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Pervert Mommy Gets What She Deserves

submissive phone sex

This hot phonesex pervert mommy did get what she deserved last night. And now sitting on my nightstand is a picture of Mommy Marrisa from down the street dominating me. I never knew crack hoes invested money in fuck machines. I thought I was going to get high with her and suck some dick and rub some cum on my big ole titties and ass. Boy was I wrong! Her fuck machine and plug-in wand were fucking me before the crack had a chance to bring me to that high in the sky place. Laid on her dirty bed with crack rocks everywhere she was telling, me how much my brats could bring in for her. I know what those teen and little asses are worth but I let her torture me because it felt so fucking good! I saw a couple of my dealers wink at me because they know I sell twat and ass on the side. and then come to tell my dirty perverts here discreetly what I do! The life of a P-mommy whore! 

Cheap Phone Sex Whore Mommy

cheap phone sex

I pride myself in being the kinkiest cheap phone sex whore mommy. I have a small addiction to blow. So sometimes I leave my littles with pervert Pete down the street. I go and make some cash on the pole at a little club that is swarming with the good blow. Only the strip club was hosting some BDSM big dogs. I was so high and trying to work the pole and shake my ass I didn’t notice the two big men behind me. They slapped my big tits and tied me up exposing my bald pussy and big tits. When the man with a nine-inch cock squeezed my nipples he asked where my little brats were. Milk was dripping from his fingers and he demanded me to bring him home. I was to be his BDSM slut and he knew that I was a perverted mommy. He showed me this fat 8 ball and I was giving him my address in a hurry for just a taste.  I told him one of my little ones was actually a tranny in training and that I would sell his ass and my daughters to him. I just wanted that coke so fucking bad. Little did I know I was being filmed for his pleasure and he really wanted to make some brat porn. I rode in his BMW In the trunk to our place. I gathered my offspring and took them to him. I didn’t know a bunch of his BBC friends would show up and want to fuck me and my littles with those big black cocks. Oh! What Had I gotten us into?

Fireworks and A Submissive P-mommy

submissive phone sex

This sexy subby P mommy took her littles to the aquarium today. There were so many hot dads I just wanted all those cum loads. I didn’t even get to oohh and ahh over the marine life because I was busy fantasizing about each and every male cum load covering my bodies and my offspring. I accidentally called my tranny son by his male name and one old man said I was a filthy pervert for letting my son be a girl. I asked him what was I supposed to do when he wanted to wear my daughters’ clothes and have a dick up his ass. That man slapped me and I asked for another. I said maybe you need to come to make him a man and show him how to fuck mommy right? A crowd had gathered but this man followed us out to the car and told us to follow him. We drove to his house on the beach. I was tied up as this stranger had his way with my little right in front of me. I was duct taped in Italian colors as pink rosebud asshole were gapped and they cried for mommy! What Nasty things do You want to do to us?

Phone Sex Hotline P-mommy

phone sex hotline

I fucking love being a Phone sex Hotline P-mommy, I just can’t help being a mommy whore.

There is no cocklette or cunny that is not yummy, Once I have young ones I just need fucking more.

My pussy is so fucking wet, I really need your dick.

Haven’t cum yet?  I know what makes you tick.

It’s a young tight pussy, a sweet assed young Ladyboy.

Are you a sissy? Or just need a young fucktoy?

I have no limits to our fuckery,

so cum fuck my angels and me!

Pink balded rosebuds, for you to blow your load all over.

This is all for your cock!  Your a cunny and cock lover!

Oh’fuck it, baby, you know you need this hot P-mommy to give her brats up as I beg you just to fuck!

I am your escape, the woman you abuse to get to her sweet offspring.  Cum tied me up, you’d be surprised at the cunny and ass I let you fuck!

P-mommy Phone sex whore Says It all!

phone sex whore

Oh, I love the cocks that get off to this p-mommy phone sex whore. I got fucked up on coke last night and had my little tranny son all decked out walking the streets with me. I needed cash and I found the perfect Pervert to take us back to my place so he could get a ‘Little” action. At first, it was just making me suck my slutkin tranny son cock and balls. Then my little daughter woke up and she was just in her panties. I pulled my son and daughter to my perverts big cock and made them suck cock just like I had taught them. Lucky for me My pervert of the evening was supplying good coke for me and I shared it with my brats. I had to pee so I brought my daughter in the bathroom and used her face to piss on as she was taking a piss. My pervert cock said that now he wanted all of us to beg for his piss! and that’s exactly what I had me and my brats do. We were drenched in pervert piss as we started taking his cock in every hole he wanted. We sucked and fucked until we were p-mommy and offspring whores covered with a couple of loads of his cum. Then the best part was licking my offspring clean and having them clean mommy up too! Cum and play with this milf phone sex whore and her tranny son and little girls.

H0t Submissive Phone Sex P_MOmmy

submissive phone sex

I am the submissive phone sex P-mommy who loves nasty and dirty to the extreme! I love being your bondage whore as you fucking use my little brats for your pleasure. Now take my recent boyfriend, he knew I was a pathetic whore. All I was good for was playing with my pussy and getting High all day. He came home and slapped me around and made me take my daughter and son upstairs to him. He told me that all I was good for was having little whores for him. My daughter was in her tight school uniform with bobby socks and plain white cotton panties. I stripped her and presented her naked flat chest and fat baby girl pussy.  He was going to make my daughter take his big Bell End. (The fat tip of his dick.) All the while I would be playing with my wet mommy pussy as he opened her pussy! He said to keep her quiet so I sat on her face. She screamed and cried as I slapped her and rode her face, Then he said Elizabeth you are a worthless whore you should service your son every night, you son needs training on how to dominate you bitch! I can’t believe how fucking wet my bald shaved pussy got as I fucking was submissive to my boyfriend and son!

Giantess Elizabeth

fetish phone sex elizabeth

Now while I am a submissive Pervert Mommy, Ther are times when I love to have my way with my tiny men. That’s right, cum and be shrunk down. James was just such as I wanted to bring him into my magic bathwater and shrink his ass down! I pretended to bathe him and be in complete servitude as I always am.  But Then James began to shrink and scream and he was only a foot tall and still shrinking rapidly. I scooped him up from the vast bath. Now I had no pockets and I was naked so I shoved James up in my smooth bare mommy twat. I know it was so wet. I even pushed and pulled him in and out a little. James fit so well inside me like a little Tampon. I carried him in my pussy all day long, I would pull him out and jack is minature peepee and shove him in my ass again.  I even brought him home to my tranny boy and little girl. They played hide James until his bath water shrinking started to wear off and I heard moans of pleasure from my littles rooms. I knew then that James was a big boy with a big cock again!    

James Best be careful I have a whole bathtub of shrinking magic bathwater to make my fantasy fetish last even longer! fantasy phone sex

Itty Bitty Fuck Bang

phone perverts paradise

My submissive P-mommy life is really a phone perverts paradise. Think about it a big titted submissive subby mommy. One that lets you have an itty bitty fuck bang. My life is a feast for that meat between your legs. I know your swelling up now thinking of just how little my youngest brats are. Well, let me clear it up for you. My tranny son is a smooth hairless ladyboy. With a pink-tipped penny that is growing every day. My youngest daughter is a lollipop sucking pigtailed brat. My eldest is still fucking her high school teachers. Wink Wink. Why would you ever pass up a cock that will pass you! I mean we are blonde bimbos every one of us so we do what we have to do. I really don’t care what you do to my beautiful doll-like offspring as long as my coke is readily available and you put me in bondage so I can at least pretend to have no say in what you do to my brats. So let me take care of that swollen member the best way a P-mommy knows how too!

Smoke and Mirrors Mommy Sex

milf phone sex

This P-mommy whore and her brats live in a trailer park so when there was a tornado warning we ran to the community underground shelter. Now the odd thing was it was just me and my offspring and the new hot young couple and the other Single Mommy next door. I said fuck it and lit a joint. My stash of pure was shoved up my ass hole. Well, I noticed the new hot young guy squirming and clearly his cock was hard and he was trying to hide it. I used my compact to send my girls to do some wiggling and see his reaction in my mirror. See all told, four girls and my tranny son were crowded right close to me and this couple. I pass puffed and asked him and his new bride if our little ones made his cock hard. I have no shame and said pardon me honey but if we die you man needs to at least experience some hot orgy with young ones. I whipped out his cock and blew smoke all over his 8 inches and made it jump at the hot air. She started laughing and stripping. “Now listen to you dirty cum bucket, we gave up a life of luxury to come to breed some brats and be able to partake of the young cunt and cock that is allowed to roam free here.” I was shocked but horny as fuck too. So two P-mommies a P-woman and man got to fuck and be fucked by the best cunny and big young tranny cock in the county. I fucking love tornado season! 

BBC Orgy Fantasies With Serenity

orgy fantasies

When Serenity was just a fresh fuck brat she taught this mommy the pleasure of orgy fantasies. Not any kind of orgy, but nigger orgies! Hung black men who would pay for her sweet bald slit. One after another in a hot nigger gangbang. Serenity’s Sweet young body would often be under mommy and I would taste the cum out of her ass and pussy, I asked her why it tasted so good. Well, My precious little girl told me she was being a nigger cum dump! All of a sudden her belly grew a little and her tiny breast became engorged with milk. My Serenity Slut has a nigglet in her belly and she invited 25 big strapping niggers over to fuck the shit out of Mommykins Elizabeth. We had so much fun getting me a nigglet in my belly that we didn’t notice daddy standing in the doorway of our hot Nigger fuck fest. I loved making daddy watch as we both moaned and gobble gobbled so much BBC right in front of his pathetic face! Now my serenity is all grown up but I still love having hot and nasty cheap phone sex calls with her! My pussy gets so wet thinking of slurping big cum loads out of all her holes. I will let her Be my Hot femdom over my submissive p-mommy body any day!

cheap phone sex

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