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P- Mommy W/ Bald Shaved Pussy

If it’s bald shaved pussy for you, then you will enjoy how we play at my house. Three pink bald shaved pussies here and a couple of sweet young tinklers also at my house and we all play together. I love to keep my pussy nice and shaved like my two little ones. The young males in my house have soft pee-pees that are so smooth and hairless, just like their sister’s tight little twats are… smooth and hairless. I know you will enjoy sucking those young dicks and licking that bald sweet cuny and you know I love to suck and lick young sexes. Having sex with my offspring and their little friends is such a wonderful time and it gets my mommy pussy super wet. I know you can enjoy the finer things in life that aren’t quite politically correct and that’s when you call me to get off with all kinds of taboo fun.

Bald shaved pussy

Fetish Phone Sex W/ Dirty P-Mommy

I’m a really dirty p-mommy and love so many fetish phone sex topics that I really cannot pick a favorite, it’s all dependent of the day, mood, weather and time, really. It’s hard to even put out a fetish blog sometimes when I have not settled on which topic to cover, but right now I am thinking about my sweaty feet all over a throbbing hard cock. I love to feel that stiff meat rod between the soles of my feet and to wiggle my toes all over that bulbous head. It’s a kinky time to have a stranger jerk off over my bare manicured feet in a public place. I caught this guy staring at them once and he followed me around in the store gazing at my feet and when I caught him taking a picture of them I had to confront him. We went to the back of the store and I let him jerk off on my toes and as long as he licked them and all of his spunk off, I was happy to assist.

Fetish phone sex

You Filthy Fucking Pervert!

Oh! Look who’s reading this! You knew I was beckoning you to be a pervert and share that kinky fetish phone sex desire of yours. I personally love foot fetishes as it is I am addicted to running my feet all over cocks. The feel of a hard cock between the arches of my sweaty stinky feet it amazing. I love to suck that cock after my foot sweat is all over it and I will give a sloppy fucking blow job and you can cum in my mouth, face, tits, or on my sweaty stinky feet. In fact I find it very kinky to have you spurting your pervert juice all over my feet… another possibility the sweet young daughter of mine… well maybe mommy’s feet will be on that bald pussy and you can cum on both my feet and her sweet pink pussy. Mommy loves to have her young men pump the arches of her feet too *wink*

Fetish Phone Sex

Bald Pink Pussy

Kinky phone sex

Kinky Phone Sex is a good time with my perverts and the misfits crew I have at home. It’s so therapeutic to play with my offspring and letting my daughter finally getting that sweet puffy pink cuny of hers fucked. She has a tight bald and puffy cuny that opens up like a flower to some sweet little inner lips that really need to get worked open. I need you daddy cock to penetrate my little princess’s virginal pussy. Talking about her and my two young boys’ cocks is always a pretty kinky turn on and i can’t quite resist the need to fondle and suck those little balls and penis’s. Have you ever put such a small young penis in your mouth? Sucked on some small soft hairless balls? Licked a bald pink pussy and made it really juicy? Well, I do it all the time and can’t quite say I find anything more exciting and sweet.

Bald shaved pussy

P Mommy Whore Phone Sex Milf

It’s the fetish niches that this naughty p mommy phone sex milf really digs on and I just cannot help but love to get into some really dirty fun. The best thing is to get some young man all worked up and hard when I show off my mommy tits to him and whisper how good his dick would feel between them. I did this on the bus this afternoon while tugging along all three of my offspring to an event. I usually hate the bus but there was a whole group of young guys in their scouting uniforms and I could not resist those young hard bodied guys. I had the one slip away with me at the fairgrounds and I sucked his young hard cock really good and then helped him penetrate my daughters tight bald pussy.

Phone Sex Milf

I Love Internet Porn, Don’t You?

Where would we be without porn for masturbation being plastered all over the internet? Very deprived of sexual fuel and naughty eye candy and frankly a very boring existence, don’t you think?

As I watch a really big black schlong sloppily fuck an extremely wet pink pussy I can’t help but start to get turned on. In fact, back the fuck up here, looking at this dudes raging hard meatstick that is hardening and growing, noticeably through his workout pants. That fucking thing really had me grinding my pussy in my stretch lace bikini panties, getting them all moist and juicy. This is exactly how that cock is getting me, all fucking juicy. I sit mesmerized and rubbing my clit staring at that meatstick getting gobbled down by this sweet fucking blonde hoe and have to text my pot dealer to bring his fucking black ass over here with a damned fatty. Well, a fatty to smoke and that other big fat pole that I can also put my lips around and suck in. Fuck man I need to go and get me some damned fucking dick, and neither of my sons dicks either! Not now, I need to get my holes stretched and throbbing, those young cocks are sweet but they don’t fill and pound mama like she needs it! Just something about big tits and asses really turns me on when they are being fucked and nutted on.

Porn for Masturbation

Best Phone Sex Lines For Perverts

Best Phone Sex Lines

Are you a fucking sinner and need the best phone sex lines for sinners to play their sinner ways at? Well my fine perverted fuckers I am here and I am here to assist you in your sins! Ha ha ha… I am the pervertess of your desires as I will it, so it is. You see the word pervert originated as a term for Atheist. And per the Victorian Church that set the standards so to say of “morality” and those that resisted… much like a witch being persecuted the perverts were born into accounts of debauchery and seductresses. So, you see we are all in this perversion thing together and are going to do terrible things, especially with sweet young things that need to learn the art of sexual pleasuring. I’m your pervertress for the moment and that moment is now.

My young cock goblins are really great at being cock gobblers and cum drinking little perverts themselves and we just await your perverted ass to come and play in my deviant minds playground of audio erotic pleasures. Young cocks and tight bald pussies are exposed for your kinky desires and these hairless pink puckered so tight little assholes are waiting for penetration for that next fantasy phone sex call.

Nothing Like Incest and Bald Shaved Pussy

You know your all over the incestuous daddy fucking his cock goblin daughter, and i know your p-daddy cock is throbbing at the view of that bald shaved pussy. You need to convince me that you are a big enough fucking pervert to take my only daughters bald cunt and destroy it into a gaping hole. Make that a messy creampie that her two younger brothers will slurp up. I will even help the two lick her plump cuny clean, and so swollen and plump it will be by the time I’m done letting the p-perverts get at it. I don’t plan on sparing any holes in my household so if it’s a young sweet ass you want I have three available plus one very fuckable milf ass. We can go to any limit your heart desires and push your limit even and see how hard you can cum.

Bald Shaved Pussy

Confessionals or Glory Holes For P’s?

You want my take on confessions in those small corridors in churches? Well, likely not, but here goes… they are just dirty little glory holes for Jesus and his P’ pervert clan of molesters, and I love taking part in it. I have gone into them with my little ones and had that priests cock coming through that little door more times than not… although sometimes it would be a hand to finger a tight little secret hole. These little confessional visits get naughty, especially when a gaggle f priests are invited and my sons and daughter each get in one booth and ready for each p-priests cock that pops through that doorway. I would be a little careful about sitting in those little closets as who knows when the last p-pervert ejaculated on the stool. But if you want, feel free to use your tongue and lick that seat.

Phone perverts Paradise

I Do Bad Things To Young Holes

I’m a completely filthy pervy mommy and I love enema phone sex, especially with these young ass holes that just need to be spread, gaped, and filled with sperm. I douche my daughters twat with a sperm filled enema bag and slide that tube right in that sweet cuny… and her ass… yes one tube in there also filled with pervert daddy’s urine. My young sons are getting that enema action as well as getting banged by multiple perve wands and I get excited orchestrating the whole fucking thing. The immense pleasure I get having perves jerk off and piss in these enema buckets is so fucking much I end up taking a few of these p-daddy’s on and getting my hot cunt and asshole banged real good. They just get a look at these little asses in the air with the enema tubes inserted and as they are whimpering and struggling these fuckers nail the fuck out of me. It’s no wonder I am the filthy mommy I am letting the hellspawns take dick and defilement like it was a fucking school lesson. The whole time I just get my fix and let the little pee-pee’s penetrate my mommy hole and finish inside me with their little spurts of juices from their little peters.

Enema phone sex

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