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Submissive P-mom Loves Group Sex

group sex

I fucking love getting myself into some kinky group sex. I took my fuck slut brats to see my brother and dad this last weekend. Upon seeing my Tranny slut son they knew they had to celebrate him with a cum festival. They called in masters and doms who would love to use my daughter, son in me in some kinky nasty cum showers. Whips and leashes, duct tape and rope were my weekend. Being bound and gagged as Men and women used my tranny son and my sweet blonde fuck slut bebe. I love coming from a family who makes sure my holes and my little holes and tummies are filled with cum.  Brought me back to the days of being a little girl whore! Whether I am tied to a chair or bound on a dirty mattress I will always know my place as a submissive whore P-mommy.  Don’t worry next weekend I will go back to making money on my brats holes!

The Hottest Phone Sex With My Tranny Son

hottest phone sexThe hottest phone sex is me training my tranny son how to be a proper switch. I don’t mind if I have to be his bottom, spankings are fucking pussy wetting for this Mommy. I am watching my ladyboy teen cum into his own, (Pun Intended). He is growing a big 8-inch cock for mommy.  I love having him fuck mommy, but I know he loves using his tranny cock on men just as much. We are in the process of Having sexy Suzi the Dom tranny that has made her rounds be the first real-life sissy trainer to help my ladyboy teen discover his dominant side.  With her dark hair and perfect boobs and no take fucks to give she puts my teen through the steps. Making him suck her tranny cock and fucking his ass to show him how he must fuck the tranny curious men.  He is getting so tall and his skin is so creamy he makes the perfect skinny ladyboy tramp for his mommy. AN doff course Suzi with her big cock has me crawling on my knees begging to be her cum dump. cheap phone sexSuzi puts me in the same pretty girl panties and fishnets as my son and then pulls down our panties and gives us both the red bottom spankings we deserve promising us an orgy of cock if we behave and complete our training under her strong sexy tranny cock! Even my daughters get involved but that is another story for another time, my dear.  Speaking of stories… I heard that those Hotties at sissysluthut.com have some crazy sissy training stories… I know there are a bunch of hotties I wouldn’t mind being the submissive slut I am under!

sissy phone sex

Hot Milf Phone Sex Incest Stories

milf phone sex I love when this milf phone sex whore gets to talk to fellow incest men! My favorite has an incest group that he attends. Can you imagine a little group of men and women getting together to discuss how much they love incest? I have always been an incest lover. I grew up being mommy and daddy’s little fuck a lot tot!  I love hearing about my black cock fireman who couldn’t resist his own daughter! Her early big tits wet from the shower and daddy drying her off and fucking her right there in the bathroom.  Yes, he is a big tit lover! I mean you know you are a hot incest loving man when your own daughter tells you she been fucking the Police officer neighbor and knows that daddy has been jacking off thinking about her body since her tits came in. The best part is his dirty mommy wife demanded he eat her out after he told her he fucked their young daughter. And to think his Auntie started his incestual love by molesting him and showing him how the world really works. I don’t know what is hotter, Auntie giving him her pussy and controlling my very dominate firefighter Black cock or the fact that he still loves her Auntie Pussy! Talk about hot phoensex! My cunt is dripping as I write this. My oldest is becoming quite a cock whore and the men who fuck her always call her by their own daughters’ names. So tonight, as I fucked my own offspring and they were so exhausted because I couldn’t get enough incest P-mommy fucking I thought about the hot stories they would have to tell one day. I just want to ride that fat black cock as I fucking hear about his naughty life! Makes me just want squirt on that cock! Come on my incest perverts get me off to some dirty incest stories!

Doctors Visit With Milf Phone Sex Elizabeth

milf phone sex

Being A pervert P-mommy has its advantages besides the obvious. This Milf Phone sex whore loves p-cock and cunny and could just suck and fuck my own offspring all day and night. But we had check-ups to get out of the way before we could play.  Our family doctor had retired and that made me sad, he knew of my special relationship with my brats.  But Dr. Mac did not disappoint this milf whore. I got so wet as he looked at the chart and back at my son.  Pretty in pink pigtails and lace, he was a passable little girl. Dr. Mac got a look in his eye and told me to strip my son down, he was determined that I had brought the wrong brat in. When he saw my sons growing cock he got very controlling telling me what a bad mother I was allowing my son to be a sissy.  Then he made my daughter strip and forced my clothes off me. My tranny son was demanded to bring the gauze and I was bound and held captive as Dr. Mac teased my bald shaved pussy and pinched my nipples He demanded to know the things my offspring had done to them by me and men. I told him all as he tortured my tits. My slutkins were happy to show them how much they liked P-man cock. Unzipping the doctor’s pants and giving him those mouths to suck and lick his balls and cock. I was fisted until I came knowing how well I had trained my little sluts. The speculum opened me up so my brats could see deep in my mommy cunt.  Seems as if now our new family doctor is well versed in my P-mommy ways. I can’t wait for a house call!

Subby Cheap P-Mommy Whore Galore

cheap phone sex

I am your subby P-mommy offering up small tight cunt and dickie for your immense pleasure. That’s right I pimp My offspring out and give my own body up for abuse. I have been oiled down and tied up, and look my mouth has been fitted with the perfect mouth ring to accept your cum and piss Master!

My daughter has become a bukkake whore with five cum loads all over her body. Now you are forcing her to cum swap down my throat from her mouth while medical clamps are pinching my nipples.

Now it is my sons turn to be turned over my sissy son fuck him hard and give him your cum. Then he can fart your hot cum load out into my slutty subby mouth. Now fuck this blonde P-mommy submissive slut till she can’t walk! My big tits and ass are waiting for your abuse Master!

Serving My Sons Cock

milf phone sex

I have always been my sons nasty Milf Lover. I have never shamed him for masturbating to internet porn or Moms fine ass in the shower. I just don’t understand a mother who would deny her sons basic sexual needs. If David was my son and he spent hours Jacking his young cock off beside my sleeping body, I would make sure to swallow his cock down. Imagine just dangling your cock and balls over Mommys sleeping face waiting for that drop of precum to hit her lips and wake her. It is like a hot whore mommy fairytale! My son would never ache to be back inside his mommy because as soon as I caught him stroking to preggo pics of him inside my womb I would have let my boy feel his mommys pussy all over again. I know for a fact that young boys can remember everything about that mother pussy. Even a thing as having your tot bathe in the tub as you trim your pussy will remain long after, even if mommy thinks you will forget. A son never forgets his mommies Pussy ever!  I want to hear all the dirty things you want to do to mommy Just like My sexy David!

Come and Get Mommies Bald Shaved Pussy

bald shaved pussy

Look at how well my Sexy Tranny Little boy tied mommy up for you. My Bald shaved pussy and ass are easy to access for you to fuck. I am waiting for my little girl to be sat on my face so I can enjoy that silky smooth fat cunny.  Yes, I am your submissive mommy. Your hot fuck whore. I just wanted to make you happy and to be your cum dumpster.  Hold my head back and fuck my throat.  I am in prime position to be covered in your cum. ANd when your ready take turns laying my naked faggy son bottom up, and my naked little girl spread eagle on top of my naked body. Make them piss on me. Let loose your piss on all of us. Evade those fuck holes and give us all what we so desire. To be your sex slaves covered in cum for you. 

My Son Loves Big Tits and Asses

big tits and asses

My son loves Mommies wit big tits and asses. Recently we have had more P-mommy love as one of our neighbors has come clean with her p-kink fetish. She caught me breastfeeding my daughter nude and knew I was the slut to talk to about it.  SHe had massive E tits bigger than mine and I knew my son would get off on her big ass too! I am a shapely slut but this mommy had me wet and I was going to offer her my teen son to really let her kink flag fly. 

I set up the big family bed and made her get undressed after she told me she couldn’t resist her own little girl anymore. I told her to prove how dirty she would be with my son and ultimately my youngest daughter before I would set up a session with her little.  I knew that she was hot and her little mixed daughter would bring in some P-mommy income. 

My son motorboated her big tits and gagged her with his big cock. I asked her if she loved having my boy fuck her throat. I could tell she was in hog heaven as I sat my little girl on her face while my son penetrated her mommy pussy. This phone sex whore mommy slut was starved for cunny. MY baby bounced and giggled as she slurped that fat juicy girl cunny. And of course, I recorded every moment.  Even soft core little porn goes for a pretty penny! 

The next day I had her bring that fucktot to me. I made a deal with the devil I told her. I will give you a hefty cut, but this girl cunt would bring us in a nice chunk of change. A little blow and eating her own daughter out for the first time was all this new P-mommy needed to be on the little selling bandwagon. Who is up for from fresh unbroken Cunny? 

Dirty Mommy

milf phone sex

Fucking your dirty mommy should be every sons right of passage. I found my son jacking his cock off of to preggo pictures of me when I was pregnant with him and his sister. He said he just didn’t know why it turned him on so much. I told him because he loves to think about fucking mommies tight hole the very same one he came out of. yes, my boy wants me to worship his cock and his alone. I do make time for my boy to have my mommy pussy all to himself sometimes. It is so exciting for him to try to be the man of my pussy every once in a while. I love how my own son fucks me and gives me his cock in my mouth to service. I am his dirty kinky mommy! I will gladly submit to my own sons’ cock needs!

Hot Phonesex Mommy

hot phonesex

This hot phonesex mommy loves to roleplay with some of my sexy P-men clients. My daughter and son are tied up back to back stripped naked. I come in with just my itty bitty shirt and boots and gun in the holster. It is a rescue mission from one of the biggest cartels. I quickly try to untie my littles. I ask if they have been hurt in any way. My son and daughter show me the cum leaking out of those ass holes. They are prolapsed roses!  The leader comes in and takes my gun and kicks my legs apart. He says now he will be selling my young ones on the black market. There is nothing I can do I even offer my tight shaved pussy to him. Instead, I and my daughter and son are fucked roughly with my loaded pistol. I am so scared. Its to no avail until One of my sexy P-men clients Jim Bob comes and hits him over the head and rescues all three of us! My pussy and every hole of my littles will forever be in service for saving the day and my little cash cows!

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