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I have a nasty girlfriend who likes to get wild, and she wants you and me to fuck her. I know you’re my boyfriend and you’ve never done such a risky thing with me before, but I really want you to open your mind and your pants tonight. Don’t you think that you could have a good time fucking two hot girls horny as fuck? I want to please you don’t you want to please me and my girlfriend too she’s my best friend, and she wants you so bad so why don’t you do us this big fucking favor. I’ll suck your balls while she sucks your cock we are going to make you cum until you can’t anymore. I’m so horny and my girlfriend she’s plenty horny too. We were talking about you, and she thinks you’re still sexy and I’m not jealous at all because you are sexy. Why should my girlfriend lie when you look so fucking good you’re always hot your body’s number one. All we can think about is pleasing you; however, you want to be pleased. There are no limits we are going to be cum-guzzling sluts for you nasty fucking horse to make you happy. I know that you thought about fucking my friend because you look at her ass whenever she’s wearing those daisy dukes and you can’t stop looking at her sweet tits was she wants to fuck you. Let’s get nasty we can get wild there are no limits on what we’ll do for you. Come on babe let’s get fucking satisfied my girlfriend’s going to lick my pussy and suck your cock it’s going to be so fucking amazing. I want for you to do this and I won’t get mad at all, and if you like it, we can do it every fucking weekend whenever she comes here. I love you that’s why I want to give you your fantasy and don’t lie to me and tell me that you don’t fantasize about fucking my girlfriend because she’s so fucking hot. She’s a cum dumpster whore that’s right, and she’s my friend, and I really want to get in on the action. I know you want my best friend just as much as she wants you. So you and I let’s get wild tonight we don’t have to hold back.

Low Down Dirty Slut


No limits phone sex

I want to be fucked in my ass I want to get power driven by a big fat rock solid hard cockrod. I cannot wait until I’m gangbanged because I am a cum guzzling slut for sure. Would you like to fuck me, you and your friend he can bring his friend too I don’t care how many of you there are? I will be a nasty creampie slut every time I want. I need something that’s more than just a fuck I need to be treated like the worst kind of slut. If you can please me, then come on and try I’m willing to do what you wish. I like to fuck I’m a nymphomaniac, and I am the best freak tramp that you’ll ever meet. Eat my cum guzzling pussy please put your tongue on me and work me over. I can take it I can take a lot of things I can especially take being drilled in my pussy. I need you right now so come and fuck me, please.

Cum Guzzling Gang Bang

No limits phone sex

I slept in all that sexy slimy jizz juice, and I fucking loved the way it felt all warm and creamy all over my body. I got jizzed on by loads of different cum filled cocks. Right now there is sperm on the dining room table, the floor and I’m so fucking excited. All night long I had cum filled balls hanging off of my face like fun toys. So many hot horny fuckers made me say and do the most sexually disgusting things, and I said yes master to all of them. this one mutherfucker was doing the most wicked deed, he wanted me to drop myself on a twelve inch fucking big ass dildo while he was screaming, “are you ready to fucking feel so goddamn good cum dumpster whore!” Those horny shitheads made me to stay down on that huge black dildo stick while they filled up all my other holes. It felt so fucking extreme inside of my whore cunt. I can’t wait to do it again.

The Lust I Feel and The Cock I Want


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I wish that I could kiss you, I wish that you could rub my sweet thighs and fuck me like an enraged maniac. I am hooked on your throbbing cock like it’s a drug. My sweet love, you do so many nasty things to my cunt, you make me soaking wet, and I cannot stop myself from craving you. I desire you babe in the worst of ways, I need your body I have to have you all over me touching and fucking me. I’m stuck on you I want you all the time, I want you to fuck my cum-dumpster cunt so hard just bang me with your huge cock and make me scream & shout with passion. I lust for you, and I yearn for you deeply, you are my everything. You know that you mean the world to me, every time you touch my erect nipples it feels so lovely. I want you to french kiss my pussy all night, that’s how much I love you, I will let you devour me. I know that you’ve been dreaming of me also, I know that you’ve been wanting and yearning. You are my sexual fantasy, and we do so many crazy things together. I love when you grab a hold to my waist and ram you’re hard cum-filled cock inside of me you make my pussy go insane, and that’s the truth babe. I want you to be my beast. I want you to be my savage sexual beast. I’ve been thinking about it all day long you stuffing that fucking solid cock rod into my cum-filled cunt and having no mercy just pleasing me. I need you I’m lusting for you right this very moment. Satisfy me that’s what I need right now, satisfaction sexual mental physical complete, and you’re going to give it to me, aren’t you?

Happy Valentine’s Day

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Happy Valentine’s Day my freaky, freaky lover. I’ve been missing you so much you’re out there on the road driving your truck getting the job done making money for the family. You are my knight in shining armor always taking care of everything for me you make sure that I’m wearing my cutest silk nightgowns you make sure that I have my furry slippers and my fancy bubble bath. You always tell me how good I smell whenever you come in from out of town, and you can get close to me. I love turning you on sweetheart I love all of the presents and all of those singing telegrams that you got sent to my house they are really amazing. There’s one thing though I’m not as good of a girl as you think I am I’m wicked sometimes. I was terrible last night because I was so horny and you my love, were nowhere around to satisfy my sexual desires. I had to get someone else to please me I had to get him to suck my delicious what pussy and he’s so good at it. You know when I tell you that I’m all alone when you go out on the road I’m not exactly telling the truth I’m not really all alone I do have a few guys that come over and still in where you can’t be because you can’t be at all places at all times you know? I know that you believe your innocent little flower is waiting on you to come back every single time you leave and go out of town I know that you think I’m here crying hoping wishing and waiting for your return. That’s a nice thought to have, but like I said before it’s not entirely true, it’s off a little. My cunt gets so wet that when my friend comes over he dives inside of my squishy pussy and he jokes that he could drown in my pussy because it’s so wet. He fucks me right when you’re not here, and it feeds my insatiable appetite. The moral of the story is don’t worry sweetie I’ve always got a cock to fill me up. And on this Valentine’s Day, I’m going to be getting the full satisfaction and just so you can see I’m going to videotape the whole thing lover. Happy Valentine’s Day.



You Can’t Leave Me

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I’m using you for everything, you are not going to be able to stop me now. I’m going in hard using your credit card everywhere, I’m going on Rodeo Drive I’m taking you for such a ride you won’t be able to come back when I get through. I promise you that I am going to get you for everything you own you won’t be able to go home. I promise I will tell your wife she’s going to know the whole fucking truth and I won’t stop I’ll make it known. You know I know you’re running for president you wish I didn’t come around oh no but babe it won’t stop me I’ll ruin every damn thing for you. You said you wanted to stop talking to me that we had to stop fucking hard that I made your image bad well I don’t give a fuck. Why did you knock me up and make me one of your fetish cunt lovers why did you do this to me when you could have stopped yourself. You knew that you were married you know you had a wife why the fuck did you come into my world you’re no good, and you know it. I told you I will make you pay I’m going to make you spend in a flash today you’re gonna wish I didn’t come around you’re going to wish you didn’t play games with me. You told me that you loved me, so you are saying to me that you didn’t love your wife you made me have an abortion you fucking demon Beast. I knew I couldn’t trust you because you had a life that was better than me and you said that I was your street Queen. You only had a fetish while I was falling so deep in love I needed to be in your heart, and you just wanted me to be a cum guzzling slut. I am hurting now that means, you have to pay I am feeling so sad you’re going to give me 4000 today. And that’s just the beginning because you took our child you made me into your whore you made me unimportant for real. Your wife’s going to know everything because I kept those precious pictures of our sonogram, oh yeah. I saved every piece of information, and you’re going to have to pay there’s nothing that’s good about you your pain today. The best part of all is that you will not ever stop fucking me because I want more than the money, I want your huge fat cock.

Kinky Phone Sex

Teasing You Pleases Me (EdgePlay)

No limits phone sex

I know that I made your dick go crazy for such a long time, I know that watching those pictures that I placed online was driving you insane, but I didn’t care. I did not give a fuck about the way that I was causing you to rip at your cock and violate yourself 4 sometimes five times a day. I know the first time that you sent me that message about paying me to do some kind of odd job Consulting remember that? Well, I knew that you just wanted to fuck me that you ached to sink that big fat cock deep inside of my gaping wet asshole and engulf yourself in every rape fantasy you’ve ever had about me. I know what you really really craved, but I couldn’t stop myself from teasing you it’s in my nature. I love the way did I take you to the edge and then I just bring you back and dump you. I love the way you get angry how you tell me it causes for your fantasies to get darker and darker I’m not going to fuck you until you are so mad that you’re tearing into me. I want you to pull my hair and make me cry I need you to do that and it gives me chills to think about it. I can’t fuck you until you’re ready to go all the way. I know for sure that if I give it to you before you’re angry enough you don’t deserve it, you won’t give me what I need that attention that I lust for in such a dangerous manner. I drive you crazy don’t I when I wear my tight Daisy Dukes when you can see my pussy print calling to you. I have no doubt in my mind that you want to throw me over the back of my couch and shove your cock into me over and over, but you don’t want it bad enough, yet it’s not driving you mad enough for me. I will know when you’re ready I can tell when you are going to be able to deserve it you’ve got to do some things first. Yes, I enjoy the gifts, but you’ve got to beg and still get rejected you’ve got to feel like you can’t take it anymore.

Pegging and Cuckolding Overseas


College girls phone sex

I was invited overseas by a really nice guy who I had been talking to for at least two years now. I talked to him about everything we talked about love life Joy my fantasies and I love his fantasies. I kind of feel like I started to fall in love with him so that’s why I’m so ashamed of what I did. When I got to Germany he picked me up with 3 dozens of roses in hand he had his driver take my luggage. I got to his house and it wasn’t small something like 10 bedrooms 5 or 7 bathrooms hell it might have even been 12 bathrooms I got lost at least three times. He was so nice to me so kind that I couldn’t believe his cock was so small. I saw it and I instantly new why it was that he wanted me to peg him. I did indeed but I didn’t let him fuck me and I spoke to him like he was an insignificant piece of nothing. I told him to buy me everything I wanted and I treated him like trash. The worst part of it all is I fucked his brother and his father right in front of his face because they had huge beautiful cocks. I don’t know what happened to his little tiny Peter but I know that he didn’t get it from his father and his brother didn’t follow his suit. He cried well I got fucked in both of my holes by his loving brother and father but I laughed and I pointed at his little bitty cock. I felt like I was a horrible person once I got back to the States but he just kept or should I say he keeps sending me cash and gifts and begging me to come back.

Dripping Wet Cunt Twins


Fantasy phone sex

I like to suck dick all day and night that’s who I am. I’m a trailer trash piece of nasty porcelain goddess who is so proud of my evil activities. I love sleeping with all of the guys in the trailer park and all of the guys at the bars, I can’t get enough of my vulgar behavior. My mother calls me a fucking freaky bitch because I slept with her boyfriend, I rode his cock like a cowgirl on cocaine, and he was so tasty too. I don’t ever get offended if a guy asks to sleep with me in a fucking bar in the bathroom then I’m going to fuck him down I’m going to make his fucking life worth it. Kiss me on the back of my neck, and that’s all it takes to get me riled up I’m always ready I can’t help myself, I’m such a fucking slut bitch. I don’t care about your wife I don’t care about your girlfriend I don’t care about your boyfriend I don’t care about your best friend all I care about is your meaty cock going down my throat making me gag feeding me cum. I have a twin sister who’s just like me she loves to get wild so we fuck each other in front of guys and we fuck guys together we just love it, it’s what makes us happy. If you like big pretty tits on a sweet fat pussy and a puckered ass then you will love to have fun with myself and my sister because we amazing together. Most people don’t know about my sister they have no idea, that they’re fucking two girls at one time because I leave out of the room and she’ll come back and ready to fuck we like to play games like that. I fucked this one guy and his truck, and he saw my sister he said call her out here because she looks just like you, so I called her out there, to get in his truck, it was so intense and amazing. I love every fucking cum dropping it minute of it. Do you like nasty girls, do you like hot whores who love to get down and dirty and who will do the fucking most dangerous things known to man? I sure hope you do because you’re making me so fucking horny just thinking about you wanting to drill me.

I’m Working Your Daddy

No limits phone sex


I was horny last night, so I sucked your brother’s cock. I told your brother that I was needing a big fat fucking load in my mouth. Your brother really looks so hot he was tasty as a peach I love the way he came all in my mouth. Your brother told your daddy now your dad he’s after me yeah he thinks I’m so damn sexy and he’s always trying. Your dad he’s a nasty man, and he’s still after my pussy your Daddy thinks my cunt is the most beautiful thing in the world I wonder how he knows. This morning your daddy walked up to me, and he told me you said that my cunt was so amazing and that’s why he wants it. He said that his other son said it too and he was going to tell you everything unless I gave him a taste of my cunt. Now I’m stuck in this situation where I have to give my pussy out to your daddy, and I’m sorry I just don’t want to hurt you. I’m thinking all of the time about your daddy fucking me he told me to feel on his big fat bulging cock print. I know your Daddy has a big fat dick that’s where you get it from I know this now I found out I’m going to have to fuck him. Every time that I look at your face, I feel guilty, but I know that I’m doing it for us because your dad always helps us out. Besides your dad said he’s going to do some nice things for us indeed he said he’s going to give us that extra house so we can live in it for free. I believe I told so you see I think that fucking your daddy it’s really going to work out great I can’t wait to satisfy him, so that’s tonight babe. Now when I look in your eyes, I see that you would really forgive me because you know your daddy’s very strict on you and he’ll never do anything for free for you. I am making it possible that your daddy is being so generous he’s going to give us good things, and I’m going to work for rent. Your daddy is a really kind man I thought that he was mean at first, but I was wrong boy, was I wrong.

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