started to skull fuck me. He got rough and I was struggling to breath. He nutted down my throat quickly. It was a ton of cum. I was glad he came quickly because he was throat fucking me aggressively. That was nothing compared to what he did to my ass. Turns out he thought I was a naughty cock tease who needed but in her place. He did that. I can barely walk today!

I wanted him to notice me

kinky phone sexI was walking my dog this morning. I was wearing very short shorts and a tank top. I was even in high heels because I wanted to look as sexy as possible. There is this hot guy with a bulldog that I see every morning walking by my house. I timed it so I was walking my pup at the same time. At first the guy wasn’t noticing me. Everyone notices me. I thought maybe he was gay. It would be a waste of man, at least for women lol. I decided to let my dog loose. He is my wingman. He ran ahead to sniff the hot guy’s dog. I ran to get my pup acting all panicked even though I knew everyone was safe. The object of my affection picked up my pup and then he noticed me. I guess he was buried in his phone. He got hard looking me up and down. Finally!!!! He got all flirty with me. I asked him back to my place which was a block away. Our pups could have a playdate in my back yard, and I could have a fuck date with a hot man. We didn’t get very far into the house before I was on my knees sucking his dick. The pups were playing in the yard and I was riding a handsome stranger’s dick in my living room. I always get my man.

Hottest Phone Sex Threesome

hottest phone sexI love being a sugar baby. I just love daddies. My best friend from high school wanted me to visit her over the weekend. Of course, I went. Her father was one of the first daddies I ever fucked. I was happy to see her and him again. The only secret I ever kept from her was that I banged her sexy daddy. I mean he was a total DILF. When I arrived, I got wet seeing her father again. Its only been a couple of years since I saw him, but he looked fine still. I tried to be excited about seeing my bestie again, but I had her Daddy’s big 9-inch dick on my brain. She noticed I was distracted. He did too. I didn’t think I could be caught off guard easily, but I was. They both wanted to fuck me. My friend found some old pictures of me and her daddy. She was not pissed; she was turned on. I was the third wheel for a sexy daddy and his baby girl. It was a hot ass experience. She licked my clit while her daddy pounded my pussy. I sat on her face as I sucked her daddy and fingered her cunt. I had no clue they were fucking too. It ended up being a great weekend. I got some dick and some pussy!

My Sugar Daddy Makes Me Cum

My sugar daddy is so perfect! He is this sexy older guy with a fat wallet and even fatter cock, when we fuck I cum so hard! Yesterday he took me on a shopping spree and it was awesome. I got new shoes and bags to match, some sexy lingerie and he even waited while I got a mani/pedi too, how many guys would do that? Then he told me that we needed to buy some new bikinis because we were going to the tropics on his big yacht and I was so excited that I practically got down on my knees to suck his cock right there in the store. He always takes me on the best trips too, first class all the way. I can’t wait to get on that big boat with him I am going to remind him every day why I’m the best sugar baby in the world. He tells me every day that no one else can satisfy him like I can. I pamper him and he pampers me that’s the way it should be don’t you think? I think my sweet pussy is going to make him totally fall in love with me, how could he not?

Daddy Phone Sex Slumber Party

daddy phone sexThe best thing about being a dirty hot teen like me is all the attention I get! I always see older men checking me out and practically drooling over me. I love being a young slutty seductress. Seducing all of my friend’s dads is one of my favorite after school activities! My tiny teen body is too hot for them to resist! The first time I ever seduced a hot older Daddy was at my best friend’s slumber party! Once every one was sound asleep, I snuck upstairs to see if her hot Daddy was still awake. Sure enough, he was right there in the living room waiting for me! He knew just how much of a dirty teen slut that I am and wanted to have a taste of my yummy pink cunnie! He pulled me into the living and told me to get on my hands and knees for a yummy surprise. He popped his hard cock into my school girl mouth and I gladly sucked on it like the young horny teen I am! I really got to practice my deep throating skills with that hot older Daddy and gagged on his cock getting it all wet and juicy like my young cunnie. Right when my teen cunnie was beginning to soak my little panties, my bestie’s Daddy sat on the couch and had me ride his cock like a dirty teen cowgirl! I bounced up and down on him like a young porn star and begged him for a dirty creampie!


Kinky Phone Sex with My Boss

kinky phone sexI had been enjoying my new summer job. I was making a killing and enjoying racking up some cash before school started. I was a hit with the customers, and I even was able to get on my phone and do little to no work at slow hours of the day. I knew the scheduled like the back of my hand and knew when I would be alone. I was seeing how much money was coming in and knew a little here and there wouldn’t be missed. I took some money over the summer months and was eventually caught. I was called to the office to explain myself. I was looking at a possible jail time and didn’t keep tabs on how much I ended up stealing. My boss was angry and shouting. I knew I had to do something. I had no idea the total was up to a five grand. In my mind, I thought it was a couple of the dollar bills twenties and nothing else. Things really do add up. I panicked and tried to listen to my inner thoughts. I thought fast and knew he was a super pervert. I could see him watching my every move at all times of the day. I knew he longed to feel my tender tits and rub on my body. I straddled on him and started to kiss him. Frozen in shock, he tried to stop me. The boner in his pants was screaming the opposite. I had him take the bait. With couple blowjobs, I was Scott free and I even kept my job and got a bonus. Who knew blowing cock would be so lucrative and get me out of hot water.


Buy Me a House Daddy

Finger fucking other girls in the sorority house all the time got so boring! It was time for a change, and that meant I wanted my own house. Sure I could have found someone to pay my rent every month, but that would have required giving up this tight shaved pussy every month. Honestly that is just too much work I want my own house, one that I own, and I knew just how to get it, like everything else that I want. I gave you a call, and asked how soon you could get away from your wife. You are my favorite sugar daddy because not only do you spoil me, you also have a huge cock. You told me that you would be on a “business trip” that weekend, so I lined up a few nice houses for us to go look at. When we pulled up to a house with a for sale sign on it you were so confused, it was so cute. The real estate agent couldn’t make it, so she gave me the code to get into the fancy ass house. We walked around the house for a little until we got to the kitchen, the negotiating room. I told you that if you were to buy me the house, you could take me in whatever hole you wanted in every single room. I had never let you fuck me in the ass so I could tell the idea excited you, well that and the huge bulge in your pants. You thought it over for a long time because I knew that you were saving up money to buy yourself a bigger house because your wife is pregnant, but ultimately you knew this tight little college girl ass would be well worth the money. You bent me over right there on my new kitchen counter, and pumped into my ass until you filled it up with your cum. Then, we were onto the next room, and the next, and the next.

kinky phone sex

Thanksgiving in Prison

I had to finger fuck her pussy for us both to get out of jail, and it was the least I could do after she walked in on me fucking her daddy again. Whenever I am home from college, such as for the holidays, I have a favorite sugar daddy that I just love fucking. Not only does he have a thick cock, he has an even thicker wallet. One night with him would cover Christmas shopping for my whole entire family. He also happens to be one of my best friends daddy. She has a bad habit of walking in on us, and throwing a fit. Normally she just threatens to tell her mother unless he gives her money, but this time she was just being a real bitch. Me and her ended up fist fighting, and someone called the cops. We were placed in the same holding cell, and I had a brilliant idea on how to get released. We started tearing each others clothes off, and the cops just couldn’t take their eyes off of us. They stroked their cocks while they watched us stroke each others dripping wet pussies. Once everyone came they had no problem releasing us. When we were released she was back to her normal self, I guess she just needed a good orgasm.

kinky phone sex

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