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Mommy Phone Sex Humiliation

phone sex humiliation

This was my mommy phone sex humiliation moment of all time. The guy I had been seeing had three beautiful big titted daughters. I thought I had come over to show case my skills at getting them all to fuck daddy. Boy was I wrong. The house was dimly lit, and the door creaked open. Three magnificent teen girls stood naked and grinning. I thought my job would be easy. A tray of cocaine was handed to me as they undressed me and let me have a couple of lines.  I was feeling good my pussy wet as I finger slipped inside me. I was wondering where big daddy was when I was gagged with a red ball gag and thrown on the floor. Daddy appeared standing over us passing out three of the biggest strap-ons I had ever seen. He was laughing and making fun of my mommy whore submissive ways.  He is a kinky motherfucker who wanted me to submit to his teen girls. He gets off on humiliating milf phone sex whores with his petite darlings. He let me moan around my ball gag as I was jus a player in his rape fantasies. Every time I came he laughed and asked me if I was ready for a real dick. I would nod and one of the girls would force me to suck strap. At one point he directed his nymphos to piss on me one by one. They then took my gag out and rode my face with big fake balls from the dildos slapping my chin. I just wanted to fuck each of them and have them ride big daddy cock. But I was the submissive mommy in his sex game. He finally gave me his dick as he stacked each girl and fuck my ass hole. Just goes to show you p-men can be freaky just like me!

Emema Phone Sex SubSlut ANd A Sadistic Domme’

enema phone sex

I was out of options. My pussy had been exhausted. Mistresses men now wanted a clean sweet ass hole. She shoved a big metal tube in my ass and drained me asss and gave me a nice ass hole bath. This body cage barely left my room to breathe. I had chafed against the metal as I was fucked violently. My screams were nothing tp any of them. I for sure thought I would die tonight. My ultimate punishment for being a pain slut P-mommy. These men and women knew nothing of my secret life. All they knew was that I was a coked-out pain whore. I came of my own accord to be tested and used by the Masters and mistresses who would push me to my limits. Maybe part of me felt guilty, but more of me felt orgasm after orgasm as I was fed my sweet white lines and used as a torture slut. Mistress even dipped her strap-on into coke and fucked me as a reward for being a good submissive slut! I have so much new sexual kinks that my little will enjoy under the hands of their phonesex mommy when I get home! phonesex


The Hottest Phone Sex Submissive P-mommy

hottest phone sex

The hottest phone sex for me is when you want to abuse this p-mommy and her offspring. I have the cutest little ones for you do as you please. I have been training my sluts to pleasure men for money. Now, I do love an abuse session. I am a submissive milf by nature. I was the whore of my household growing up and I learned quickly that girls’ pussies are what make the world go around. And It was just my luck I would have a fucking boy brat. But don’t worry one of my submissive men who liked to hurt me had me make him a little tranny for the cock pleasures of men. He is the best of both worlds a nice boy ass and dickie and submissive lady boy tranny. Boy, it didn’t take long for me to say yes and I was tied to the bed frame and my big ass tits tortured to give in to his desires. My girls are now my top money makers and I come to phone perverts paradise to get abused and tell all my nasty p-mommy secrets for your cum loads.

Subby Mommy and Her Brats do BBC

submissive phone sex

It wasn’t supposed to go this way. Although I am a submissive phone sex P-mommy and knowing what makes my pussy wet I should have seen him, Cumming, pun intended. I went to a meeting in a local churches’ basement. Now, this is not your typical anonymous group. We to confide in each other our love of incest. Once it was three umm couples. A grandfather and his Granddaughter, me and my niece and A older lady with her son. But who walks in today? A member who I have yet to meet. Talk dark piece of chocolate man. I discover his daughter is with him and I grab my niece’s thigh so hard I leave marks. I see the way he undresses us with his eyes. We meet after as I am waiting on my ride service. His daughter has even bigger tits than me and she’s 20 years younger.  He offers us a ride and I can feel his daughter’s jealousy. He assures her we are going to have some fun. He notices my teen nieces round belly, and I say I sold her ass so I could have another young plaything and I have two littles of my own. When we get to my trailer the coke is flowing and he has all three of us on his big black cock bobbing up and down as my daughter walks in. She’s naked and walks right up and says can I taste the chocolate dick mommy? Of course, my new friend explodes on all of our faces and a new moan comes from him she says only if you help me tie these two up, as he points to the only blondes myself and my niece. Ties up and forced to watch between tit spankings and being fucked with a thick black dick we watch as he and his daughter have their way with my youngest. The rest of the night was a blur and my pussy and ass are sore and my daughter and niece are passed out at my feet with cum dripping everywhere. I guess my life really is a phone perverts paradise!

Forced to be Your P-mommies Tranny Whore

milf phone sex

You made your milf phone sex P-mommy so happy when you came to her asking to be made into a tranny.  All It took was mommy getting you addicted to coke just like her! Begging for another line as I lubed up you ass hole to fuck you with this vibrator. Yes, baby boy take more inside it for me.  I have you drugged out of your mind as I have you put pretty outfits on and take men’s cock for money. Look baby I need you to put your head back between my tits and open real wide. This cock right here is going to give us more coke to share my love. Gulp it down and eat that cum for mommy. Now turn your pretty ass in the air and lift your skirt. Let mommy suck your girl dick as you get fucked in the ass. You are mommies favorite tranny girl getting forced into being a street whore for your p-mommy.

Tickle Fetish Phone Sex P-mommy

fetish phone sex

I caught my tranny little son being tickled by a hot neighbor boy. I was pleasantly surprised that I could see his cock bulging. Now in my trailer, I wear only panties no matter if my offspring have friends over or not. Same with my girls! My sons’ friend looked at me and my big milky tits and got a look on his face. For some reason, I screamed and ran. I mean it could have been all the dope from the night before. But I sensed this boy was going to be evil to me. I grabbed my little girl and tried to lock ourselves in my room.

This boy was stocky and tall, I knew him and my tranny boy had been fucking and his dick was nice and thick. I was jumped on and force tied to my bed by the bondage gear I already had set up for fun play. This husky teen began tickling me and wouldn’t stop. I begged him in screams that this was torture. He grinned and pulled my baby girl to him and asked what I would exchange for him to stop! Well, I said anything as I had pissed on myself and couldn’t take anymore tickles. Needless to say, he wanted to give my little facial abuse with his thick cock and then rip my panties off and fuck my wet whore mommy pussy!

P-mommy and Brats Live Streamed

milf phone sex

“How about you just lay there and let me piss and cum on your face Elizabeth?” I struggled to scream but the ball gag was too tight. I felt blood running in my eyes and my pussy and ass hole hurt so fucking much. I was able to roll over, but my hands were tied tightly behind me. Hot piss rained down on my face and I whimpered. I had no idea what had happened or where I was. Brat porn was playing and when my eyes could see again I realized it was no ordinary brat porn. I was my lady boy son and his little sister being made to perform for huge hung black cock. Every one and a while the camera would switch over to a bloody gapped asshole of a tied up woman. I could see a timer running on the bottom and comments started popping up! Someone said broom handle next… My ass was in searing pain as I was being fucked with something long and hard. It was then that I knew this p-mommy and littles were being live-streamed for sadistic men!

Tight Shaved Pussy Mommy Roleplay!

tight shaved pussy

My Oldest and I had a client who loves Nurse roleplay. Trust me he uses my daughters tight shaved pussy just as much as he uses mine. We dress up as his slutty nurses and spoon feed him and make out laying across his medical bed. My milky tits are for him and my daughter to be sucked dry. We give him quite a mommy-daughter whore show!  I think the best part of our playdates is when he lays on my chest while my daughter sucks his cock slow and sensual. He can’t get hard unless he pops a blue pill, but he likes his limp noodle sucked it still feels good. I love to tell him my life story of incest and being the brat that my truck driver daddy would fuck on the weekends. This elderly man knows my life story and how I became a p-mommy. He loves his trashy nurse and daughter time. He is very good to us and we love that he can truly appreciate for the whores be became because of our past.





P-mommy And Slutkins Get Abducted

kinky phone sex

I love being A kinky phone sex  Subby whore and getting in hot and steamy situations with my brats! But I may have made the biggest Mistake of our slut lives…..

These hot days have me and my girls topless and wandering in the cornfields.  My Son Is in His daisy dukes just like mommy. We are trying to raise funds for his illegal tit job down in Mexico!

Well, We have a group of men who are going to use us all out here. The Sun is setting and the game starts. I can hear movement and the deep laughter of men. I pull my little girl close, but My Youngest screams as she is yanked from me and hauled off into the cornrows. My heart is beating fast. I’m rethinking the idea this mommy whore had…

I have no idea who is next or where these men are coming from. All I hear is mommy, Mommy! Suddenly My hair is grabbed and my body is dragged through the dirt and corn stalks. A huge butt plug is shoved violently up my dry ass and I am bent over in the dirt and fucked in my tight shaved pussy by so many cocks I lose count.  I hear an echo of my Tranny Little boy asking where I am. I am tied up and thrown in the back of a pick-up truck with my daughter. See seeks me and I give her a big drink of mommy milk, as I look down at her cunt already open and bleeding. Her little hands go to my swollen cunt to make mommy feel better. But Our night Is just beginning and I don’t know if we will make it out alive! Or if I will ever see my faggot tranny son again!

No Limits Mommy WHore

no limits phone sex

Welcome To P-mommy no Limits phone sex!

My body is yours to torture and my offspring are just pawns in our sexual gratifications.

Come and let me put my small porcelain-skinned tranny boy on your cock and bounce him up and down on your cock. His ass is a nice tight hole perfect for little boy lovers. Shove faces in pillows and take what you want. Cum where you want, I don’t care how much pain you put me or my brats through. I just care about milking you dry!

Watch as I get on my hands and knees and use my daughter whores for some mommy pleasure. And if I ever disobey, Tie my tits up and use the fuck machine in the corner to give me extreme pain. Make my tits purple and rub that dickie and cunny of my offspring all over my face. Show These fucktoys just what is in store for them if they don’t take it and stop screaming. This bald shaved pussy is waiting to be abused!

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