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Anal phone sex for your birthday

Anal phone sexHappy Birthday Baby! It’s time for us to have some nasty anal phone sex together. I know that that is all that you have been wanting lately. My body is just so tight and petite, a rock hard throbbing cock in my ass is a lot to handle! I’ve been butt fucked before by large white cocks but I have never had such a massive black dick inside of my anal cavity! I must admit, I am very excited and I have been using an enema to clean myself out because I know that I am going to get wrecked! I feel like my intestines are completely cleared out and now I am more than ready to give you your delicious birthday gift that you have been eagerly awaiting! Let me bend over in front of you and spread my ass cheeks open wide so that you can see inside of my narrow asshole. I wanna feel my skin ripping at the seams while you plunge in and out of me baby! There’s cock & then there’s big black cock and let me tell you there is a huge difference, pun intended! My man could never make me moan and squirm the way that chocolate dick does! Mmmmm so tasty! I love guzzling down that birthday boy sperm, I make sure to swallow every single drop!

Stroke your cock with my panties

Discreet phone sexOne of my callers is so fuckin horny, we always have discreet phone sex together while his wife is gone out of the house. He loves the way I taste and talk dirty for him until he explodes a big load of cum. I was telling him how fuckin creamy my pussy has been lately and he asked me to please wear my sexiest pair of panties around the house for him for the day so that I could send them to him after I wear them while they’re all soiled with my bodily fluids & tasty juices. I was so turned on all day long as I pranced around in my sexy little g-string. I was masturbating while watching myself in the mirror. I look sooooo good & sooo yummy when I spread my cunt lips open with my fingers! My pussy gets even wetter as I give myself pleasure and tickle my g-spot. He received my panties in the mail and called me up while he was stroking his rock hard dick with them! His wife is super boring and wears gross underwear all the time so that’s why he is totally addicted to my naughty curves and loves how I wear my kinky undergarments for him! I’m the erotic little vixen that he fantasizes about all day every day. When he looks at his boring wife, he envisions my beautiful face and tight little fuck holes. I love how dripping wet he makes me when he tells me he’s licking the crotch of my lingerie while beating his meat! We always have the dirtiest phone chat together!

Hot phonesex whore

Hot PhonesexLittle does my husband know but every single day when i’m at home all alone while he’s at work, I am sucking and fucking for drugs and getting super coked out. This pussy loves to be worshipped and my husband knows that. However, his cock just does not do it for me, it’s just not enough! I am constantly wanting and needing more sex and huge black dicks! My affinity for niggers and my jungle fever grows more and more every single day. Even though my man and I always have hot phonesex together, I cannot stop thinking about big black dick which is always in the back of my mind! I even had to start dealing with a loan shark to get out of this huge ball of drug debt that I have gotten myself entangled up inside of! Of course the loan shark has a big fat black cock and I have been giving him this delicious bald pussy of mine in order to make him forget about the debt that I owe. Even though my man found out about my loan shark BBC, he totally understood although he was butt hurt that I wanna fuck black guys way more than I ever wanna fuck him. Lol, sorry! He is just gonna have to get over it!

Discreet incest sex

Discreet phone sexDaddy and I are always finding new ways to have super nasty discreet phone sex together. He told me I had a surprise waiting at home for me once I returned back from shopping at the mall with my slutty girlfriends. I was in the fitting room trying on my new lingerie and sending my Daddy pics of how fuckin hott I looked while the sexy undergarments adorned my perfect body. Daddy and I talked on the phone and told each other all of the dirty shit that we wanted to do! His cock makes me go crazy and is the driving force behind my sexual deviancies. Although I was in the fitting room of the department store and there were a ton of other strangers around me, that didn’t bother me one single bit. I find it erotic to speak like a fuckin slut on the phone for everyone to hear, especially when my horny Daddy is on the other end! I was so excited to see what my surprise was when I walked back into the house upon arriving home. Much to my surprise and delight, Daddy had five black men standing in the living room butt ass naked with their massive cocks dangling down between their thighs. I knew that a BBC gangbang was about to go down and I was the star of the show! 😉

Cocksucking phone sex whore

Phone sex whoreI’ve always been a cocksucking little phone sex whore since the day I was pushed out of my Mom’s hairy cunt. My parents took proactive action and removed my tonsils out of my throat when I was just a youngster, they didn’t want anything to obstruct a large throbbing cock sliding deep down my esophagus. Looking up at my Daddy while sucking his cock is such a turn on for him. He wraps his hands around my throat and strokes his shaft while he plunges himself in and out of my slutty mouth. My lips grip so tight around his penis, he tells me that it feels like he is inside of my wet little pussy while I suck the life out of his dick. I love fingering myself and feeling how sloppy soaking wet I get while I deepthroat my dirty Dad and give him the best incest blowjob of his life!

Family fucking at my wedding

Group sexWhen my husband-to-be told me that he had a very special surprise wedding gift for me, I honestly did not know what to expect. He is always full of surprises and sexual twists & turns, that’s one of the things that I love about him most! I’m marrying him for several reasons but his gift to me only further proved why I love him so fucking much. I was sitting all alone in my bridal suite, looking in the mirror and admiring how sexy & hott I looked! In the reflection behind me, I saw a train of my Groom’s family members all shuffling into my suite. Their cocks were out and they were all extremely hard. His Dad, Grandfather, Brother, Uncle and Nephew all had a look of sex in their eyes. I couldn’t believe it, my perfect man gave me a family gangbang before we tied the knot! If there’s a perfect time for me to get fucked by all the horny males of my husband’s family, its right now! I was sucking their cocks and getting fucked hard while I was in my wedding dress. They were able to just lift it up and push it to the side so that it was super easy access. It was such a turn on to look in the mirror while getting my back blown out, hehe. Of course my hubby walked into my bridal suite and got the perfect few of our group sex that was happening! He whipped out his less than average sized dick and jerked it while he witnessed his beautiful bride take his Daddy’s shaft. I’m so glad i’m marrying into a filthy, perverted family! 😉

Coked out whores

Hot PhonesexMy younger sister and her equally slutty friend have been begging to party with me and have hot phonesex all night long. They wanna get fucked up and be used like the naughty little cum dump rag dolls that they are. I called up my dealer and told him to come over to my house because I had two very special little cunts that need to be turned out! Thankfully my dealer always hooks it up and pretty much brought over a fuckin kilo for us to chow down on, hehe. He was so happy to see his special surprise, a couple of young skanks that looked like total fresh meat for him to dig his teeth into. We racked up a bunch of lines of blow for all of us to enjoy and boy did we ever! It was so fun and funny to watch my sister and her friend get coked up out of their minds! Those little bitches became so fuckin horny, they couldn’t keep their hands off of one another and neither could I! They were literally begging for more coke so I lined it up on my dealer’s dick and had them snort it off! I pushed their heads back down on to his shaft and told them to give him a sloppy wet tongue bath. They cleaned him up of all the coke crumbs that were lingering on his horny penis. I was laughing while they choked on his coke-covered cock and tears streamed down their eyes. Those little skanks better be careful what they wish for, partying with me is no joke! 😉

Phone humiliation with Little Bitch Boy

Phone sex humiliationI found a worthless Little Bitch Boy on the side of the road and I decided to bring him home with me for some hilarious phone sex humiliation. He’s such a dumb and pathetic sissy, lol I had too much fun with him. I forced him to strip off all his clothes until he was butt naked and exposed right before my eyes. His tiny dick was twitching as it attempted to form an erection but he just couldn’t seem to muster it up! I took my electric razor and shaved him from head to toe & collected all of his hair scraps into a baggie. Of course I was dressed in my sexiest little outfit and was teasing the fuck out of his microscopic penis. His little pre-cum squirts were so cute and small, it was like a tiny droplet of piss or something. He spit on his own little pee pee to get it nice and wet for me. I dipped his sad little cock into the hair-filled bag and got it super nasty so that his shaft looked like a wooly mammoth, I was cracking up laughing at him! I whipped out my phone and was taking all kinds of photos and videos of him while his chode was smothered in pubes! My friends were laughing too when I sent them all the photographic evidence! I even got on Facetime and gave them a live view of me having fun with Little Bitch Boy.

Gangbang abduction

Tight shaved pussyMy husband was eating out my tight shaved pussy when we heard a big crashing noise that startled us. It all happened so fast but a group of big black men yanked me off the bed and tied me up right there in my own bedroom. Hubby and I were both confused yet turned on at the same time. They forced themselves on me and I was resisting as much as I could trying to break their grasp. There was no use in my man trying to save me because they overpowered him and threw him into the corner as he watched me get whisked away by the horny intruders. What my husband didn’t know is that I had a huge drug debt owed and my dealer sent his army of black cocks to come & scoop me up & bring me back to his house. My body was now theirs and they could do anything that they wanted with me. As time went on, I actually enjoyed the verbal and physical abuse from them. I was craving it and kept asking for more as they manhandled me and used me like a sex doll. I’ve been at my dealer’s house for a few days now and i’m a total fuckin mess both inside and out, absolutely drenched in BBC cum. They brought me back to my husband and he was there waiting for me, stroking his cock and super happy to finally see me home. Neither of us knew how long I would be held hostage for but quite frankly I was enjoying every moment while being there! I had a huge debt to pay and my body was their form of currency and pay-off. I had to tell my hubby how much cum they filled me up with over the past few days and instead of being mad or angered he was super turned on by it! I even bent over and spread my ass & pussy cheeks open wide so that I could show him just how much cream was oozing out of my sexy cunt. They turned me into a fucked up gushing wet mess! I love my man and enjoy his cock immensely but there is nothing like a fat black dick shoved inside of me and fucking me deep. In other news, I think I am definitely pregnant from getting overflowed with baby batter. The thing is though, I have absolutely no idea who the fuck the father is! I guess i’ll have to wait and see whether the youngster comes out of my pussy with white or black skin and then we can take it from there. Even if one of the black men is the father, I still won’t know which one it is! My husband loves to take his time on me, especially when i’m filled with BBC cum. It makes his penis so hard to shove his fingers in my vagina slit and feel just how wet and creamy I am! He grabbed my nipples and pinched them while he kissed my luscious lips and told me how much he loved me! Kinky phone sex with the man of my dreams always leaves me smiling.Kinky Phone Sex

Hoe hoe hoe on the naughty list

Tight shaved pussyI’ve been a very bad and very dirty little hoe hoe hoe this year and I know that I am at the top of Santa’s naughty list! Thankfully for me, Santa is totally addicted to my tight shaved pussy so I can assure you that I won’t be receiving any coal this time around! Only sexy toys and hott lingerie are coming my way! I am so damn horny, I want my stocking stuffed with a big fat throbbing dick. The juices are dripping out of my cunt slit and sliding down between my thighs just thinking about it, I can feel how warm and creamy that pussy cream is and I love it! I think I deserve a bare handed spanking for being so damn naughty all year long, this has definitely been my kinkiest one yet! I am every horny man’s fantasy girl and that cock deserves to be inside of my slutty fuck holes, baby. Tis’ the season to fuck my bald pussy!

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