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I’m in the mood to do drugs and fuck like a fucking slut. There is just no reason for me to calm down and stop thinking about wretched destructive sex some random stranger. I’m always horny my mother knows that about me she knows I am a hot fucking cunt bitch. My mother also knows that I have a taste for her boyfriends, but today I don’t want one of her boyfriends I just want a random stranger to come and fuck me with his abusive crazy huge cock. I love fucking I love getting my pussy eaten, and I love sucking dick so much. I am a whore a fucking nasty uncontrollable piece of whore trash. Have you ever wanted a truly nasty girl? Have you ever thought about all the Despicable destructive, disturbing things that you can do with a woman who doesn’t give a fuck about taboos at all? It’s up to you let’s make this happen we could do whatever you want I won’t hold back if you don’t. Being with a nasty motherfucker like me you can do it, babe, you can do it really fucking crazy if you want to you don’t have to hold back you know I want you. I want to suck your cock have your cock in my mouth all night long going hard going strong I need your cock babe. You are the one if you like being nasty I don’t give a fuck about your name I just want a stranger to go deep inside of my hot wet cunt. Call me Juicy Fruit because my fruit is very juicy and it wants to be some nasty fucking terrible I can’t help myself at all. Help me now you can ease my pain; I just want to give you head. Let’s get busy. I know you want to.

Hot Fucking Whore


Discreet phone sex

Fuck me in my asshole give me your huge hard cock right now. I don’t give a fuck about anything I just want to fuck you. I’ve been lusting after you so long I know that you’re my sister’s husband, but I don’t care. They call me the fuck up slut of the family because I like to get fucked in my ass hole. We’ve been sexting all day long, and now it’s time for you to deliver the goods I want you to fuck me until I can’t move. I’ve been wanting to suck your cock, and your balls. I want to slide my tongue up and down the head of your cock spend my tongue around it and show you just how good these dick sucking lips can work. You have been faithful though, and that makes me so angry, but now I guess you’re weak and it’s a perfect time to get what I want. We are going to lose our minds. I promise I’m going to make you feel like my sister has never made you feel. I will be your hot cum guzzling slut tonight. I want you to fuck me in every position.

Come Home Now

Fantasy phone sex

I can’t wait until you come home. I can’t wait to get you all by yourself. My love, I’ve been thinking of you night and day, and I miss you so much when you’re not here with me and the times we are apart taking so much out of me. I want you to give me every bit of you and don’t hold back. You can ride this country girl ride off into the sunset. I want you to treat me like I deserve to be treated. My pussy is aching for your lump to cum inside of me. I want you to fuck me so hard make love to my mouth with your cock I need it. My pussy is so wet it is a water well, and I want for you to drown your cock inside of me. Your cum filled cock wants to blast my ass I know how good you’re going to feel. Let’s make love in a different way where we don’t have to worry about taboos or judgments. I want what you want, so let’s get together and satisfy our desires.

You Need More

Discreet phone sex


I was hoping you came over to see me. I know it takes a lot for you to sneak away from your girl. You should know that I’m worth cheating with because I’ll give you precisely what you dreamed up all of your life. I want to get down on my knees, I want to suck your cock for you. Let me take your big beautiful cock out of those jeans I want to put my hand around your shaft then I want to wrap my lips on your head and suck down until I get to your balls. I love you baby, and you know it better than I can tell you I’m not the average slut you will meet. You are always bound to have an Immaculate time with me. I am so deeply into all that you do when you raise my legs up and put your cock into me makes me scream. Feel you everywhere, and I love the way you smell because I smell like you when you leave. Your girlfriend doesn’t know that I bought that cologne for you. I bet she thought you were crazy when you said that you got it from work. I don’t care what she thinks I want her to know how I like you to smell for me. Babe, you’ve got everything that I need, and you’re no joke you’re entirely everything. I get wet and hot whenever I think of you I know you make my pussy squirt. I am in love with you. I hope you are in love with me too. Come over right now let’s have hot sex I’ll suck your cock so sloppy you won’t be able to move I’ll swallow every bit of your cock juice.

Kiss my Pussy


Fantasy phone sex

I am a fucking cunt whore I like to act real evil in the bedroom. Fuck you if you don’t like me because you’re stupid and you’re boring. I’ve got a whole lot of haters, and they can kiss my pussy I am a cum guzzling slut I like to fuck and I like to get fucked I like to ride a cock all night long. You can be my babe you can be my number one Suitor I will fuck you hard I will let you put your fist in my pussy. Don’t you want to feel me don’t you want to see what I got in store? You can fuck me hard. I like big dicks I Like Trains too. I want you to fuck me in the middle of a big open room with an audience. You can teach me everything, and I can show you a few tricks too. Don’t you understand what I’m saying right now? Bitches get really jealous of me all the time they always try me, and I don’t even care because I’m hot as a mother fucker. Any other bitches working hard to take my place they are going to have to try even harder because I get men off all the time. I am a lot lizard fucking cunt slut whore. I really like to have a good time, and I don’t have any taboos at all. Don’t you understand don’t you get it yet or should I tell you more I’m the one that you have been dreaming of I’m a guaranteed satisfying whore. Fuck me in my pussy fuck me in my ass hole if you want to I will even fuck you, and your ass hole to that’s right. I can get real kinky That’s My Style I’m Bad to the Bone. I’m a hot bitch, and I like how I behave.

Smell My Toes First


No limits phone sex

Let Me Be Your Back Alley Barnyard freak I know just what to do. Last night Luther and I went out bar hopping Luther is this chiseled guy who lives in my trailer park, and he is fucking sexy. I’ve been horny for him since you moved in last month but I like to play hard-to-get sometimes too, and it seems to turn him on. I call his name, Luther do you like how my skin is so soft? Luther answers on nervously he says he loves it he says it’s super soft and that really turns me on. I’m such a big tease I can’t help myself especially when I got them under my thumb like I’ve got Luther he’s mine to do with as I please. Sometimes I let him smell my pussy, but I tell him he has to smell my toes first I think he likes that even more. He runs his nose all of my toes one at a time, and then he runs that nose while sniffing down the bottom of my feet. Luca is a strange and nasty one that’s why I think I’m going to give him some fucking good sex tonight. My cunt is soaking wet after he ran that knows of his in my asshole, and he got his tongue loose on my hole and started to dig it in. I began to fuck his face, and he loved every minute of it. Luther is a nasty sexy boy, and it’s cock when it’s hard Stan’s 12 and a half inches, and that’s no lie. Luther has the biggest dick I’ve ever seen on a white boy in my town. I know sometimes I drive him so far to the edge that he has rape fantasies about me afterward and during the whole mental game we play. What do you think that I should do with Luther, should I give him some of this Wet and Wild bad girl cunt tonight?

Bad to the Bone

No limits phone sex


I am feeling wet, and nasty I mean nasty as fuck and I cannot help myself. If you want to fuck me, all you have to do is tell me, and I will be down for anything. I want you to lick my ass with your long thick tongue and make me feel so fucking good. My body is so fucking completely horny, and I need to fuck right now. I don’t give a fuck about what the people say or think I need to give you my hot wet, dirty pussy. I am a nasty fucking whore, and I love being a fucking slut. I am every wife’s nightmare; I am their worst nightmare because I will fuck their husbands right in front of their faces. Nasty bitches like me don’t ever give up we are always bad to the bone. Come on hot guy get your hard dick out of your pants and put it inside of my asshole and fuck me so hard like the fucking slut that I am.

Truck Stop Trash Talk


No limits phone sex

My body is calling for you to please me so good and, I’ve been thinking about you. I know you want me too. Come into this bathroom. I know that it’s sleazy because it’s at a gas station, but we don’t have to think about that. I am a slutty cum dumpster slut whore my cunt gets hot whenever I think about fucking in nasty places. I want to oink while you stuff my asshole with your big fat solid cock. Don’t you want to thrust your fuck stick inside of me in this dirty bathroom at this truck stop? Your wife is not around and you know she’s just so fucking, annoying and she is a prude. I’m hotter than your wife I am nastier than any other skank you know I am a tasteless Shameless fucking cunt whore. All the guys in the trailer park love to call me a lot lizard so, let me slide right over to you right now. I can get real fucked up, and I am always ready to do everything that’s worse than is thought about. My pussy is wet, and you know that I am a squirter so let me squirt all over your hard cock. I’m so horny I want to drop down on my knees and suck your big hard dick all the way to the balls and, let you spray my throat. Come on stop holding back you’re really missing out what do I have to say to get you revved up and ready to go?

The Best Photos


Best phone sex lines

I want a photoshoot with this top guy he’s the top photographer in town. His name is Sergio and Sergio cost so much money, but I heard he does favors for whores like me who will do favors for him. I’ve got to get an appointment with Sergio, so that means that I’m willing to do anything. I will suck his cock, and I will suck his asshole too just to get some pictures like he is. Every bitch I know who took shots with Sergio they all got good jobs afterward so he is super good and he’s worth it. I want to let him fuck me in my asshole I heard that’s what he really really likes and that’s okay with me. I can be pretty damn risky if I’m trying to get to the top after all you have got to work hard if you want to get somewhere in life. I just happened to have that good cunt. I’ve got the kind of cunt that gets me places I’m going to do what I need to do to get what I want to be done. I am a hot bitch with a hot Kitty, and I love to be in lights. Put your camera on me, Sergio. I know I will learn so much from you. I know I don’t have much cash, but I got a really nice bubble ass, and it should pay for so much you can fuck me so hard if you want to. I won’t say no I’m only interested in my success and that means I have got to do what I need to do I’m willing babe I’m so ready. I don’t care who calls me names they can call me what they want, but they can’t make my bank account grow. Sergio, on the other hand, he can make my bank account grow with his pictures I can do anything. I’m on my way to Sergio’s place right now so we can talk it all over and I can even give him a sample of my slutty Behavior. Wish me luck that I get this appointment because I am so excited and I really want things to go my way.

Greedy Threesome

Fantasy phone sex

I have a nasty girlfriend who likes to get wild, and she wants you and me to fuck her. I know you’re my boyfriend and you’ve never done such a risky thing with me before, but I really want you to open your mind and your pants tonight. Don’t you think that you could have a good time fucking two hot girls horny as fuck? I want to please you don’t you want to please me and my girlfriend too she’s my best friend, and she wants you so bad so why don’t you do us this big fucking favor. I’ll suck your balls while she sucks your cock we are going to make you cum until you can’t anymore. I’m so horny and my girlfriend she’s plenty horny too. We were talking about you, and she thinks you’re still sexy and I’m not jealous at all because you are sexy. Why should my girlfriend lie when you look so fucking good you’re always hot your body’s number one. All we can think about is pleasing you; however, you want to be pleased. There are no limits we are going to be cum-guzzling sluts for you nasty fucking horse to make you happy. I know that you thought about fucking my friend because you look at her ass whenever she’s wearing those daisy dukes and you can’t stop looking at her sweet tits was she wants to fuck you. Let’s get nasty we can get wild there are no limits on what we’ll do for you. Come on babe let’s get fucking satisfied my girlfriend’s going to lick my pussy and suck your cock it’s going to be so fucking amazing. I want for you to do this and I won’t get mad at all, and if you like it, we can do it every fucking weekend whenever she comes here. I love you that’s why I want to give you your fantasy and don’t lie to me and tell me that you don’t fantasize about fucking my girlfriend because she’s so fucking hot. She’s a cum dumpster whore that’s right, and she’s my friend, and I really want to get in on the action. I know you want my best friend just as much as she wants you. So you and I let’s get wild tonight we don’t have to hold back.

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