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Holiday Group Sex

group sex

It’s the holiday season and everyone in my life knows exactly what that means. I always throw one hell of a group sex party and I’ve got some kinky things planned for this year. Things have always been kind of vanilla at my parties, but this year I really want to spice it up. So, I’ve decided that this year, the women will be in charge and we will be doing whatever we want to all the men who attend. If they don’t like it, they can leave. But I have a feeling that they will be really into being our submissive pets.

I can’t wait to hand out the strap ons that I got for all my girlfriends who will be at the party. I don’t know how many of the men who will be there have been fucked by strap on cock, but even the ones who are inexperienced in that way won’t be for long. If they can get over the fact that we want to fuck them in the ass with something other than a finger, I think they’ll really enjoy it. Do you want to hear about all the other kinky things we’re going to do?


Let Me Be Your Mistress

mistress phone sex

I’m feeling a little bit like I could go for mistress phone sex right now. I don’t want the commitment of a romantic relationship, but I do love sex and being treated like a Queen. You know that the mistress always gets treated way better than the stuck-up wife. We get oral sex. We get presents. We get taken out to nice dinners and stay in nice hotels with you. Why? Because we actually want to fuck you and we will do anything you want us to do. So yes of course you’re going to treat us much better than you treat your prudish wife.

Let’s be real here – how long has it been since your wife let you fuck her in anything other than the missionary position? It’s been a while, right? And I’m sure you can’t even remember the last time she put your delicious cock in your mouth, can you? Baby, you won’t ever have to worry about that with me. I’ll be the best mistress you could ever hope for. You’ll never want for anything sexually and I know you will be sure to make sure that I am well taken care of in every way, too.

Preparing You For Your Date

enema phone sex

I know that you have a first date with a guy soon and that you’re dying to be a sissy slut and let him fuck your pussy, but there’s something you must do first. See, a sissy pussy isn’t the same as an actual girl pussy, so you have to prep it a little bit differently. That’s why you need an enema phone sex call with me before you go out on your date. I will help you with all the prep work so all you get to do is enjoy all of the fun date activities you’re going to experience. Of course, I’m talking about the ones in the bedroom.

Listen, I know that an enema might not be the most pleasant thing in the world for you, but you’ll thank me for it. Trust me on that one. When he pulls his cock out of your pussy and tells you to suck it you are going to want it to be clean. That will make sucking his cock much more pleasant. So, if you want to have a good time on your date, you need to get on the phone with me right now and let me help you.

Plant Your Seed In Me

impregnation phone sex

I have something to tell you. I know it might be weird to some people, but I totally have an impregnation phone sex fantasy. I love the thought of you fucking me, shooting your seed deep inside me and getting me knocked up. See, it’s not that I really want a baby. That’s not sexy at all. But the thought of what is going to happen to my body while I am pregnant really sets me on fire like you would not believe.

I know that my body is going to change in so many good ways. I’m really looking forward to having my tits grow and swell. I hope they at least double in size. I have heard that they will get really sensitive, too. I can’t wait to have you sucking on my hard nipples. It’s going to be so amazing. And I know that I’m going to get insanely horny. I can’t imagine being any hornier than I am already, but I’m ready for it. I may need to fuck more than one man every day because I just won’t be able to get enough cock. Are you ready to get me pregnant so we can have some kinky fun? I am ready and waiting!

Hot Phone Sex

phone sex

Sometimes girls say that they are anything goes phone sex sluts but when push comes to shove, they tell you no. I mean, you worked up the courage to call them and tell them your deepest, darkest fantasies and then they tell you no. That’s not nice at all and I promise you that it will never happen with me. I’m here for YOU and I want to make sure you get exactly the thing that turns you on. So you don’t ever have to be nervous to tell me what makes your cock hard. Chances are, it will turn me on, too.

If you’re a dominant man, you’ll find an anything goes phone sex call with me to be very satisfying. I love being submissive to a real man. When I say that you can do anything you want to me, I really mean that. Use me in any way you want. I will be your attentive little slut. If you want to whip me, you can. If you want to use me as your toilet, you can. If you want to snuff me out, you can do that, too.

Or maybe you’re submissive and you want me to be the one in charge. I love causing men pain, so cock and ball torture is always high up on my list of fun things to do. Do you need to be turned into a cock sucking sissy slut? I love that, too. Or maybe you just need an older woman to show you the ropes of sex. That’s always a really fun thing, too.

Do you think you are ready to unleash your wild side with me? All you have to do is pick up the phone and call me and let your inner freak come out to play.


Masturbate with Me

mutual masturbation

As much as I enjoy a lot of these different kinks, I must admit that nothing is hotter than just plain old-fashioned mutual masturbation. I love listening to you as I get to partake as well. Discovering what each of us really wants and desires. Exploring our own bodies and imaginations together. It’s so easy to get lost in the heat of the moment with you. The only thing that’d be better is doing it in person. Imagine the two of us masturbating in front of one another. I’d love to spread my thighs open and begin to tease my pretty little pussy as you watched and began to stroke that big hard cock of yours. Teasing my own nipples while we just enjoy the show. Watching you stroking and tug, playing with your pre-cum. Oh that’s one of my favorite things ever! To see you playing with the pre-cum and rubbing it all over the head of your cock. Or something you feed it to me from your fingertips. I love the taste of you and it only makes me want more.

Mistress Kennedy

mistress phone sex

I really love it when you call me mistress. There’s something so hot about it. That little feeling of power gets my sweet little pussy so wet. Just knowing I have that sort of hold on you. Even if it is just the two of us role playing. When you take on that subservient role it truly excites me. I get to tell you how to dress, how to act and what to do and pleasing your mistress gets that cock hard doesn’t it? I have a brand-new strap on that I want to break in tonight. I hope you’re ready to take 9 inches in that tight little fuck hole of yours. No complaining allowed! I even intend on having a couple of my hot friends over to join the fun. First, they’ll just sit back and watch and I fuck you so good. They love watching! But then I’m going to let them join in on the fun after I break you in a little. Do you think your puckered little asshole is ready for me and my friends? I guess there’s only one way to find out.

College Girls

college girls phone sex

If college girls phone sex is what you seek, look no further, you’ve come to the right place. I’m known around my campus for being easy and I’m more than okay with that. In fact, the more men (and women) who hear about me being easy, the more sex I get. How could anyone ever think that’s a bad thing? The more dick, the better. Any women who aren’t using their bodies to get what they want are missing out. Maybe they just want sex. Maybe they want good grades. Maybe the want money. Or maybe they want all three. See, if they were whores like me, they would be getting all three of those things.

Like just recently, I saw my sugar daddy who is also one of my professors. We started out fucking because I thought he was sexy. it wasn’t one of those “give me good grades and I’ll fuck you” kind of things. That just came organically. He told me that I’m such a good fuck and he didn’t want me to have to study. He wanted me free to be able to fuck him. And then one day he brought me an envelope of cash. Most girls would be offended, but not me. I knew I had him under my spell for good.

Wanna be under my spell, too?


5 Cocks 1 Mouth

group sex

You’ve always loved the way I submit to and suck that amazing cock of yours. You’ve really helped me perfect my cock sucking abilities because your sexual appetite is unwavering. Even the smell of you gets my pussy wet and my mouth salivating for more. Last weekend however, you had a little surprise in store for me. I showed up at your place, dressed in something super slutty just how you like it. When I walked in the door, you had 4 of your hot friends there as well. I knew instantly what your intentions were because you had mentioned this scenario multiple times in the past. How badly you wanted to see me suck off a handful of men while you watched. You want to see my eyes fill up with water, my nose run and my lips swell and I slurp and gobble down these fat fucking cocks. You weren’t wrong. All of these things happened and then some.


Forced Intoxication

sissy phone sex

I love it when guys like you call me for forced intoxication. You were already going to get wasted. Why not let me guide you through it and see what kinds of fun things I can talk you into doing while I get you drunk as hell. Maybe you need to get drunk to admit to yourself some of the things you want to do. I know that sometimes you guys have some pretty twisted taboo fantasies. Or maybe you must get drunk to forget about the things you have done or want to do.

What’s your drink of choice when you’re engaging in forced intoxication phone sex? Oh, who am I kidding?! You probably don’t even care what you’re drinking when you’re on the path to getting obliterated. It’s just a means to an end. And boy, when you get to that end, I am going to have a lot of fun with you. I want to make you drink until your speech is so slurred, I can’t even understand what you’re saying to me. And let’s be real – it’s a good possibility that you have nothing to stay that’s worth listening to anyway. What are you waiting for? Grab the booze and call me.


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