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Traveling with Trailer Trash

No limits phone sex

Would you like to go with me somewhere where you never been before? Would you like to see something that shakes you to the Core? You can have my body my mind, and my soul all you have to do is travel with me on this road. I’m a vixen for sure I’m the kind of whore that you know you are always going to love. Let me give you a taste of my sweet pussy. I will share with you all of my sexy cunt. I took my friend with me on this ride down the road shes’ a sexy little vixen. She is a hot twisted motherfucking bitch, and she’s a nasty girl. I like her so much she’s my favorite cum-slut of them all. My sexy slutty girlfriend had been asking me to take her with me on the road where guys dump all of their big old cum loads right on our faces. I love creampie it’s my favorite pie, and any man can give me a nice hot creampie whenever that he wants. Call me a little nasty fucking nymphomaniac free I don’t care I don’t have any shame at all. My body was made to be fucked in all kinds of positions; I love my ass up in the air and my head down low. Slap me with your big old fat cock, crash your big dick deep inside of my asshole. I love every bit of it it can be the best time of my life if you’ve got a big old dick and a big dick friend too. And I can get that on the road when I’m a fucking cunt slut loving bitch. I can help you if you want to come with me and we can be little sluts and fucking whores we’ll have a good time I know we will. Call me sweet pussy Faye because I’ve got a sweet pussy for you now. You can eat this cowgirl out make me feel like Southern sunshine. Let me know when you’re ready to go wild I know this will be the best.

My White Knight


Fantasy phone sex


I want to get fucked like the whore that I’ve always been I need a dick right now, and that’s no fucking joke. I love getting my ass banged in it’s my favorite activity. I’m a cunt slut, and cunt sluts always get our way. All I want is dick all day and night. Some guys can’t have this pussy because they’re fucking idiot losers and then other guys I fuck them right in front of the losers face it’s so good it’s what I love to do. I know this fucking loser named Reginald he’s a fucked-up individual who likes to pay and then act like he owns you. This needy motherfucker acts like because he bought me a few trinkets that I owe him my pussy I don’t think so. He has a small stupid dick it’s nothing Plus I don’t like black guys I like white guys with big dicks and Reginald is a black nigger with a small dick, and that’s so unattractive. I can’t stand him, and it chaps my hide. I hate nigger’s who thinks they can fuck you because they give you money. I don’t want that motherfucking dirt demon trying to fuck me he’s a loser. That’s why I’m going to fuck my new boyfriend in front of Reggie’s face, and I’m going to make Reggie cry I love making niggers beg because they’re such good beggers and I love a good begger. I am a hot piece of ass I know that for sure not just anybody can fuck me. Reggie is a loser. My real boyfriend is a white winner. I’ve long for a white knight just stroke his big fat cock in me and make me feel the love. I know that I’m a cunt slut, but this pussy is too good to waste. Would you like some?

I get what I Want


Fantasy Phone Sex

I’m here wanting to allow you the opportunity to bury your cock deep inside of my anal cavity. I know that you want to get fucking wild with me I understand how sexy that I am to you. Every guy wants to they all lust over me they all want to plow me with their big hard cocks. I don’t blame guys lusting after beautiful sexual, exciting full course meal like myself. I am attractions best friend because every guy is attracted to me. My mother says I’m full of myself, but my father, my father, knows that I am telling the truth. My father has also been lusting after me, and Mommy would lose her mind if she found out how much daddy wants to fuck his little girl. I am everything that any man with a cock between his legs ever dreams about. I don’t have to ask a guy to let me into his fantasy. When a guy looks into my eyes, he starts dreaming about going in and out of my asshole, over and over again. I like it that way, and I like tempting men everywhere it’s my favorite pastime. I’ll bet you that guy’s like me even if their sons like me I know it’s true. I can see it now, his daddy in the back room jacking off his cock because he wants his son’s little girlfriend. I’m sure that I have always got dick’s hard as rocks. I’m sure strange guys want to show me their boulders I bet you they even want to slap my face with their massive hard dicks. I love being a bad girl. I don’t want to be anything else I’m good at being bad. My asshole is raw from last night it was crazy how those two guys pounded and plowed at my asshole double dicking me. I love to get fucked by huge cum-filled cocks in my asshole at the same time it’s exhilarating and penetrating and so fucking invigorating.

Black Cocks in my White Cunt


Fetish phone sex

I thought I liked you. I thought you were the one but guess what you are not. You were just another big black cock that wanted to get shoved in my trailer trash cum-dumpster cunt. I must admit I have got a gift when it comes to attracting wild packs of foul. I knew that you brought your brother over last night because you wanted to watch me slobber all over his oiled up 12-inch dick. You needed to see my lips wrapped around his throbbing cock head. It’s true his dick was so big and fat, and it felt like home in my mouth. I loved it when he laid me on my back and started to feed me his fully erect muscle. Your brother grinded his smooth black dick into my mouth with so much rhythm; it was too intense. I could tell by the way your brother was fucking my mouth that you had talked to him about our many supreme sexual escapades. I was stupid to think you wouldn’t take advantage of my nymphomania. I was a fool to trust you with my secret. Your brother fucked me so well that now I have to have more. I want to get gangbanged by nothing but huge cock black guys. You did this with your need to see a white girl get fucked like a slut. You wanted to see your brother cum all over my whore face. Now I need more because you awakened the sexual beast in me. My pussy is dripping wet, and I want to be treated like hot white trash. I want to make my brother watch me get plowed by more than ten big black dicks. I want to go crazy again, thanks to you. Now my brother will have to see what kind of a nymphomanic trashy slut of a sister he has. So, babe like I said, I thought you were the one I liked, but I guess if you stick around you will be the one I loved for bringing me back to me.

Freak Like Me


No limits phone sex

My pussy is the best I will let you beat it up good. I love for guys to fuck me, especially if they are from the ghetto. All I can do is take that dick all day and all night, and I beg please for more. Let me be your fucking cunt whore, don’t you know that I’m the best. I can do what you need me to all you have to do is come into my room. I’m the whore and the nasty fucking bitch you like to know. Give me your body fuck me like a crazy beast in heat. You can fuck me in any way that you can think of. I have no stops, and I have no rules. I am the fucking cunt cum dumpster whore that you need in your life more than you need anyone, including your mama. Let me put my strap-on on because I can fuck you too. I will run my strap-on dick inside of your ass and make you scream like a fucking sissy. Do you want to be my sissy? I’m all over the place, and I’m wild and untamed it’s what I do and so well. Let me drive my tongue in your asshole; let me push my thick tongue in your ass. I know that you’ll feel like it’s really real and everything is going at the perfect Pace. I am your ruler if you want me to be because I like role play and I do it so great. I am delicious, and I am deliciously evil with what I do behind closed doors. Come to me if you’re not afraid and find out about all the nastiness that goes on in my world.

A Torrid Affair

Mistress phone sex


I want you every day I have such a strong desire for you, and ever since the first time I saw you, I couldn’t stop myself. I want you to be my everything I want you to be the love of my life I want you to be my friend I want you to be the person I tell my secrets to that’s what I want from you. When you look in my eyes, you destroy me because you are so captivating you take over you remove all of my doubts and frustration. When We Touch, it controls me it controls me completely. I need you I know that you don’t understand this, but you need to hear it. I would give you everything I would provide you whatever you asked of me. I want for you to leave your wife. I need you to understand that she doesn’t love you; she slept with my husband. You know she doesn’t care about you, and she thinks fat you and I are so stupid. She’s been sleeping with my husband for three years now, and we’ve only in making love for the past three months. The only reason why you and I started to do what we were doing is because we found out about what they were doing. You are such a good man, and I am such a good woman; it doesn’t make any sense that we a sneaking around feeling guilty. I love you I will not take that back, and maybe I should have been sleeping with you a long time ago, but I was trying to keep my marriage, and the right place and I’m sure that you were doing the same. Your body has become a need for me when you touch me I pulsate I fibrate I Lose Myself. I want to be with you forever.

Step Daddy Dick

Daddy phone sex

My stepfather is one of the most perverted motherfuckers you will ever meet in your entire life. My stepfather always looks at me very creepy but guess what, I sort of like it, I mean it kind of turns me on. When I catch my step daddy looking at my nice tight ass, I bend over just a little bit more for him. I love to give my stepfather a hard cock because I like teasing him and getting his cock rock hard makes me feel like I’ve conquered him. I love being so attractive and I wouldn’t even know how attractive I was if not from my stepfather always ogling over me. One time I caught my step daddy jacking his cock off to my panties I just sat in the closet and watched him he was whispering my name Andrea Lee beating the fuck out of his hard cum-filled cock. I make my daddy a nasty man but isn’t that what I’m supposed to do? When my mother went out of town for the week, my stepdad was in charge of taking care of me; he had to make sure that I was okay. As soon as my mom left and good enough my step daddy started to offer me gifts. My daddy man told me that he would buy me a brand new car if I let him fuck me; however, he wanted to. I am going to let him fuck me that’s what I was thinking because I definitely want it a car and there was no way that he could renege on the deal because I would definitely tell my mom that he explored all of his rape fantasies on her innocent little daughter. I sucked and slobbered all over my step dad’s cock and balls he loved every fucking second of it he couldn’t get enough. I am my step daddy’s favorite girl I’m even more important than Mommy because I have a young wet pussy and it’s terribly good at least that’s what Daddy said. Now I’ve got a brand new BMW, and I love it, and also I get to suck and fuck daddy whenever I want to. I love riding his cock, and I love the way he fucks me from behind doggy-style that’s the best. I think everyone should have a stepdaddy like mine.

Crazy Fucking Fun

Best phone sex lines


I’m crazy about whoring around I need to be nasty I’m the fucking bitch that you will love. I can make your cock hard, and I can suck it into submission I can make you cum loads of beautiful cum. Let me lick your ass hole I stick my tongue deep inside your butthole. You can depend on me if you want a nasty freak. I am a Savage, and I love getting Wild. There is no taming the way that I behaved at all; I’m the whore that your mother has nightmares about. I am a kinky twisted bitch who loves to get fucked up I can party all night long while you’re fucking me. I want you to sniff Coke off of my nice pretty bubble ass then I want you to fuck my pussy with your nose. Do you like sloppy wet pussy? Can you have a good time with a super freak who is willing to do anything and everything? I want to be that lot lizard scumbucket fucking slut for you. I want to make you moan while you’re making me moan. My pussy squirts so good that your cock will feel like it’s on a waterslide while it’s deep inside of me. Let’s have fun let’s get wild let’s break every fucking rule.

Nasty Girl Work


No limits phone sex

I don’t care what they say, oh the whores can call me names as many times as they want it won’t stop me from being a fucking slut. I’m a girl who has fun. I don’t mean to make you angry, but I don’t give a fuck what you think I’m watching you say I like to play the games I play. I fuck with guys that have girlfriends I fuck with guys that have wives too. I am a dirty bitch I am a filthy slut I fuck all night long I like my ass to be touched with cock and more cock. Last night I got caught in the bar restroom with some guys hell yeah there were five guys. I had such a fucking slutty time a bitch like me will always have the most fun because I’m not afraid to be swept away. I am a lot lizard cumslut I like to cum a lot I like the big dicks in my asshole. Last night was amazing I got fuck so good three big black guys and two brawny white guys. We fucked like crazy beasts from hell, it was excellent, and I could do it again. No one wants an annoying fucking whore no one gets turned on with a bitch who always says I don’t do that. Guys are always turned on by me they love the side of me it’s like I’m a siren, but I don’t have to sing to him all I have to do is show up wearing something tight and very revealing. My mother taught me that she couldn’t stay out of the bars and she couldn’t stay out of married men’s faces. My mother is an old whore, but she can still pull a young fucker. My mother says that young guys are virile and it’s easy to teach them how to use their big fat cocks my mom gets to go on fancy trips with Rich guys, and she gets to pay poor little young boys the kind of attention that those old guys just can’t keep up with anymore. I feel like being fucked so hard that I’m exhausted after that’s the way that I’m feeling today. I need to be fucked all the time because I am a nymphomaniac and I hardly care what kind of guy it is I will fuck a guy that is a businessman clean-cut and well-groomed and I will also fuck a guy who is a raggedy fucker.

SEX Mood


Hottest phone sex

I’m in the mood to do drugs and fuck like a fucking slut. There is just no reason for me to calm down and stop thinking about wretched destructive sex some random stranger. I’m always horny my mother knows that about me she knows I am a hot fucking cunt bitch. My mother also knows that I have a taste for her boyfriends, but today I don’t want one of her boyfriends I just want a random stranger to come and fuck me with his abusive crazy huge cock. I love fucking I love getting my pussy eaten, and I love sucking dick so much. I am a whore a fucking nasty uncontrollable piece of whore trash. Have you ever wanted a truly nasty girl? Have you ever thought about all the Despicable destructive, disturbing things that you can do with a woman who doesn’t give a fuck about taboos at all? It’s up to you let’s make this happen we could do whatever you want I won’t hold back if you don’t. Being with a nasty motherfucker like me you can do it, babe, you can do it really fucking crazy if you want to you don’t have to hold back you know I want you. I want to suck your cock have your cock in my mouth all night long going hard going strong I need your cock babe. You are the one if you like being nasty I don’t give a fuck about your name I just want a stranger to go deep inside of my hot wet cunt. Call me Juicy Fruit because my fruit is very juicy and it wants to be some nasty fucking terrible I can’t help myself at all. Help me now you can ease my pain; I just want to give you head. Let’s get busy. I know you want to.

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