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BBC Wedding Celebration

Hot PhonesexSerenity and I finally gave in and decided to become sister wives & marry our cuckaholic fuck toy Keith, who by the way has been dying for our love since day one that we started to have hot phonesex together, to say the least! Keith wanted me and Serenity fight it out for his love but we are lovers not fighters, baby! Keith of course is trying to shower his two favorite sluts with a whole bunch of special wedding gifts but the fact of the matter is, Serenity and I only have one big gift that we want… a massive big black cock orgy! It’s all we have ever dreamt of doing before tying the knot and becoming the sexiest set of polygamous sluts that anyone has ever seen! I always have a huge stash of coke to party with but we literally blew threw it all the night before our wedding so Serenity and I made sure to call up our druggie dealers with horny shafts for us to bounce on so that they were all in attendance with goodies in tow! Things got so hot & heavy when they showed up that we all started fucking and got filled with cum load after cum load! Before we knew it, Keith’s party of black cocks rolled up as well butt ass naked & had their way with me and Serenity in all the best of ways. It was the kinkiest pre-wedding experience to have our well-hung drug dealers mixed in with our hired black manwhores off of the internet. Serenity has such a beautiful bald shaved pussy and I love watching it get fucked while I also take dick deep inside of my tight holes. Our BBC coke dealers are literally feeding us blow lines while we fuck & get super stretched out. Keith is still in shock that us two hotties are his official wives now forever and always! He shows us off to his friends and talks so highly about us. He really is so proud of his selection in slutty sister wives! Our honeymoon is going to continue in our hotel penthouse room so that we can party naked together all night long!Bald shaved pussy

Lesbian Licking

Bald shaved pussyI am sooooo in the mood to eat some juicy bald shaved pussy! I wanna have that wet little vagina smothering my face while it’s squatted over me. Plant that cunt on my tongue and let me go to work! Grind your hips and twist your throbbing clit back and forth on my mouth. I’m gonna write the ABC’s with my slutty tongue and make you squirt all over our big black cock fuck buddy. He loves using your cunt cream as lube to get his huge dick nice and wet so that he can fuck us & fit inside of our petite bodies. These holes were meant to be stretched open and beaten up. I’m so ready to take a thick long cock deep up inside of my pussy hole. My man is gonna be so fucking turned on when he finds out that i’ve been fantasizing about lesbian love! He gets super horny when I bring home sluts for us to play with and a big black shaft to add icing to the cake!

Expensive tight shaved pussy

Tight shaved pussyBeing a well put together female is expensive and I love a man that knows how to take care of me in all the ways that I desire. Let’s go shopping so that you can drop thousands of dollars on me like it’s nothing. You spare no expense when it comes to my happiness and making all my wishes come true. I wanna buy a bunch of new designer makeup and get all dolled up & gorgeous only to have you ruin it all with your cum. I love a good facial, both at the spa & from your horny cock! Lay me down and eat my pussy for hours without demanding that I suck your dick in return. I’m in the mood to have back to back orgasms all day long but what else is new! I’m the baddest bitch and you know it. I love to tease you while you’re at work so that you know exactly what you’re going to come home to. Lucky you! There should be photos of me hung in museums of fine art, I deserve it! I’m addicting and I know it. Sex sells and I have a lot of it. I want my tight shaved pussy railed all day long. I always get what i’m craving, that’s what happens when you’re this hott! Surrender to me and show me how much you love me. Prove yourself once and for all. 😉

Memorial Day Whore

Bald shaved pussyMy husband has been gone and out of the country on deployment for the past six months which leaves little ole’ me all to my lonesome self with my sexy bald shaved pussy. Thankfully, I have been able to make do with all of my free time and use it wisely. It was Memorial Day and I knew that my hubby was gonna be arriving home but I didn’t expect him to get back as early as he did & walk in on me while I was getting fucked by five black buddies of his! One of the best parts about living on base and being a military brat is that I have easy and endless access to all the cocks that roam around on the daily. It doesn’t take much for me to call them over to have some kinky fun with me. Much to my husband’s surprise, I was having all of my pretty little fuck holes filled up with massive chocolate cocks as he walked through the door. It was quite the welcome home present for him and I don’t feel bad about it whatsoever! He knows that I have an extremely high sex drive and that my sexual demands need to be met, no questions asked! He knew exactly what the fuck he was getting into when he slipped a ring on my finger and asked me to be his forever and always. I’ve always had deep jungle fever but it’s only intensified since my husband has been gone on his deployment duty. I love being filled up with BBC cum so that my eager cuckaholic husband can lick it up and clean me out…. every single drop!

Caught you stroking

Bald shaved pussyYou didn’t realize that I was gonna be home so early from shopping with my friends, and it’s evident! When I walked into my bedroom to find you jerking your cock into my laundry hamper full of dirty panties, I just knew that you didn’t expect me to barge in and catch you red handed! The look on your face was priceless! I always suspected something was going on while I wasn’t home, my panties have been mysteriously diappearing little by little and I noticed that they were way more filled with crusted bodily fluids than how I had originally left them in the hamper. You sure do have a whole bunch of cum that you seem to enjoy dumping into my sexy undergarments! No worries though, it turns me on just as much! Let me get out my camera phone and film you so that I can show all of my girlfriends and laugh at you with them! Once we’re done laughing you can shove your dick in my mouth and i’ll clean you up after you explode lots of loads all up in my already dirty panties.

Jungle fever

Hottest phone sexI know you have wet dreams fantacising about the hottest phone sex with my slutty pussy. I’ve been such a dirty little whore, but what’s new! These skanky outfits that I always wear get me into more trouble than I ever could expect! Black men seriously love me! Getting fucked and filled up with cum is my favorite hobby, especially big black cocks. It turns me on to call them Daddy while they’re balls deep all up in my shit! While i’m upstairs getting fucked & moaning loud as I indulge in my jungle fever bliss, you’re downstairs stroking your cock as you listen to it all! I know how badly you wish that you were the one making me squeal like a giddy little school girl but i’m sorry your dick just doesn’t measure up to my standards babe. Why the fuck would I settle for a measly white penis when I can have a black shaft that’s double your size. Nothing gets me off like BBC penetrating my bald cunt. There’s a reason my phone is full of horny black men that have all turned into my frequent fuck buddies. Sex with horny negros is the best life changing experience and I wanna brag about it all to you!

Wedding night gangbang

Bald shaved pussyIt’s our wedding night and my brand new husband has gifted me the one gift that I have been eagerly awaiting for all of this time, a gangbang with six niggers that have massive cocks ready to fuck me silly! I love my Husband and all but this jungle fever of mine just doesn’t seem to ever go away, even on my fuckin wedding day! I find it kinda funny that I love black cock way more than white cock, it stretches out my bald shaved pussy so perfectly and keeps me addicted & always wanting more! Thankfully my Hubby is such a pushover and let’s me walk all over him while I do whatever the fuck I want to do. He wants me to be happy and if that means taking multiple dicks at the same time from a gang of horny black men then so be it! Anything for Wifey! Those niggers had me in all sorts of positions, penetrating me hard and forcing me to take it deep. I love it rough and the more coked out I get, the more abuse I can handle to these slutty holes of mine. This is going to be the most perfect marriage ever I swear. I get to do whatever the fuck I wanna do and fuck whoever I wanna fuck all the while my Husband is at work all day long making the big bucks to feed my out of control cocaine habit. My hubby feels so proud of his sexy Wifey and loves calling me the love of his life even though he knows i’ll never be touching his pathetic white cock ever again! Sorry sweetie but it’s worthless compared to my black stallions that I love to bounce on!

Into men who are into eating pussy

Bald shaved pussyI am totally into men who are into eating and worshipping my delicious bald shaved pussy. On top of that, he needs to be as equally obsessed with loving on my beautiful soles as well. My feet are my sweet spot and it makes me feel so fucking horny to get nasty with a horny pervert that knows exactly how to take care of me. I love being graphic and descriptive as I tell you just how hard and deep I want your manhood plunged inside of me. Molest my pussy with that tongue and make me squirm on it while I face fuck your wet tongue. Rub my toes and bite them a lil bit with your teeth! My anal beads feel so fucking amazing as they plunge in and out of my hole. I love having intense orgasms and squirting out lots of cum. The messier the better! My toys are soaking fuckin wet by the time we’re done, they look so good when they’re smothered in my juices!

Anal phone sex for your birthday

Anal phone sexHappy Birthday Baby! It’s time for us to have some nasty anal phone sex together. I know that that is all that you have been wanting lately. My body is just so tight and petite, a rock hard throbbing cock in my ass is a lot to handle! I’ve been butt fucked before by large white cocks but I have never had such a massive black dick inside of my anal cavity! I must admit, I am very excited and I have been using an enema to clean myself out because I know that I am going to get wrecked! I feel like my intestines are completely cleared out and now I am more than ready to give you your delicious birthday gift that you have been eagerly awaiting! Let me bend over in front of you and spread my ass cheeks open wide so that you can see inside of my narrow asshole. I wanna feel my skin ripping at the seams while you plunge in and out of me baby! There’s cock & then there’s big black cock and let me tell you there is a huge difference, pun intended! My man could never make me moan and squirm the way that chocolate dick does! Mmmmm so tasty! I love guzzling down that birthday boy sperm, I make sure to swallow every single drop!

Stroke your cock with my panties

Discreet phone sexOne of my callers is so fuckin horny, we always have discreet phone sex together while his wife is gone out of the house. He loves the way I taste and talk dirty for him until he explodes a big load of cum. I was telling him how fuckin creamy my pussy has been lately and he asked me to please wear my sexiest pair of panties around the house for him for the day so that I could send them to him after I wear them while they’re all soiled with my bodily fluids & tasty juices. I was so turned on all day long as I pranced around in my sexy little g-string. I was masturbating while watching myself in the mirror. I look sooooo good & sooo yummy when I spread my cunt lips open with my fingers! My pussy gets even wetter as I give myself pleasure and tickle my g-spot. He received my panties in the mail and called me up while he was stroking his rock hard dick with them! His wife is super boring and wears gross underwear all the time so that’s why he is totally addicted to my naughty curves and loves how I wear my kinky undergarments for him! I’m the erotic little vixen that he fantasizes about all day every day. When he looks at his boring wife, he envisions my beautiful face and tight little fuck holes. I love how dripping wet he makes me when he tells me he’s licking the crotch of my lingerie while beating his meat! We always have the dirtiest phone chat together!

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